Barrington, NS

1953 - The Beginning of Barrington - Paul Ozorak

Canadian Note Number D-227 dated 19 August 1953, authorized surveys around Cape Sable. Local residents recall surveys being done on Cape Sable Island and Baccaro Point. Inasmuch as these surveys usually included moving a small portable radar to the test location. Such activity could not have gone unnoticed.

It is conjectured that local leading citizens and politicians would have favored the Baccaro site since it would bring in more local development (e.g. The road to Baccaro was not yet paved; whereas, the road to Cape Sable Island had just been paved after the opening of the Causeway), although it is unlikely local politicians really played much of a role in the selection. For whatever reasons, by November 1953, the PPO informed the RCAF of the final decision with the following specifics:

  1. General - The site is located at Baccaro Point, NS, approximately 25 miles from Shelburne, NS and 63 miles from Yarmouth, NS. The site position is at 43 27 N and 65 28 W on a rise of land 25 above mean sea level roughly 400 yards from the sea to the east and south and mile from the western shore of the cape. All land required is crown owned however several fishermen claim rights on the basis of occupation and fenced lots.

  2. Operational Aspects - The terrain is a flat rock formation covered by a thin layer of soil forming a cape extending southward into the ocean. This location will provide the required high level average. However, inasmuch as a TPS-1D radar is to be installed there will exist material changes in the resultant cover between high and low tide periods. Surveillance between 60 degrees and 320 degrees will produce ranges between 42 and 63 miles at the 2000 ft level. The locating of an AC&W Organization will undoubtedly have considerable effect. The area is also relatively accessible by road. Therefore the problem of which service (USAF or RCAF) should man this site should be carefully examined.
At the January 1955 meeting, the two Air Defence Commands now considered that the original proposal for nine temporary mobile EW sites be changed to four augmentation GCI stations one of which was M-102 Barrington, NS.

NOTE: This detail originated in Lobster, Lighthouse and Radar and was provided by Paul Ozorak in May 1998 for addition to the web site.