Barrington, NS

1973 - CFS Barrington - General Information Brochure

Introductory History

On 22 May, 1962, No. 672 AC and W Squadron, Air Station Barrington was officially handed over to the RCAF by Brigadier-General WE Elder, Boston Air Defense Commander (SAGE), on behalf of the USAF Command to Group Captain AF Banville, Commanding Officer, RCAF Station Chatham, NB, who represented the Air Officer Commanding, RCAF Air Defence Command.

CFS Barrington is a radar station, surrounded on three sides by the Atlantic Ocean. The unit plays an important role in the air defence of North America. Its electronic eyes scan and probe the skies constantly every hour of the day or night. It is linked with the United States detection network and with Canadian Armed Forces Air Defence Command in the Pinetree Line of special defensive areas.

CFS Barrington is not actually located at Barrington NS. The base is situated at Baccaro, a point of land which juts out into the Atlantic Ocean. The Postal Dept. added the name Stone Horse to the postal address of the unit effective January 1967. Stone Horse is the name given to a rock formation located in the ocean just off Baccaro Point.

The first Commanding Officer of CFS Barrington, the fourth American manned Pinetree radar site in Canada to be taken over by the RCAF, was Wing Commander RF Walker of Victoria, BC. Commanding Officers of CFS Barrington are as follows:

Wing Commander RF Walker May 1962 August 1964
Wing Commander BA Cameron August 1964 August 1966
LCol C Brown August 1966 August 1968
LCol G Brennand August 1968 July 1970
LCol CE Rushton July 1970 June 1973
LCol RW Found June 1973

Commanding Officers Welcome Message

I am pleased to welcome you to Canadian Forces Station Barrington, NS. Your posting at this station is a normal tour, and we are located in a semi-isolated area, but I am sure you will discover that your posting here can be both pleasant and productive.

CFS Barrington is a compact station with limited recreational facilities. Housing in the local area is also very limited, although 46 furnished mobile homes (60 x 12) provided by the DND are located at Sherose Island near Barrington Passage, which is 17 miles from the station. Nevertheless, I believe we enjoy a spirit of comradeship that is seldom experienced on larger units where more sophisticated facilities are available. Personnel quickly learn to make maximum use of what we have and this contributes greatly to healthy morale.

During your tour you will have the opportunity to improve not only as a tradesman or technician, but also as an individual. You may expect to be given tasks that fall outside your normal trade duties. Further, you will find that you are an important contributor to the spirit of your particular Mess.

This booklet will give you some indication of the facilities available on our station and in the local area. If you should require further information, please write and a member of my staff will endeavor to answer your questions.

Geographical Map

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Building Locations

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Station Routine

Messing Hours All Year

Monday Breakfast 0700 0815 hours
To Lunch 1130 1300 hours
Friday Dinner 1530 1730 hours
Snack 2100 2200 hours
Late Meal 2330 0015 hours

Saturday Breakfast 0700 0900 hours
Sunday and Brunch 1130 1230 hours
Holidays Dinner 1530 1730 hours
Snack 2100 2200 hours
Late Meal 2330 0015 hours

Coffee is available only in the Mess Hall to those in possession of a coffee card.
(Cost - $1.00 per month)

Working Hours Winter Summer
Commence 0800 hours 0800 hours
Cease (Noon) 1200 hours 1200 hours
Commence 1300 hours 1300 hours
Cease (Day) 1630 hours 1600 hours

Station Duties

Orderly Officer

This duty averages once a month dependent upon the number of Officers, Warrant Officers, Sergeants and Master Corporals available.

Orderly Corporal

This duty occurs approximately every two months.

Routine Orders and UPDTs

Published weekly.

Reporting In Procedure

You are required to report to the Station Orderly Room in the Headquarters building where you will receive your PLCC and general information.


Quarters Officers and Civilians of Officers Status

Billeted in Building No. 4 where linen is exchanged on a weekly basis.

Warrant Officers, Men and Civilians

WOs and Sgts are billeted in Building No. 6 downstairs and No. 4 upstairs. Men and civilians are billeted in Buildings No. 5 and No. 6 upstairs. Linen is exchanged on a weekly basis.

NOTE: Limited room service is provided for Officers, WOs and Sgts. It is the responsibility of the occupant to maintain his quarters to Armed Forces standards. Quarters are inspected by the CO each Wednesday morning.

Messes and Clubs


The Mess is situated in Building No. 4. A bar steward is not provided except for mixed functions; bar service may be obtained through regular or live-in members on other occasions. A copy of mess rules is provided to all new members.


The Mess is situated in Building No. 6. Detailed mess rules are contained in the Constitution and By-Laws, a copy of which will be issued to members as they report to the mess secretary. The mess is equipped with a games area and a television lounge. Normally two entertainment functions are available to the members.

Schooner Club

The Club is situated in the same building as the Recreation Hall. Bar service is supplied. The club is Out of Bounds to all but Master Corporals and below, and their guests. Attendance by personnel higher than MCpl rank is by permission of the CO only.

Exchange Facilities


A modern store with a wide range of groceries and sound equipment and a limited supply of hardware, clothing and other essentials is located on the unit. Large items may be obtained through our catalogue ordering service.

Auto Club

We have an auto club including gas pumps, a good range of tires and accessories, tools are loaned out on a loan card. There are also two bays available which are suitable for minor repairs.

Camper Trailers

Two campers are available for rent to servicemen and DND employees.

Movement of Dependents

This unit is an isolated place and a limited accommodation area as outlined in CFAO 20-43. Contact your SOR/Movements and BTNO for particulars in regards to movement of DF&E to this area.

Tour of Duty

Personnel posted to this unit prior to 8 December 1972 will continue to serve a fixed tour of 2 years and may request a further extension. Personnel posted here on or after 8 December 1972 will serve a normal tour of duty.


Limited sub-standard civilian housing is available in the immediate area. Rents for an unfurnished house are in the vicinity of $50 to $100 per month plus utilities. House are not up to MQ standards, and in many cases redecorating is required. Forty-six fully furnished mobile homes are situated at Sherose Island, approximately 17 miles from the station. The mobile homes are 60 x 12 with living room, dining area, kitchenette, three bedrooms and bath, including electric stove, fridge, automatic washer and dryer and other items of modern furniture.

There is a shortage of accommodation in both Yarmouth and Shelburne. Yarmouth is too far distant from the unit for commuting daily.

Shelburne is located approximately 29 miles from the unit; Yarmouth approximately 75 miles.


Barrington Municipal High School, providing accommodation for over 300 pupils, was opened in 1958 and consisted of a library, Science Lab, Industrial Arts development, Domestic Science department, an Auditorium-Gymnasium, and twelve academic classrooms.

In 1961, four additional classrooms were added to the western end of the school, as well as a balcony and shower room in the gymnasium.

In 1964, a further expansion was necessary and seven more classrooms were provided in the High School Annex. Further expansion followed and Barrington Municipal High School now has the facilities to offer the complete comprehensive program as recommended by the Department of Education. These consist of twenty-eight classrooms (including commercial classroom), three commercial laboratories, and an Industrial Arts department consisting of two woodworking, one drafting, one metal, one welding, and two fisheries areas; four Home Economics areas; two gymnasiums, two Arts Labs, a guidance centre, a large library, three Science Labs, two teacher rooms, and an administrative area. Together with a teaching staff of forty-nine teachers, the facilities provide educational opportunities for almost nine hundred pupils enrolled in either the University Preparatory courses, the General Program, Commercial courses or the Adjusted or Modified programs.

In addition, excellent facilities are provided for grades primary through grade six. Bus transportation is provided for all grades.

--This article contains some detail which was extracted from a CFS Barrington NS, General Information Brochure dated 1 April 1973. It provide a general idea as to what was taking place in the early 1970s.