Yorkton, SK

1997 - General History - The NBC Group

Station Yorkton (site C-51) was located 14.5 miles northwest of the city of Yorkton and 200 road miles northeast of the Saskatchewan capital, of Regina. The association with the Air Force stems back to April 1941, when No. 11 Service Flying Training School commenced flying Avro Ansons, North American Harvards, and Cessna Cranes as part of the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan.

In the early 60's construction began on the long range radar station. The site, declared operational on 15 October 1962, was a Long Range Radar (LRR) and Ground Air Transmitter Receiver (GATR) facility. Radar operations were carried out by 46 Radar Squadron. This new radar site was SAGE-capable from the outset. 46 Radar Squadron became self-accounting on 23 January 1963 and was known officially as 46 Radar Squadron Yorkton. The squadron became operational on 15 October 1963. 46 Radar reported to the Minot NORAD Sector which was itself part of the 29th NORAD Region. On 15 May 1963, with the realignment of various NORAD Sectors, 46 Radar now reported to the Great Falls NORAD Sector.

In May 1967, RCAF Station Yorkton became CFS Yorkton. On 17 October 1968, CFS Yorkton began to report to Central NORAD Region through the 28th MORAD Division. In August 1984, Yorkton formed a part of the Canada West ROCC. The station carried on with its long range radar role until it ceased operations in December 1985. On 1 August 1986, the Minister of National Defence authorized disbandonment of a number of radar stations including Yorkton.

-- The NBC Group - Don Nicks, John Bradley, Chris Charland.