Senneterre, QC

1957 – Narrative Report – National Archives of Canada

Appendix "A"
to AFAO 71.00/01

Narrative Report
RCAF Station Senneterre, PQ
1 June 1957 to 30 November 1957

3 Jun 57

F/O Hull, Tech/CE, reported in from ADCHQ to take up duties as Construction Engineering Officer. F/C’s RC Hughes and BM Haines, URTP, on TD this unit for summer employment as AS/FrtC.

4 Jun 57

First air spray carried out by 412 Transport Squadron, Ottawa.

5 Jun 57

Exercise Cross Talk (Sector). F/L E Martin, Chaplain (P), transferred CUNEF, Naples, Italy.

10 Jun 57

Mr. L Hebden of Northern Electric arrived for antenna check (communications).

11 Jun 57

Exercise Caveman II.

13 Jun 57

Two ECM runs by a C-119 from 104 (K) Flight. No problems.

17 Jun 57

F/O M Wilson, Rec. Officer, ADCHQ, visited Senneterre for two days.

18 – 19 Jun 57

Exercise Cannon Ball – B-52s. Not too successful.

23 Jun 57

F/L Beasleigh left for Command Conference on exercise.

24 Jun 57

F/L RS Turner, AS/FtrC, 2402 Squadron, reported in for two weeks cross training.

25 Jun 57

Six VHF channels – receivers and transmitters were sent to Foymount.

1 Jul 57

Promotions - F/O to F/L: F/L Wortley, F/L Chase, F/L Cunningham. S/L B MacFie, CO 2402 Squadron, reported in for one month special duty summer camp. F/L JFA Hebert, SMO, transferred to Montreal and to Reserves.

2 Jul 57

F/O OL Mallalieu reported in from Station Toronto to take over as SAO. F/L Matheral transferred to 64th Air Division, St. John’s, Newfoundland.

4 Jul 57

Message centre prepared to handle all message traffic for Haffey Search.

5 Jul 57

Haffey Search – search for missing aircraft CF-CRL continued until 26 Jul. Station Senneterre assisted with men and material. The detachment was open for approximately three weeks. F/L Cunningham, F/O Midgley, FS Villeneuve and FS Jessiman were employed full time at Val d’Or for the period. Approximately 30 spotters were sent per day resulting in 2600 hours spotting time.

  • 2451 AC&W Squadron personnel. Volunteers to assist in an air search for a missing aircraft. Taken in Val d'Or, Quebec - July 1957.

  • 2451 and 2416 AC&W Squadron personnel. Volunteers to assist in an air search for a missing aircraft. Taken in Val d'Or, Quebec - July 1957.

    7 Jul 57

    Sports weekend to Parent – approximately fifty Station Senneterre personnel participated in the various events.

    8 Jul 57

    Search and Rescue – search for lost men in bush 60 miles from station. Fifteen personnel took part in search which continued until 14 Jul. Negative results – subject believed drowned or devoured.

    13 Jul 57

    F/O Elliott, 2402 Squadron, arrived on special duty summer camp training.

    15 Jul 57

    P/O MA Thessen, 2402 Squadron, arrived on TD for two weeks.

    16 Jul 57

    F/L Scott, AS/FtrC, arrived on transfer. New Wire Chief, Mr. C Grant, arrived on unit.

    24 Jul 57

    F/O Jergenson from 410 Squadron Uplands, reported in to be briefed by Senneterre personnel re Haffey search – worked with Searchmaster in charge of spotters.

    25 Jul 57

    Missing aircraft spotted – two bodies recovered.

  • Aerial photo of CF-CRL crash site - 25 July 1957.
    Courtesy Ren L'Ecuyer.

  • Ground photo of CF-CRL crash site - 25 July 1957.
    Courtesy Ren L'Ecuyer.

    29 Jul 57

    Sonograph representative arrived for installation of second recorder cabinet which consisted of three recorders for monitoring operations telephone positions.

    31 Jul 57

    Peaking of prime Search Radar, FPS-3C by Northern Electric – continued until 7 Aug 57.

    Jul 57

    Swimming pool (extension to Rec. Hall) completed.

    1 Aug 57

    W/C Trischuk and F/L Gaudine arrived on TD from St. Hubert. F/L Clarke and F/O Paynter from Station Uplands arrived for four days special duty. Arrived on TD from ADCHQ, Mr. FE Haughian, C/CPO.

    2 Aug 57

    Peaking of prime Height-Finding radar FPS-6 by General Electric – continued until 8 Oct 57.

    8 Aug 57

    Mr. Hughes of Canadian Aviation Electronics began UHF conversion installation.

    12 Aug 57

    F/O THE McCullough, AS/FtrC, transferred to Comox.

    13 Aug 57

    F/L Sunstrum, Armament, arrived on TD from North Bay. On TD from 2402 Squadron – F/L Riddle, AS/FtrC.

    14 Aug 57

    On transfer from Station Comox – F/O Tate, AS/FtrC. F/O Midgley, Pers/Admin transferred to Station Lachine.

    28 Aug 57

    W/C EJW Higgin arrived at unit on transfer.

    29 Aug 57

    Handing-over parade. W/C Higgin takes over command of station from W/C Duncan this date.

    30 Aug 57

    W/C Duncan transferred to AFHQ.

    3 Sep 57

    F/L PJH Sheasby from St. Hubert arrived with mobile jammer – lectures and films.

    5 Sep 57

    C-119 and ground jammer both operating effectively.

    6 Sep 57

    C-119 aborted, more ground jamming.

    9 Sep 57

    C-119 ECM exercise aborted. On transfer to this unit from Clinton, F/O FW Carroll, Tech/Tel.

    10 Sep 57

    Work began on TX1 extension.

    15 Sep 57

    GObC personnel arrived.

    17 Sep 57

    W/C CS Yarnell arrived on TD from Station Parent.

    18 Sep 57

    Arrived on TD from London, Ontario – F/L H Bill, Chaplain (P).

    19 Sep 57

    Exercise Blue Light – SAC.

    22 Sep 57

    On transfer to this unit from North Bay – F/O JCVR Carter, Air/Obs.

    24 Sep 57

    TD to this unit – from St. Hubert F/L CN Envoy and F/L WK Beattie; from Quebec Command, Lt. Colonel GW McCrary.

    Sep 57

    Landscaping at Val d’Or detachment completed.

    1 Oct 57

    Exercise Caveman B3.

    20 Oct 57

    F/O WJ Gliddon, AS/FtrC, arrived on TD from 2402 Squadron.

    22 Oct 57

    Surprise ECM exercise – FC-25. F/L CH Jensen, Chaplain (P), transferred this unit from Station Lincoln Park.

    23 Oct 57

    S/L GMK Davis arrived on TD from ADCHQ.

    25 Oct 57

    FC-3. Photographed jamming exercise.

    26 Oct 57

    Formal dance held in Officer’s Mess.

    30 Oct 57

    W/C RR Steeves arrived on TD from ADCHQ.

    Oct 57

    Extension to CE Building completed. Extension to Heating Plant completed.

    7 Nov 57

    B-52 overfly – 2 fighters scrambled.

    13 Nov 57

    ½ hour ECM – communications jamming.

    15 Nov 57

    Removal by unit personnel of Serial 4 complementary Height-Finding Radar TPS-501.

    19 Nov 57

    Struck off strength this date and on transfer to the Supplementary Reserve effective 14 Jan 58, F/O BB Phillips (Nurse).

    22 Nov 57

    Mechanical jamming – chaff.

    23 Nov 57

    W/C Rodger and W/C Gallagher arrived from ADCHQ for official opening of Chapel.

    28 Nov 57

    Iron Bar MCL penetrations.

    29 Nov 57

    GObC alerted at 1600Z, sat until further notice for Sputnik rocket.

    30 Nov 57

    SAC overfly – no interceptors available (AC875)

    Nov 57

    Station chapel completed. Disposal of original construction camp (Atlas site)

    Submitted in accordance with AFAO 71.00/01

    (AJ Simpson) S/L
    A/CO RCAF Station Senneterre

    For (EJW Higgin) W/C
    CO RCAF Station Senneterre