Saglek, Labrador

1969 – Historical Report – USAF Historical Division

Historical Record
924th AC&W Squadron
Saglek, Labrador
1 October 1969 to 31 December 1969

Section I


  1. Unit and Location

924th Aircraft Control and Warning Squadron
APO New York 09439

  1. Name and Grade of Commander

James J Kelly, Major, USAF

  1. Chain of Command (Superior Echelons)
  • Subordinate Units (Down to and including squadrons)
  • Mission (Give authority and brief statement of primary mission)
  • The mission of the 924th AC&W Squadron is to conduct Air Defense operations within an assigned area of responsibility; support the Melville NORAD Control Center; function as a Surveillance Station with limited control capability in the Air Defense System; operate and maintain the air strip at Saglek Bay, Canada.
    37th Air Division Regulation 23-7

  • Personnel

















  • Equipment (Give official nomenclature and quantity of mission-type equipment)
  • 1 AN/FPS-93A, 1 AN/UPX-14, 1 AN/GPS-T2-T2A, 2 AN/UPA-35, 5 OA-175, 1 GPX-7A, 1 GPA-30, 4 GRR-7, 4 GRT-3; 2 GRC-27; 2 FRT-502, 4 URG-60, 1 BC-6101, 3 SP-600, 1 GTA-6, 1 GLH-501.

    Section II


    Personnel and Administrative Branch:

    Personnel gains and losses – Gains: T/Sgt. Lawrence E Mason, Airman Giovanni A Giannola, Airman Richard R Leitz. Losses: N/A

    Promotions – Demotions – N/A.

    Awards and Decorations – N/A

    Communications and Electronics Branch:

    CEM Section – Personnel Gains: SM/Sgt. James R Caldwell, T/Sgt. WE Morgan, S/Sgt. HL Carter. Personnel Losses: M/Sgt. Ralph T Johnson, S/Sgt. Benjamin H Dykema, Sgt. David R Leake, T/Sgt. John M Gillapsy

    The CE Scheme 0407T9B0 was completed 13 November 1969. This scheme relocated the dual URN-5 Radio Beacons and provided automatic change over and remote reset on these units.

    ADOAC-AF has placed Saglek on top priority for the first two AN/UPA-35 Indicators available for turn-around.

    A Pre-IRAN was conducted on the AN/FPS-93A from 13-21 November 1969.

    A Certificate of Recognition was awarded to the Radar Maintenance Section for the L-3035 klystron in the AN/FPS-93. This tube is approaching 50,000 radiate hours and the ADC goal for this type is 29,000 hours.

    Action has been taken to procure a new radome for the AN/FPS-93. Authority for this action is 1AF MME-CA message 061608Z November 1969.

    Modification 31P1-2GPA30-505 was completed on the CPA-30. Some difficulty was experienced with the insulating material provided and Emergency Unsatisfactory Report action has been initiated.

    The Azimuth Time Recorder (GLH-501) in Operations has been determined to be of insignificant operational value. Action has been taken toward turning this unit in to the 226 AC&W Squadron.

    Radar Maintenance – (a) Personnel Gains: T/Sgt. Greenland, T/Sgt. McKenzie, T/Sgt. Whittaker, A/1C Robertson. (b) Personnel Losses: S/Sgt. Millard, S/Sgt. Purdy, S/Sgt. Scott, Sgt. Sothard. (c) Awards/Decorations: S/Sgt. Purdy received a Zero Defects award for 12 consecutive months of meeting every operational requirement on the AN/GPS-T2 Radar Simulator. (d) A/1C Miller was upgraded to the skill level AFSC 30352. All other trainees are making satisfactory progress in their upgrading. (e) A Pre-DLM was performed on all our radar equipment in November 1969. No major problem areas were noted. Parts to complete required Organizational and Field Maintenance actions have been placed on requisition. A major portion of the parts have been received for the 4th quarter of FY 70.

    Radio Maintenance Section – (a) Personnel Gains/Losses: N/A. (b) Promotions/Demotions: Sgt. Alfred L Tilmes was selected for promotion to Staff Sergeant on the November selection list. (c) Awards/Decorations: Sgt. Alfred L Tilmes was named Airman of the Month for the month of December. Sgt. Tilmes was presented a Zero Defects award in November. (d) M/Sgt. Balthasar resumed duty as NCOIC on 8 Dec 69. The QC Inspection of 7 November was Satisfactory. All discrepancies have been corrected. This section has not failed a Pace flight during the period covered by this report.

    Wire/Teletype Maintenance – There were no personnel gains/losses/awards or decorations during this period.

    Communications Center – (a) Personnel Gains: Sgt. Watson, Sgt. Durham, A/1C Michels, A/1C McLaughlin. (b) Personnel Losses: M/Sgt. Minor, S/Sgt. Gorham, S/Sgt. Morgan, A/1C Christansen. (c) Promotions/Demotions: N/A. (d) Awards/Decorations: A/1C Michels, newly assigned operator from Malstrom AFB, Montana, received the SAC PRIDE Certificate. The 924th Communications Center was awarded the First Air Force Zero Defects Certificate of Recognition for its participation in making the 37th Air Division communications center the First Air Force Autodin station of the year. Sgt. Kenneth Kennard was selected by the 37th Air Division as 37th Air Division Airman of the Quarter in October. (e) The manning situation is as follows: (see the matrix at the end of this report)

    Supply and Services Branch:

    Supply Section – (a) Personnel Gains: 1st Lt. King, S/Sgt. Harris, Sgt. Chandler. (b) Personnel Losses: Captain Coppage. (c) Promotions/Demotions: A/1C Grethe was promoted to Sergeant effective 1 December 1969. (d) Total number of aircraft processed by supply during this period: 21 DC-3 flights and 6 DC-4 flights. (e) The total incoming cargo including mail was 90,956 pounds and 159 passengers. The total outgoing cargo including mail was 27,000 pounds and 176 passengers.

    Food Service Section – (a) Personnel Gains: Sgt. Caruso. (b) Personnel Losses: M/Sgt. Davis, T/Sgt. Cook.

    Medical Services Branch:

    Personnel Gains/Losses - (a) Gains: Sgt. Gregory J Hupfer. (b) Losses: S/Sgt. Fred O Anderson.

    Promotions/Demotions – N/A.

    Awards/Decorations – M/Sgt. Curtis M Williams was awarded the Air Force Commendation Medal.

    There were a total of 155 patients seen during this reporting period. A total of fourteen patients were referred to Goose AB Hospital for evaluation and treatment; 9 requiring medical and 5 requiring dental. During this period one patient were hospitalized at Westover AFB, Mass. Four hours of "First Aid Buddy Care" were given to newly arriving personnel.

    Operations Branch:

    Personnel Gains/Losses – (a) Gains: 2nd Lt. JT Michaelson, T/Sgt. VG Ledger, T/Sgt. RW Crowl, T/Sgt. DL Mims, S/Sgt. BE Patton, S/Sgt. JH Beam, Sgt. LP Partin, A/1C R Dean, A/1C DA Bartoo. (b) Losses: 1st Lt. GR Kramer, Sgt. DW Ball, Sgt. RW Hanham, Sgt. CA Pearson, Sgt. RL Shank.

    Promotions/Demotions – 2nd Lt. JT Michaelson promoted to 1st Lt. 13 November 1969.

    Awards/Decorations – M/Sgt. HW Greenstreet awarded the Air Force Commendation Medal. S/Sgt. BE Patton awarded the Combat Readiness Medal.

    This section participated in one live and four simulated exercises during this reporting period.

    Civil Engineering Branch:

    Personnel Gains/Losses – Gains: Sgt. JW Broome, A/1C CE Parker. (b) Losses: N/A.

    There were no fire incidents during this reporting period. No reportable accidents occurred during the past quarter.

    Information Branch:

    Personnel Gains/Losses – N/A.

    Promotions/Demotions – Sgt. EE Murton selected for promotion to Staff Sergeant. A/1C John J Del Pozzo promoted to Sergeant 1 December 1969.

    Awards/Decorations – N/A.

    A/1C Del Pozzo departed this station on leave 12 Dec 69. This dropped our manning level to two personnel. Expected additions in manning include A/1C Jay Bradbury in early January 1970. S/Sgt. Tlustos departs this assignment in early January also, so this will still leave this station with only 3 personnel assigned.

    AFRTS enjoyed a busy Christmas season. Extended programming in radio and television was offered in honor of the season. Christmas specials from past years made up the majority of this programming. Christmas Day, television signed on the air with the Commander’s Christmas message and then continued with 14 hours of mixed Christmas special programming and the normally scheduled shows.

    All reports for this period have been accomplished well ahead of suspense dates and the combined AFRTS/Information section maintains a zero defects reports control.

    Prepared by: Earl E Murton, Sgt., USAF

    Typed Name and Grade of Commander

    James J Kelly, Major, USAF



    Communications Center Manning Detail





    On Duty



    Good – No leaves anticipated until February 1970

    Projected Gains

    2 in January; 1 in February; 1 in March 1970

    Projected Losses

    1 in February; 1 in March 1970