Senneterre, QC

1960 Ė Narrative Report Ė National Archives of Canada

Appendix "A"
to AFAO 71.00/01

Narrative Report
RCAF Station Senneterre, PQ
1 December 1960 to 31 May 1961

1 Dec 60

The Officers Mess entertained members and wives of the Val díOr Ė Bourlamaque Rotary Club. "Operation Dry Glass" ceased operations at Val díOr Detachment this date. "Operation Dry Tank" commenced operations out of Val díOr Detachment for the period 1 Dec 60 to 31 Mar 61, with all operations and administrative duties being handled by Station Uplands.

2 Dec 60

A bingo was held in the Rec. Hall.

5 Dec 60

The Recreation Staff commenced a new supervised exercise program on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

7 Dec 60

Northern Electric Company provided technical assistance on the AN/FPS-508 for the period 7 Ė 13 Dec 60.

8 Dec 60

Two CF-100ís crashed head on about thirty miles south of Noranda, Quebec, during an exercise. Search and Rescue parties were dispatched immediately. Two bodies were located on 10 Dec and the remaining two, on 11 Dec 60.

9 Dec 60

Benediction of the new RC Chapel took place at 1600 hours by the Reverend Bishop Sanchagrin of Amos, Quebec, with W/C Gallagher SORA/RC and G/C Davignon AFHQ in attendance.

10 Dec 60

F/L EC Brewer AS/FtrC reported in on transfer from 1 Air Div HQ.

15 Dec 60

Dr. J Patton visited the Unit for a two day period for STP discussion. Trade board results arrived this date for those who attempted the October Trade Examinations.

16 Dec 60

A turkey bingo was held in the Recreation Hall this date. SM-72 Modification of the AN/FPS-6 began by RCA Mobile Repair party 29 Nov was completed this date. Mr. K MacDonald of Inspection Services represented AMC at the hand-over meeting.

18 Dec 60

The annual Childrenís Christmas Party was held this date in the Recreation Centre for all dependent children of this Unit, sponsored by the PMQ Council. Turkey Roll-Off was held for the Unit bowlers at the Station Bowling Alley.

19 Dec 60

The usual Christmas section parties were held at this time.

20 Dec 60

F/L JR Bourassa, OC Val díOr Detachment, during the period of "Operation Dry Glass" returned to Station Senneterre for operations duties.

25 Dec 60

Traditional ceremonies took place in the various Messes on Christmas Day.

27 Dec 60

One airman, LAC Ball, was held in Close Custody over Christmas for wrecking a barrack room. He was awarded thirty days detention by the CO this date.

29 Dec 60

ADCHQ announced the promotion of F/O EN Krahn Air/P, F/O GE Emmerson Air/Obs, and F/O HS Shufelt Acc to the substantive rank of Flight Lieutenant. F/O AH Crawford Air/Obs was granted a Permanent Commission, and F/O MDP Cinq-Mars Med/Nurs was granted a one year extension.

31 Dec 60

New Yearís Eve Dances were held in the Officers and Senior NCOís Messes as well as in the Recreation Hall for the Corporals and below. A good time was had by all.

1 Jan 61

Usual New Yearís Day activities took place today.

2 Jan 61

S/L JAO Levesque Air/P proceeded on TD to Tyndall AFB Florida to attend Weapons Controller Course of eight weeks duration.

4 Jan 61

The Station Hockey Team commenced the Season on the right foot when they defeated Barraute 7 to 1 in the first game of the Series.

7 Jan 61

F/L JA Archibald CTSO proceeded on TD to Camp Borden to attend JABC School NBCW.

9 Jan 60

Compulsory swimming courses of one weekís duration each commenced in the Station Pool for all personnel, under the direction of the Recreation Staff.

11 Jan 61

S/L RJ Millage SOPA 2 and F/L Wilcox arrived here for SOPA Inspection from ADCHQ.

13 Jan 61

A bingo was held in the Rec. Hall this date. Mr. RL Morley, WO1 J Wright and FS Gagne of ADCHQ arrived to discuss siting problems associated with the installation of a Quad Radar Ground Control Approach facility.

15 Jan 61

An outdoor skating rink was made available on the Station Tennis Court.

17 Jan 61

F/O KB Jacobs ASWelO ADCHQ arrived for a one day visit for the purpose of interviewing personnel.

19 Jan 61

Keeps cool these days Ė 40 below zero in the Town of Senneterre and 35 below zero on the Station this morning.

20 Jan 60

The Officers Mess held a Mess Dinner this date, with G/C Dennison as guest speaker.

22 Jan 61

W/C CC Underhill, CO, departed the Unit for quarterly flying. S/L ND Cairns, Unit COpsO, acting CO for period of COís absence.

23 Jan 61

SOAF ADCHQ personnel arrived on a Staff Visit and Inspection.

24 Jan 61

The Search and Rescue Team departed the Unit for a weekís exercise.

27 Jan 61

Sgt. Hoiland and Cpl. Litchfield AFPs assisted the Town Police in directing traffic at Mrs. Baillargeonís (CPOís wife) funeral.

30 Jan 61

F/O E Quinn Med/Nurs TOS this Unit from Station Centralia this date.

2 Feb 61

Mr. McOrmand of MOT Montreal arrived to discuss problems related to infringement, by Abitibi Telephones, on DND property assigned to the RCAF GATR Site.

3 Feb 61

Bingo was held in the Recreation Hall.

6 Feb 61

A feasibility study was completed to determine the possibility of bringing reliable TV into the area from Timmins and Rouyn-Noranda. Results showed that the possibility existed. At the same time, the Senneterre Chamber of Commerce became interested and negotiations were undertaken whereby the Town of Senneterre agreed to provide necessary equipment if the RCAF could provide authority to use DND property as the most suitable site.

11 Feb 61

A Station Dance was held in the Rec. Hall.

12 Feb 61

W/C CC Underhill and F/L KH Maxwell OpsO proceeded on TD to Station Foymount for a COIN briefing.

13 Feb 61

Quad Radar personnel from Lakehead arrived and the Quad Radar was installed at Val díOr Detachment. A flight check was carried out on 27 Feb 61 and the Quad Radar was handed over to Station Senneterre. F/L JA Archibald CTSO and F/O JH Jette STelO carried out the hand over with AMC representatives.

15 Feb 61

RCAF Station Senneterre participated in the Station Parent Winter Carnival. Fun was had by all, but Parent proved to be the winners.

16 Feb 61

G/C Powell SOMS ADCHQ, S/L Osborne and F/L Evoy arrived for a staff inspection. Bingo was held in the Rec. Hall.

17 Feb 61

A Mess Dinner was held in the Officers Mess, however, the guest speak was unable to attend due to unfavorable weather conditions.

20 Feb 61

"Boy Scout Week" was observed from 20 Ė 26 Feb by several Boy Scouts on the Unit.

22 Feb 61

Colonel TL Marsh ADCHQ Dental Officer arrived for a Staff Visit.

24 Feb 61

A Father and Son Banquet was held in the Sergeants Lounge for all Cubs and Scouts. "Jimmy James" and his orchestra, complete with a floor show, performed at a Station Dance held in the Recreation Hall.

1 Mar 61

Sgt. Peters from Station Gander carried out an inspection and review of maintenance techniques on the AN/GPS-T2 trainer during a two day period 1 to 2 Mar.

3 Mar 61

A Station Bingo was held in the Rec. Hall this date.

7 Mar 61

S/L ND Cairns COpsO attended meeting of COpsOís at Ottawa Sector for a two day period.

9 Mar 61

F/L McKay ADCHQ Management Engineering Branch arrived for a briefing.

12 Mar 61

A Basketball Tournament took place in the Rec. Hall, with Val díOr, Station Senneterre and Station Parent participating.

13 Mar 61

W/C CC Underhill, CO, on annual leave for period 13 Ė 17 Mar 61. S/L ND Cairns acting CO for that period.

14 Mar 61

F/O KB Jacobs ASWelO ADCHQ visited the Unit for the purpose of interviewing personnel.

15 Mar 61

FS AJ Frass NCO i/c Combined Mess was commissioned from the ranks to Pers/FSv.

16 Mar 61

F/O MDP Cinq-Mars Med/Nurs departed the Unit on transfer to CJS Washington for Flight Nurse Course. Mr. Gravel of RCA Victor Company carried out a semi-annual overhaul of the 15-J-1D trainer during the period 16 Ė 20 Mar 61.

17 Mar 61

A St. Patrickís Dance was held in the Recreation Hall.

20 Mar 61

F/L JJ Castonguay RC Chaplain ADCHQ arrived this Unit to give a three day RC retreat in the Station Chapel.

21 Mar 61

S/L J Letellier CLEGO ADCHQ arrived on a staff visit at this Station and showed a training film entitled "Summary Trials" to all available Officers and NCOs.

24 Mar 61

Ladies and menís teams were entered in the ADC Wire Bowling Meet.

26 Mar 61

The Womenís Auxiliary of the Station held a Fashion Show in the Rec. Hall.

29 Mar 61

The installation of the new SIF antenna was carried out by Radar Section personnel this date.

30 Mar 61

Airmenís Promotions at this Unit, effect 1 Apr 61:

To Corporal

A/Cpl. SC Sharpe



LAC JJ Marier



LAC ST Esliger



LAC RN Locke



LAC JR Anderson



LAC LA Thornborrow



LAC DJ Houlahan



LAC LW Lipsett






LAC AE Fuller


To Sergeant

Cpl. GW Cooke



Cpl KW Bartlett



Cpl JJ Dumont



Cpl JH Grenier


To Flight Sergeant

Sgt GS Ferris



Sgt RA Stevens


To Warrant Officer 2

FS AM Curran


To Warrant Officer 1

WO2 CH Sealock


2 Apr 61

F/L JA Archibald Tech/Tel (CTSO) proceeded on TD to attend Technical Officers Computer Course No. 8 commencing 3 Apr 61 at Station Clinton.

3 Apr 61

F/O AJ Frass Pers/FSv proceeded on TD to attend CFR Course at Station Centralia.

4 Apr 61

F/O WL Webster Air/P reported in on transfer from Station Holberg. F/O BM Towle Med/Nurs reported in on transfer from Station Centralia.

10 Apr 61

ADCHQ Supply Inspection was carried out on 10 and 12 Apr by F/L G Fyfe and FS C Lacroix.

12 Apr 61

WO1 MacDonald Fire Marshall ADCHQ paid a staff visit to the Unit.

15 Apr 61

The Station Volleyball team left for St. Jean to participate in the Zone IV Playoffs.

17 Apr 61

A swimming course for the Bronze Medallion of three weeks duration was in progress. Results were thirteen passes out of twenty.

18 Apr 61

Approximately seventy personnel attempted their Trade Board Examinations today.

19 Apr 61

A Coin Collection Club was formed on the Station.

Sgt. JR Belanger SWO and Sgt. KW Bartlett MSETech were presented with CDís by the CO, W/C CC Underhill, on COís Parade.

21 Apr 61

The annual Bowling Banquet was held in the Combined Mess this date. W/C CC Underhill, CO, presented trophies to the lucky bowlers of the season and afterwards, dancing was enjoyed by all in the NCOís Mess.

24 Apr 61

F/O FM Hewitt Med/Nurs departed the Unit on transfer to Station Cold Lake. The Station Airwomen toured Sigma Mine in Bourlamaque, Quebec, this date.

25 Apr 61

W/C CC Underhill, CO, proceeded on annual leave for a one week period. S/L ND Cairns COpsO was acting CO for the period.

26 Apr 61

F/O KB Jacobs ASWelO ADCHQ arrived this Unit for the purpose of interviewing personnel.

28 Apr 61

The annual Winter Sports Banquet and dance was held on this date, with trophies being presented for Hockey, Volleyball, Curling etc.

29 Ė 30 Apr 61

Snowed on these two days.

1 May 61

The Town of Senneterre experienced a serious break in their water main. Station Senneterre was called upon to provide fire fighting assistance in the event of an emergency. Construction began on the SAGE Annex, GATR Site and renovations to the Operations Building necessary to effect the introduction of SAGE.

2 May 61

Canadian General Electric MRP carried out annual overhaul of the AN/FPS-507 height finders from 2 Ė 19 May 61.

4 May 61

Four golf club memberships to the Val díOr Golf Club were purchased for the use of RCAF personnel at Station Senneterre and Val díOr Detachment.

10 May 61

A new Emergency Defence Plan was prepared for Station Senneterre.

15 May 61

Captain Headley (dentist from Station Parent) paid his last visit to the Station this week. He is being transferred overseas shortly. W/C CC Underhill proceeded on TD to Station St. Hubert for quarterly flying practice for period 15 to 18 May 61. S/L Cairns was the acting CO for the period of COís absence.

16 May 61

The Station Airwomen visited Lamaque Gold Mine in Bourlamaque, Quebec, this date.

19 May 61

W/C and Mrs. CC Underhill were guests of USAF Ramore, Ontario, for Armed Forces Day. A local talent show was held in the Rec. Hall, followed by a dance.

21 May 61

ADC Wire Swimming Meet was held in the Station swimming Pool.

22 May 61

The Officers Mess provided a fire works display for the children in commemoration of Victoria Day.

24 May 61

F/L HS Shufelt Acc attended a dedication service at the Town Park in Senneterre.

26 May 61

G/C Pollard NNRHQ and three USAF Officers were guests at the Officers Mess Dinner held this date.

29 May 61

WO1 WAM Smith and WO1 HA Pain of SOPhoto Branch ADCHQ arrived on TD for the annual inspection at this Unit.

30 May 61

F/L Keasey ADCHQ paid a staff visit to the Communications and Radar Sections this date. A two man repair party from Canadian General Electric carried out repairs to the variable nod mechanism. W/C CC Underhill proceeded on TD to attend the annual ADC COís Conference being held at CHQ from 31 May to 2 Jun inclusive. S/L ND Cairns was acting CO for the period. Qualifying examinations were held this date for the Corporals.

31 May 61

Total swimming pool attendance for period 1 Dec 60 to 31 May 61 was: Adults 1036; Children 1693. Several Flight Sergeants wrote their Qualifying Examinations this date.

Appendix "A" Ė Operations Report
Appendix "B" Ė CE, MSE and Photo Section Reports

Submitted in accordance with AFAO 71.00/01

(CC Underhill) W/C
CO RCAF Station Senneterre


Appendix "A"
to S71-04-04(CO)

Historical Report
1 Dec 60 to 31 May 61

Controller Personnel

W/C CC Underhill

Commanding Officer

S/L ND Cairns

Chief Operations Officer

F/L JH Maxwell

Operations Officer

F/L SM Deane

Station Ground Training Officer

F/L EC Brewer

Chief Standards Officer

F/O WI Suttie

Surveillance Standards Officer

Crew One


F/L HG Meinert

Flight Commander

F/O WR Cann

D/Flight Commander, Crew ECMO

F/O AH Crawford

D/Flight Commander

F/O RJ Gilmour


F/O ER Cowan

Squadron Historian

F/O WL Webster


F/O DI MacKay

Crew Bagpiper

Crew Two


F/L DR Paige

Flight Commander, Squadron ECMO

F/L DF Syms

D/Flight Commander

F/O FA Jurgensen


F/O WG Bland


F/O HR Wolff


F/L GE Emmerson


F/O AR Barnett

Armament Officer

Crew Three


F/L RK Harvey

Flight Commander, URPO

F/O MF Clarke

D/Flight Commander

F/L GB Shorey

Flight Safety Officer

F/O WM Henderson


F/O RL Greer

Intelligence and Maps Officer

F/L EN Krahn

D/Flt Commander, Assistant PRO

F/O B Wooding


1 Dec 60

A full Battle Staff Exercise, "Sioux Gold", was executed on this date. A total of seven commitments on faker aircraft by Puritan resulted in three MAís and four MIís. No ECM or evasive action was reported.

Approximately fifty Val díOr Rotary Club members and their wives were given a tour through the Operations Building, and later entertained in the Officers Mess. The Rotarians proved to be an exceedingly pleasant group of people, and everyone had a very enjoyable evening.

2 Dec 60

A Chessmatch Exercise consisting of 2 targets and 5 commitments by Puritan, resulted in 5 MAís in spite of evasive action.

An unknown track M391 was identified friendly on receipt of a flight plan which had been delayed.

Two ECM training missions, a Big Blast and a Manual Radar Site run were scored during this period.

3 Dec 60

CF-100 Halfback Quebec, target, outbound on a 120 mile penetration exercise (phase D) was diverted to identify M312 (unknown) as an RCAF C-45.

4 Dec 60

Extensive flight following of SAC and Civil Aircraft took place.

Note: All dates herein are calculated on a Greenwich Mean Time (Zulu) basis. Therefore, specific days in the week are not entered. The present time difference between Local and EST is 5 hours; 4 hours on ETD (summer).

5 Dec 60

Two unknown tracks were identified as fakers for a Chessmatch Exercise. Five commitments resulted in 3 MIís and 2 MAís on the evasive targets.

6 Dec 60

Puritan scored a Manual Radar Site Run on two SAC aircraft.

7 Dec 60

During a Chessmatch Exercise on this date, Davenport 1 collided with Chessmatch Faker 2, both CF-100ís. Davenport Orange, Kilo and Black 2 all observed the flash. The approximate position of the fatal collision was 4755N and 7053W. Both aircraft faded from GCI radar. A 1000 cycle emergency tone was not heard. However, Davenport Orange section did detect isolated chaff torn from the aircrewís seat packs. The chaff was observed also on the ground radar.

All necessary search and rescue action was initiated immediately. Chessmatch results were 5 MAís and 1 MI.

8 Dec 60

Boneyard 80 flew an ECM target and held Puritanís results down to 4 MIís due to ECM

Poor visibility hampered air and land search operations in the air collision area. All available Military and civilian personnel are participating.

9 Dec 60

A Battle Staff exercise "Catseye 27" was initiated during an intricate STP Battle Staff exercise. The exercise was so times to test the Unitís ability to change from a state of normal readiness to an alert state with no warning. The conversion was successful and 12 commitments on CF-100 and C-119 fakers produced 5 MAís and 7 MIís. ECM and evasion were some factors contributing to the number of MIís.

10 Dec 60

An unknown M384 suspected to be a private Apache under Val díOr tower control faded prior to identification.

11 Dec 60

Unknown M394 was identified as Nordair Flight 52 off track. Puritan scored a SAC MRSR.

12 Dec 60

On a non-evasive ECM Chessmatch, Puritan scored 1 MA and 3 MIís.

13 Dec 60

Boneyard 79 flew as an ECM target on which there were 14 tactical commitments, 6 MAís and 8 MIís.

14 Dec 60

A USAF F-101 fighter crew and a SAGE director briefed 34 AC&W personnel on F-101 intercept tactics. The briefing and a film on the F-101 attack proved highly interesting and informative to all directors.

15 Dec 60

Boneyard 79 improved on his previous scores by causing Puritans fighters 10 MIís for 12 commitments with his ECM equipment.

Note: The majority of all EWUís Missions are directed against airborne radar, not against the AC&W equipment.

16 Dec 60

Five of the six attacks on 2 Chessmatch targets were successful. Boneyard 79 provided ECM which held Puritanís results down to 4 MAís and 10 MIís.

17 Dec 60

Puritan scored a MRSR.

18 Dec 60

Slightly more than two thirds of 34 AC&W controller strength at this time are aircrew.

19 Dec 60

Five MAís and three MIís were results of a Chessmatch.

20 Dec 60

Boneyard 75 is still going strong with a total of 19 MIís for Puritanís 22 runs.

21 Dec 60

Battle Staff STP problem this morning.

22 Dec 60

AI practice and Phase Dís are not entered on a daily basis in this diary but appear as a resume at the end of each month,

23 Dec 60

Christmas holiday schedule commenced on this date. It required two controllers on duty per day shift and one each for evenings and midnights.

The normal round of crew parties and general revelry befitting the festive season have been taking place, but under supervision.

A SAC Big Blast mission scored this date shows that SAC takes no holidays.

24 Ė 28 Dec 60

With holiday schedules affecting Air Defence Command in general, there is little practice flying for this period. However, stand-by crews are on the job as usual, and SAC is busy as usual.

29 Dec 60

A "Catseye 28" Battle Staff Exercise made a break in the holiday quiet. Puritan had 4 commitments which resulted in 4 MIís.

30 Ė 31 Dec 60

In the month of December, Puritan controlled 475 intercepts, of which 116 were tactical, and 61 were ECM and the remainder AI practice. There were 54 unknowns, of which 5 were identified by intercept, and the remainder by other means.

1 Jan 61

Another year begins, and the usual wishes for 1961 pour in from other units in the system.

People relieving the midnight shift at 0800 hours appear rather unwell in most cases, but the previous evening'í revelries revealed no outstanding catastrophes or mishaps.

F/O Crawford was granted a Permanent Commission, and F/O Krahn was promoted to F/L. Congratulations gentlemen.

2 Jan 61

Such terms as "Chessmatch" and "Counterpunch" refer to small intercept exercises in which normally 2 faker targets penetrate the area and simulate, as closely as is safely possible, attacking enemy aircraft. A small number of interceptor aircraft simulate attacks on these "fakers" for training purposes.

3 Jan 61

There were two Manual Site Runs scored for SAC aircraft during this day. These are small Electronic Counter Measure Exercises. The effect of the jamming on AC&W Radar noted and reported to the SAC aircraftís parent unit.

4 Jan 61

Six T033 aircraft (American) landed at Val díOr Airport today. A 1000 cycle tone, in frequency 121.5 was traced to Hamlet Yellow 2, an intercept aircraft, who was in no difficulty.

A Boneyard 1 aircraft, squawked emergency, but was in no difficulty.

The first Chessmatch (a small exercise) of the year took place today, in which there were 4 MAís and 3 MIís. Evasive action was reported.

5 Jan 61

There was a Big Blast mission and 2 MRSRís were scored. A Boneyard 75 aircraft jammed 16 out of 16 fighter passes which made a perfect score Ė for Boneyard 75, and a rather imperfect score for the fighters committed.

6 Jan 61

We encountered a little difficulty today when the source of a 1000 cycle tone on 121.5 frequency could not be discovered. All the aircraft in the area were under close control, and were experiencing no difficulty.

F/L Maxwell guided a tour of visiting firemen through the operations building today.

7 Jan 61

The ice and snow on Val díOr runways is causing some problems.

8 Jan 61

Long, tiresome midnight shifts have lighter moments when SAC aircraft pass position reports as being over Sudsberry, Valdee Ore and Lack dees Loops.

9 Jan 61

There was a Chessmatch today and there were 8 commitments; 6 MAís and 2 MIís. There was also a considerable amount of practice flying done.

10 Jan 61

A Boneyard 60 aircraft upheld the jamming effectiveness of EW by scoring 11 MIís out of 13 commitments. An MRSR and a SAC Navigation leg were scored by this unit.

11 Jan 61

The results of a Chessmatch held today Ė 6 commitments were 3 MAís and 3 MIís.

12 Jan 61

A Boneyard 70 aircraft was on an ECM exercise today. Puritan and 410 Squadron had 16 commitments of which 14 were MIís and 2 MAís.

13 Jan 61

The Chessmatch results for today on 5 commitments were 5 MAís.

Puritan has been assigned 4 new Control Check Points area, which have been designated Puritan 1, 2, 3 and 4.

An aircraft which appeared to be flying a left-hand triangle, proved to be a TCA DC-8 on an air test flight.

Puritan scored a MRSR.

14 Jan 61

A Nordair 52 aircraft was 12 minutes behind on his flight plan and was made unknown, M397. It was later re-classified friendly by a re-estimate.

A Cessna aircraft was reported missing since Friday 13. Land search personnel were called upon, however, aircraft and pilot were found intact before the search began.

Puritan scored another MRSR.

15 Jan 61

A SAC aircraft, Bower 12, caused some concern at this Unit and others, by serenading us with some unheralded electronic jamming.

16 Jan 61

A band of warm air between 2,000í Ė 4,000í was blamed for the extremely heavy presentation of Anomalous Propagation on the scope. This condition affected both range and tracking continuity throughout the shift.

Puritan simulated an STM Radar outage because we were running the wrong film. Somebody goofed!

17 Jan 61

A Big Blast Soundwave "F" was scored.

A Tasty Whopper 41 aircraft was made unknown, M362, due to an error on his part. He was later identified friendly by position report and manoeuvre.

Puritan participated in a Counterpunch exercise and scored 3 MAís for 4 commitments on 2 non-evasive targets.

18 Jan 61

A Big Blast Soundwave was scored.

There was a Chessmatch exercise and the results on 2 evasive targets were 2 MIís. Apparently the evasive targets were too evasive.

19 Jan 61

There was an ECM exercise in which Boneyard 54 aircraft was the target. The results were 9 MIís and 1 MA on 10 commitments.

Catseye 1/61, a Battle Staff Exercise, which lasted four hours, resulted in 3 MAís, 3 MIís and 2 cancelled intercepts on 8 commitments.

20 Jan 61

ECM/Chessmatch Exercise results for today were 2 MAís Ė 16 MIís, of these MIís, 14 were caused by stream jamming and 2 by Aircraft Equipment Failure.

Rusk 11 was identified unknown, M368, when he was 15 minutes off flight plan. He was re-identified friendly by Sugarcane, but the source of their information is unknown.

A VC432 aircraft off Val díOr returned with control problems and landed safely. No emergency was declared.

21 Jan 61

A Nordair aircraft was made unknown M350 when he was 20 minutes off flight plan. He was re-identified friendly by Position Report.

"Z" Section (2 Ė 10 minutes standby aircraft) were scrambled from North Bay for intercepts by request of Tasty Whopper 31. Results were 1 MA and 1 MI (AEF). Tasty Whopper 31 requested intercepts to check his Tail Radar and Fire Control System.

F/L Brewer arrived here today from Metz, France. His suave manner and his wealth of international experience should prove a decided asset to the Unit. Furthermore, he drives a Mercedes.

22 Jan 61

"Z" section scrambled for intercepts to check tail radar of Tasty Whopper 41. The results were 4 MAís and 2 Lead Collision Courses and 2 Identification Passes.

23 Jan 61

An Aero Commander, CF-JOK, called Mayday north of Val díOr, but landed safely at Val díOr.

24 Jan 61

An unknown aircraft report was received from GObC through Sugarcane. Sugarcane advised of "Many jet bombers, very high heading south". This caused quite a flap in the system until it was discovered that the report should have ready "One many jet aircraft". The aircraft was later re-identified as a Boeing 707.

A SAC Big Blast Mission was scored by Puritan. The Boneyard 52 ECM mission results were 11 MIís and 3 MAís.

25 Jan 61

A KDS aircraft was identified unknown because it was off track. Was later re-identified friendly be revision of flight plan.

26 Jan 61

A report from Bachelor Lake, told of a blue flash and smoke approximately 30 miles north. A complete check revealed no known aircraft in that area.

A Boneyard aircraft was committed on twice and hit twice on a Type 7 Exercise.

27 Jan 61

A Rusk 27 aircraft was identified unknown and later re-identified by Flight Plan Revision.

AMIS requested information on CF-JUH on Flight Plan from Great Whale to Senneterre. Puritan had no information and could not raise aircraft on VHF.

28 Jan 61

Toronto Air Traffic Control Centre advised that CF-JUH had landed safely in Senneterre.

29 Jan 61

As in previous cases there are no operational activities of note, today, however, the training programme is carried on as usual. Trade tests are written by all Fighter Control Operator personnel every nine days. Practical testing (on the job checking) is done by the crew training NCOís every day. Changing regulations and provisions require constant studying.

30 Jan 61

On a Chessmatch Exercise, the results on 1 commitment were 1 MI.

31 Jan 61

Again today, there were many AI practice runs by Puritan. Val díOr detachment aircraft were recovering at Ottawa for exchange of crews.

In the month of January, Puritan controlled 512 intercepts of which 121 were tactical and 71 were ECM. There were 30 unknown tracks of which 2 were identified by intercept.

1 Feb 61

428 Squadron crews arrived at Val díOr Detachment today, replacing 410 Squadron which has returned to Ottawa. 428 will operate on an "as required" basis and will not man their operations office 24 hours daily. Winter temperatures and lack of hangar space at Val díOr are factors contributing to this decision. Servicing aircraft in 30 degrees below zero weather can be rather unpleasant.

2 Feb 61

Until this winter, Val díOr Detachment has been closing down with the advent of lowering temperatures. The decision to keep the Detachment operating has introduced problems, but has proved that it can be effective in extreme cold and snow conditions.

3 Ė 4 Feb 61

A Battle Staff Exercise "Blast Off" took place during the period. It involved all of Northern NORAD Region and lasted over 20 hours. The target types were varied, and ECM and evasive action were employed. Puritanís results for 23 commitments were 13 MAís, 7 MIís and 3 cancellations.

5 Ė 6 Feb 61

Days such as these which show no operational activities of note are not wasted. The training of all operational personnel is an endless task, and the programmes set up by the SGTO and his staff leave little idle time.

7 Feb 61

Nordair, Flight 52, was declared an unknown track. The aircraft was outside his flight plan distance limits. The lack of navigation aids in the area north of Puritan helps explain the many unknowns in this area. Puritan directed him back on course and made him friendly by a flight plan revision.

8 Feb 61

During the evening shift of this day, an incident in which "Pandemonium Reigns Supreme" occurred. Puritan had just completed a Chessmatch exercise with results of 4 MAís and 3 MIís. Before the last pair of fighters were recovered, Yamhill phoned to hand over 2 sections of CF-100 aircraft which they had been controlling on a Counterpunch Exercise. Their radar had become unserviceable and the fighters were on their own. However, before Yamhill could state their business, a 1000 cycle tome (Emergency) was heard by Puritan. Puritanís Duty Director immediately abandoned Yamhill to investigate the tone, which after extensive investigation could not be located. Yamhill finally effected the handover and Puritan managed to attempt the Counterpunch intercepts. Both fighters and targets had travelled a good distance in the elapsed time and after identification of all aircraft by Puritan, the intercepts were rather hurried efforts and the results were only 2 MAís for 7 attempts. The evasive Counterpunch targets did not simplify the overall situation.

9 Feb 61

An unknown track, M365, was contacted by Puritan and identified as VC 568, a mercy flight from Winisk to St. Huberts.

Puritan scored a SAC Big Blast Mission.

A Boneyard ECM Exercise resulted in 14 MIís and only 2 MAís for Puritan.

10 Feb 61

The results of a Chessmatch exercise on this date were 5 MAís and 4 MIís. The scoring of a MRSR and a Big Blast Mission were other activities of note.

11 Feb 61

F/L Paige conducted a tour of some 50 dependents of the Construction Engineering personnel through the Operations Building.

12 Feb 61

Of the 26 controllers on strength at this unit, only F/L Paige and S/L Levesque are bilingual, a decided asset in this area.

13 Feb 61

The Counterpunch exercise this date was conducted under remote control procedures. Three aircraft, independently computing their attacks from target information broadcast from Puritan came through with 1 MA and 2 MIís.

14 Feb 61

Puritan scored a SAC navigation leg. This entails comparing an aircraftís actual position against his estimated position at a given time, and forwarding the results to the aircraftís base.

428 crews rotating to Ottawa leave no aircraft at Val díOr today.

15 Feb 61

On an ECM Chessmatch this date, a combination of ECM and evasive action held Puritanís results to 5 MAís and 7 MIís.

M307, an unknown track, merited a scramble of two armed CF-100ís from Val díOr. However, a late flight plan was received after the scramble and the unknown was identified friendly prior to intercept.

16 Feb 61

Puritan scored a Big Blast ECM mission. Boneyard slipped slightly astray today and allowed Puritanís fighters 5 MAís for 16 attempts.

Halfback Zulu was scrambled from North Bay to intercept a SAC aircraft. Meanwhile, an unknown M310 appeared in Puritanís area. Z section was diverted to M319, which was identified prior to intercept. Z section returned to base after four commitments and 4 MIís.

17 Feb 61

Some SAC aircraft have been requesting intercept action while passing through the area. Interceptors give the SAC bombers the opportunity to check out their tail radar and fire control systems. Sector has been scrambling "Z" aircraft for this purpose, to help keep a check on cold scramble times.

18 Feb 61

Nordair flight 52 was unknown again, and identified friendly by flight plan revision- again.

19 Feb 61

Faker aircraft for a 26th NORAD Division exercise are passing through this area. Puritan is supplying warning information to the 26th Region.

20 Feb 61

Results of 8 Chessmatch commitments today were 3 MAís and 5 MIís.

21 Feb 61

The reasons for missed intercepts have not been entered on a daily basis in this record. A report showing the percentage of total MIís attributed to personal error, airborne equipment failures, etc. will be compiled at the end of May 61.

22 Feb 61

Chessmatch results for today were 2 MAís and 4 MIís. Evasive action was reported.

23 Feb 61

Davenport (428) Lima 2 reported an emergency and headed toward Val díOr. A CF-100 was scrambled from Val díOr to give assistance but Lima 2 cancelled the emergency after successfully lowering his troublesome landing gear 5 miles from Val díOr where he landed safely.

24 Feb 61

Little activity of note.

25 Feb 61

STP problems are utilizing the new COIN System and are now in progress. This is a new concept in plotting, telling, and tactical action reporting procedures. It is the first major change in these procedures since the beginning of the Post War RCAF AC&W System.

26 Feb 61

The efforts of 4 fighters against a remote control target resulted in 4 MAís.

27 Feb 61

The results of a Chessmatch Exercise today were 6 MIís and 1 MA.

28 Feb 61

26th NORAD Division ran an exercise "Apache Chief" for which Puritan provided faker flight following and warning tell information.

In the month of February, Puritan controlled 467 intercepts of which 146 were tactical and 30 were ECM. There were 19 unknown tracks, of which none were identified by intercept.

1 Mar 61

There was a Chessmatch Exercise with a total of 10 commitments. The results were 2 MAís and 8 MIís. Evasive action was employed.

2 Mar 61

There was a Boneyard ECM Exercise with 20 commitments, the results being 13 MIís and 7 MAís.

3 Ė 6 Mar 61

Little activity of note. There was the normal number of AI practice runs and the usual Monday, Wednesday and Friday STM Exercises, using the COIN System.

7 Ė 8 Mar 61

It is sometimes slightly frightening to realize that millions of dollars in ground radar equipment and interceptor aircraft are linked together by fifteen cents worth of plexiglass and a grease pencil.

9 Mar 61

There was a Big Blast Sound Wave "C" scored by Puritan.

10 Mar 61

There was a Battle Staff exercise "Catseye Think Ahead" which lasted approximately nine hours, with a total of 30 commitments. The results were 10 MAís and 20 MIís.

Comments in the Duty Directorís log stated rather modestly that things were in a bit of a flap all day.

11 Ė 12 Mar 61

With rumors of new sites opening and being manned in the northern regions, it is interesting to watch the reactions of the controllers due for transfers. With posting prospects such as Moosonee and Chibougamau in mind, their previously half-hearted affection for Senneterre becomes a burning passion.

13 Mar 61

On two evasive Chessmatch targets today, fighters under Puritanís control scored 6 MAís on a total of 8 commitments.

15 Mar 61

Changing of scopes and GSM to True orientation to fit into eventual SAGE planning, brought moans and various other indications of unrest from the controllers present. Visions of mass confusion were eminent. In spite of all this, the new overlay was installed on the GSM and the antenna was oriented to true north.

16 Mar 61

A Boneyard 15 aircraft held Puritanís fighters down to 5 MA, 10 MI score during an ECM, number one mission.

17 Mar 61

Two commitments by Puritan on Boneyard 15 aircraft proved futile today, resulting in 2 MIís, upholding Boneyardís sizeable lead in the ECM vs. AI contest.

18 Mar 61

Little activity of interest this date.

19 Mar 61

Controllers conducted 200 visitors from surrounding cities and towns through the Operations Building. The tour lasted from 1430 hours local until 1730 hours local, and wound up with a social evening in Senneterre.

20 Mar 61

Today Senneterreís Search and Rescue Team left for a four day exercise at Smokey Bay. Three MAís and five MIís were the results of a Chessmatch Exercise on this date.

21 Mar 61

The COpsO, S/L Cairns, holds Flight Commanderís Meetings twice monthly. The SOpsO, CStandO, SGTO, SurvO and three Flight Commanders attended. Operational and administrative problems are discussed and usually solved at these meetings.

22 Mar 61

Again Puritanís fighters scored only 3 MAís and 5 MIís in a Chessmatch Exercise.

23 Mar 61

Again a score of 4 MAís and 8 MIís proved Boneyardís efficiency during an ECM number one exercise. A Boneyard 56 aircraft had to cancel half of an exercise when his receiver went unserviceable.

24 Mar 61

Puritanís GSM was re-oriented to magnetic with unanimous approval of all directors.

25 Mar 61

A number of Boneyard ECM missions and the result to date leave no doubt of the threat presented by jamming aircraft during a hostile raid.

26 Mar 61

The Abitibi Snowshoe Club was given a guided tour through the Operations Building. Some 150 people checked their snowshoes at the door and were shown through the various facets of the AC&W. It was noted by the Staff that all members of the touring group were in extremely high spirits.

27 Mar 61

The Ottawa CF-100ís and crews departed the Val díOr Detachment for return to Ottawa. Frost heaves have rendered the Val díOr runway hazardous to CF-100 aircraft.

28 Mar 61

COIN System STM problems are still being run three times per week and Sectorís addition to, and changes in, the system are rather prevalent, as COIN instruction number four is now in use.

29 Mar 61

Chessmatch results improved this date with 6 MAís and 2 MIís on two evasive targets.

30 Mar 61

Big Blast Scoring Exercise on this date incorporated a triangulation exercise which produced favorable results and accuracy, within five miles of the actual target position.

Boneyard 19 scored 15 MIís against Puritanís 4 MAís on an ECM number one exercise today.

31 Mar 61

Val díOr TACAN unserviceable until further notice.

During the month of March, Puritan controlled 447 intercepts of which 147 were tactical and 68 were ECM.

1 Apr 61

A bogus personnel transfer signal was circulated early this morning and some of the objects received rather nasty shocks until they finally realized the full meaning behind todayís date. Apart from this, there was little activity of interest.

2 Apr 61

An alarming number of chair accidents have been reported recently. While carrying out a tight turn in a Mark 14 swivel recently, F/L Krahn encountered a rather severe tucking condition and was forced to eject. He landed firmly but safely, but reported that the incident occurred so quickly that he could not determine the cause. The chair has been returned to Supply for modifications.

3 Apr 61

F/O W (Wild Willy) Webster arrived today from the wind swept hills of Holberg, where he has been happily employed for the last year. He is convinced that once his eyes become accustomed to sunlight again, he will be reasonably happy here. Bill Webster is well known, for many reasons, throughout the RCAF.

4 Apr 61

Puritan scored a Big Blast Mission today.

5 Apr 61

Triangulation procedures were again used on a Big Blast Mission. The results were again quite encouraging. In spite of the loss of the azimuth time recorder (no paper) the target positions were plotted quickly and accurately.

6 Apr 61

Big Noise Snow Man initiated the Battle Staff exercise "Sioux Indian". During the 6 hour exercise, fighters under Puritanís control were committed 25 times and produced 5 MAís and 20 MIís. ECM and evasive action from the CF-100, T-33 and C-119 targets helped contribute to this rather low score.

7 Apr 61

A directive from Sector states that intercepts on SAC aircraft are prohibited. This order apparently stems from the fact that recently a GAR equipped USAF F-100 accidentally shot down a B-52 during a training mission.

Pinetree Line Note: - This incident occurred on April 7, 1961 when a B-52B (53-0380), out of Biggs AFB, TX, was shot down by an F-100A of the 188th TFS, New Mexico ANG. The B-52 was shot down over New Mexico and the wreckage fell to earth on Mount Taylor. There were eight airmen aboard the B-52 and five survived. The incident occurred while conducting practice intercepts. The Board of Investigation found that a tiny amount of moisture had seeped into a cracked plug in the missileís firing circuit and although it had subsequently malfunctioned, it had somehow allowed the firing signal to pass to a second missile. This incident caused the inadvertent launching of an AIM-9 Sidewinder missile during the exercise. It was a common practice for fighters to make use of the B-52 for practice intercepts.

8 Ė 10 Apr 61

Practice AI and STP exercises were the only incidents of note for this period.

F/O Webster was fortunate enough to be assigned to Crew One.

11 Apr 61

VC 605 handed over to Puritan from Crystal for flight following enroute to Portage, lost all his receivers. Transmitting information and receiving visual acknowledgement from a VC 782 who had been nearby, 605 left airways and recovered safely at North Bay.

12 Apr 61

The Minister of Justice flying from Churchill to Ottawa in an aircraft designated as Special 15, was flight followed by Puritan. Although the Minister appreciated the service, the Director on Duty did not ask him to fix a parking ticket and probably missed a fine opportunity.

13 Apr 61

Puritanís score for a Chessmatch today was 6 MAís and 2 MIís for 8 commitments.

F/O Don (Haggis McBagpipe) MacKay in on transfer from 414 Squadron North Bay via Tyndall. Haggis is reputed to be an accomplished piper, and we expect some confirmation of this in the near future.

14 Apr 61

Puritanís scoreboard fell to an all time low today with 0 MAís for 6 commitments.

A Boneyard aircraft worked this area today. Deteriorating weather prohibited the use of fighters, so the ECM display on GCI radar was utilized to train personnel in recognizing the ECM conditions and proper use of ECM.

Trenton SAR were notified of a "Help" sign near a lake north of Senneterre. The Ground Search Team was alerted, and a light aircraft dispatched from Val díOr to investigate. The aircraft reported no sign of any persons in the area and the incident was closed.

15 Ė 16 Apr 61

Further to our chair incident reported 2 Apr, three similar incidents have occurred. However, it was determined by our local AIB on investigation of the wreckage of a Mk 10 hard swivel that on extreme turns or backing, the inside wheel tends to bind, causing the stall.

17 Apr 61

Unknown M350 was identified by intercept as a CF-100 with pink tips and tail, which is probably better than no tail at all.

All controllers at this unit wrote a general knowledge exam Ė no one was reported as having failed.

F/L Walker received the word today that he was posted to Holberg, BC. F/O Jurgensen was also notified of his posting to Parent. It obviously took a great deal of restraint on the part of both to keep from expressing their extreme happiness and gratitude at the powers that be for this turn of events.

18 Ė 19 Apr 61

Further investigation of the chair hazards shows that the mark 10 hard back swivel will not tolerate extreme backward leaning. The speed with which it leans tends to startle the pilot, causing him to over-correct and eject in a forward direction. Extreme caution is recommended until a modification is made.

20 Apr 61

Although Puritanís score on an ECM Exercise improved to 11 MAís and 9 MIís, the results of a Chessmatch were less heartening Ė 0 MAís for 3 attempts.

21 Apr 61

An aircraft reported by Davenport Fox 2 as rolling over on its back and falling straight down, recovering near ground level.

Eight commitments on a Chessmatch Exercise resulted in 4 MAís.

22 Ė 24 Apr 61

FtrCops will be training on the PBX as a scheduled position to augment the switchboard operators.

25 Apr 61

3 MAís and 1 MI on the Chessmatch today.

26 Apr 61

A Big Blast Mission consisting of 6 SAC aircraft was scored by Puritan on both bands.

27 Apr 61

Puritan flight followed Special 18, a Comet carrying the Minister of National Defence from Ottawa to Churchill.

28 Apr 61

The ECM #1 Exercise on this date confirms the effect of efficient AI jamming with 16 MIís and 3 MAís.

29 Apr 61

The investigation of a query from Abitibi Truck Lines proved that Puritanís 1630 KCs MF carrier was jamming their 3260 KCs radio communications to their units working in the woods. The problem was referred to the COpsO for corrective action.

30 Apr 61

Puritan received a call from an aircraft CF-CEL on 121.5 but could not contact the aircraft. An extensive check showed no aircraft in difficulty and the incident was closed.

The change to Daylight time was made today. The Greenwich clocks now run only 4 hours ahead of local time.

The appointment of a chair safety officer has been considered. Cpl. Pearen recently placed his posterior on a mark 7 spring back swivel (dias model) only long enough to have it collapse completely. Once again, it is a complete mystery.

During April, Puritan controlled 410 intercepts of which 98 were tactical and 39 were ECM. There were 17 unknowns of which one was identified by intercept.

Note: ECM totals shown here refer to scheduled EWU ECM missions and do not include runs made during tactical exercises.

1 May 61

Practice flying and the usual trade training mark the beginning of May.

2 May 61

Two MRSRís were scored this date.

3 May 61

Puritan scored a SAC Nav Leg and ran a Battle Staff STP.

4 May 61

OW Sector played a surveillance role in the 26th and 30th NORAD Region exercise. The introduction of limited control and a combination of close, limited and remote control on individual aircraft has added a new twist to the controllers procedures. New procedures seem to be the rule rather than the exception of late. However, the limited procedure shows promise.

5 May 61

Big Blast triangulation was practiced this date.

An ECM #1 exercise showed improvement on the fighters results with 7 MAís and 8 MIís of which 2 MIís were AEF.

A laid down procedure for the Close-Limited Remote Control training with North Bay and Ottawa fighters was issued this date, and a new Ident criteria makes all aircraft travelling at less than 180K within the CADIZ, MIDIZ, and DEWIZ friendly regardless of altitude.

The results of a Chessmatch consisting of 2 non evasive, non ECM targets were 1 MA and 3 MIís.

6 May 61

Unseasonable cold, wet weather has not deterred the Ops ball teams from practicing for the coming season, but it is rather awkward practicing in the snow!

7 May 61

Nil entry.

8 May 61

A Battle Staff "Super Chessmatch" took place on this day. The exercise lasted over 2 Ĺ hours and involved six targets and 12 fighters (6 pairs) for Puritan. These scored 12 MAís and 6 MIís. Bad weather in eastern section of Puritanís area hampered control.

9 May 61

One officer was assigned to conduct Cpl. Spour, his family and Mr. And Mrs. King on a tour of Operations. Cpl. Spour is our Unit Photographer.

10 May 61

Nil entry.

11 May 61

Todayís Chessmatch results for four commitments were 3 MAís and 1 MI.

12 May 61

A Big Blast Sound Wave mission consisting of 6 B-47 aircraft was scored during this day.

13 Ė 14 May 61

Practice AI with North Bay aircraft took place on these dates, but not much else.

15 May 61

MF frequency 1639 KCs is now replaced by 1710 KCs to remedy the jamming of Abitibi Truck Lines communication to the north bush.

16 May 61

It was discovered by a very astute F/O B Wooding that our GSM position of Crystal was in error by about 30 miles. So 11 AC&W lock stock and curling rink was shifted to the proper position and everyone was happy.

Crew one handled a 2 Ĺ hour STP problem in its usual inimitable style, however, we are improving.

17 May 61

A Big Blast utilizing both E and M jamming was scored by Puritan.

F/O MacKay (Haggis McBagpipe) was initiated into the Royal Order of Puritan today and presented with the Puritan Number 9. MacKay, by the way, is properly pronounced MacKye, to rhyme with sky.

18 May 61

Two commitments on an ECM #5 target resulted in 1 MI and 1 MA.

Another Big Blast Sound Wave was scored by Puritan. The triangulation system was employed.

19 May 61

"Catseye 3", a Battle Staff Exercise, took place on this date. The results of 17 attempts by fighters under Puritanís control were 13 MAís and 4 MIís.

20 May 61

With the arrival of Ė wee beastie Ė season, we discover that the size of the local mosquito has not been exaggerated and we cannot help but feel concern for our fearless exterminators who will soon be out in the infested areas spreading oil upon the waters.

21 May 61

It may interest directors to note that according to the Stats 20/60 forms from 1 Jan to 19 May 61, 17.75% of the tactical MIís were attributed directly to director error.

22 May 61

Although the frost heaves in the runway at Val díOr have settled almost completely and seem to present no problem, a pot hole has appeared near one end and, creating a slight hazard to aircraft.

23 May 61

During this period, the density of SAC aircraft passing through the area has noticeably increased. All aircraft are practicing ECM tactics and Puritan is instructed to score all aircraft.

24 May 61

Puritan participated in a 4 hour Battle Staff STM today. It was necessary to employ extra personnel for this period. The general comments on Puritanís performance were favorable.

25 May 61

An overdue aircraft N2992 was reported by Trenton S&R. The aircraft had departed Churchill with 6 hours fuel, was carried on radar by Battleaxe for a very short time, and faded. No contact has since been made.

G/C Pollard departed St. Huberts in AF2356 to attend an Officers Mess Dinner at Senneterre.

26 May 61

Less than three percent of the missed tactical intercepts mentioned on 21 May were discontinued for the sake of safety. This can almost completely be attributed to the efforts of the Raid Master.

27 May 61

F/O Suttie, being one of the more pious controllers on strength, conducted a tour of five nuns from the Val díOr Hospital through the Operations Building today.

28 May 61

The attempted destruction of microwave towers in Nevada necessitated increased security measures throughout NORAD. The work was obviously that of professional saboteurs. SAC increased their state to "DEFCON 3" but NORAD did not increase state. Fifteen minute communication checks and immediate reporting of any unusual occurrences were ordered at Unit level.

29 May 61

A USAF briefing team consisting of one F-101 crew, one SAGE intercept director, one BORARC enthusiast and one US Army Major from a NIKE battery, put Puritanís directors in the picture on the century series aircraft and missile defence tactics today. The briefing, which is a semi-annual affair, was both interesting and informative.

30 May 61

Senneterreís Search and Rescue Pest Control is recruiting airmen volunteers to spend a month in the surrounding bush area spraying and spreading chemicals to kill the wee beasties, before they attack the Unit en masse.

31 May 61

NORAD and SAC have agreed to the resumption of interceptor attacks on SAC aircraft. The agreement stipulates that only unarmed interceptors may be employed. The tentative effective date for this ruling is 1 Jun 61.

During the month of May, Puritan controlled 444 intercepts of which 87 were tactical and 22 were ECM missions. There were 10 unknown tracks of which one was identified by intercept.


Appendix "B"
to S71-04-04(CO)

Historical Report
CE Section
1 Dec 60 to 31 May 61

The following projects were completed by the CE Section during this period:

Interior painting of the Operations Building.

Installation of stair threads.

Alteration to MSE Office.

Alteration to shower room in the Airmenís Quarters.

Alteration to the air conditioning system in the Operations Building.

Clearing of TACAN Site at Val díOr Detachment.

Explosive storage at Val díOr Detachment.

Interior painting of three barrack blocks, Combined Mess, Hospital and Val díOr Detachment.

Installation of three-compartment sink in the Hospital.

Installed double throw switches in five PMQs.

The following projects were commenced during this period:

Automatic starter on fire pump at Senneterre.

Automatic starter on fire pump at Val díOr detachment.

Replacement of sixteen power poles.

Floor drain in the ME garage.

Revetment work.

Interior painting of twenty PMQs.

Exterior painting of all PMQs.


Historical Report
MSE Section
1 Dec 60 to 31 May 61

Gasoline Used Ė 12,536 gallons

Oil Used Ė 625 quarts

Mileage driven Ė 110,311 miles

Vehicles on Strength Ė Senneterre 22; Val díOr 11

Vehicle Accidents Ė MSE Nil; Users Nil; Industrial Nil

Repair costs (vehicles) Ė Senneterre $3,260.00; Val díOr $1,065.00

Major repairs carried out Ė Nil

New Tires Installed Ė 6

Recreation Runs Ė 7

Ambulance runs (to Val díOr) Ė 10

Road Conditions Ė 23 miles of gravel (to Val díOr) maintained year around. Icy and slippery during fall and winter. Road from Unit to Senneterre Ė narrow pavement, dangerous shoulders and broken pavement in spots.

Scheduled Duty Runs per week Ė 242

Temporary Drivers Ė 97