Baldy Hughes, BC

1964 – Historical Summary – National Archives of Canada

Appendix "B"
To AFAO 71.00/01

Historical Summary
RCAF Station Baldy Hughes, BC
1 January 1964 to 31 December 1964


Jan 64

F/L Maxwell, ADC, visits Baldy Hughes for inspection of radar facilities. A/C Hull makes visit to unit and completes a brief inspection.

Mar 64

AN/FPS-26 enters SAGE system on 20 Mar and is now fully operational in that system.

Apr 64

The UPX-14 was activated during this month but immediate unservicabilities required it to be kept off the air until 1 Oct 64. DOO’s commence shift work as heads of each of the five crews.

May 64

FPS-20 shuts down and the FPS-27 is integrated into the SAGE system.

July 64

The FPS-27 was officially accepted into the SAGE system in Jul 64.

Sep 64

W/C Gervais, ADC Staff Officer Systems Operations, and F/L Rynoski made a routine visit to this unit during Sep. Mr. LP Lowery, AMC, visited Baldy Hughes to complete a check on problem areas and maintenance procedures in the FPS-27.

Oct 64

The dual channel operation of the FPS-27 was officially implemented during Oct 64.


Dec 64

A training course for RMTechs was held during the month of Dec and included practical work plus instruction on the FPS-6 and FPS-26 radars.


Nil report – included with Operations.


Mar 64

RCAF Station Baldy Hughes assumes accounting and liaison responsibilities for Terrace and Williams Lake air cadet squadrons.

Personnel Changes

S/L AG Craig assumed duties as new CGEO following the retirement of F/L G Craig.

F/L JD Mallory replaces F/L SJ Firth as CAdO/PAdO upon the retirement of the latter.

The following Tech/Tel officers were TOS during the year.

F/O AD Close


F/O DL Frizzell


F/O LJ Tien


F/O DA Florence


The following Tech/Tel officers were SOS during the year.

F/O LAW Saunders


F/O FN McDonnell


Official Visits and Inspections

Jan 64

ADC SOMSE staff arrives for annual MSE inspection.

Mar 64

Supply inspection team from ADC visits the unit.

Public Relations

Jan 64

F/L SW Smith, SLogO, was inducted as a director of the Prince George Kiwanis Club.

Jun 64

The unit provides a flight of personnel for the Prince George Dominion Day parade.

Jul 64

LAC Warner was presented with Original Suggestion Award.

Aug 64

Station Baldy Hughes participates in the Simon Fraser Days and Exhibition during Prince George’s annual fair.

Nov 64

A flight of personnel participated in the Remembrance Day parade held in Prince George.

Dec 64

F/L SJ Frith was retired from the RCAF. A retirement party was held in the Officers Mess and a gift was presented. The SCEO, F/O TC Gardner was promoted to the rank of F/L.


Signed by:
(AG Craig) S/L
for Commanding Officer
RCAF Station Baldy Hughes, BC