Barrington, NS

1969 - From the Baccaro Peninsula - USAF ADC C&E Digest, March 1969

In the year 1962, Canadian newspapers headlined an important national news item. The report read as follows:

St. Hubert, PQ 14 May 1962 - The RCAF will officially take-over the fourth of 11 American-manned Pinetree radar sites in Canada at a ceremony to be held at the unit near Barrington, NS on 22 May, Air Defence Command Headquarters announced today.

The ceremony will mark the fourth of 11 sites to be manned by the RCAF following a Government announcement last year that Canada would take over operation of the radar bases from the United States in an agreement involving 66 CF-101 supersonic jet interceptors.

The first RCAF Commanding Officer of the base at Barrington will be Squadron Leader Robert F. Walker, 39, of Victoria, BC

The base was originally built by the United States Air Force in 1956/57, and since that time a lot of stormy Atlantic water has pounded on the rocky shores just a few yards from the radar base. During the winter storms the wind driven salt spray coats the windows of the buildings with a white film. Through the years, Commanding Officers Wing Commander Bruce Cameron and Lt. Col. Carl Brown have maintained the high tradition set by their American comrades. The radar station is now commanded by Lt. Col. Gordon Brennand, a former jet pilot, who has completed a tour with the peace time Canadian NATO squadrons in Europe.

--This article was printed in the USAF ADC C&E Digest in March 1969.