Yorkton, SK

1962 Historical Report National Archives of Canada

71-00-02 (CO)

1 Jun 62 - 30 Nov 62

Yorkton Sask.
30 Nov 62


  1. Advance party personnel reported to Station Yorkton on Temporary Duty on the 9 Oct 62 under command of S/L T Goldring, Commanding Officer.
  2. Prior to 9 Oct 62 two RCAF personnel were on site F/O E Carter-Edwards and Sgt. DA Bush, who were acting as an AFHQ project team for construction on the unit.
  3. When the Advance Party arrived on site no buildings had been taken over and temporary quarters were made available by DCL in a farm house situated on site and utilized by DCL as office space.


  1. RCAF Station Yorkton is located 14.5 road miles north west of the City of Yorkton Sask.


  1. As a result of the introduction of the additional heavy radars into the NORAD System, it was necessary to form 46 Radar Squadron to operate and maintain site C-51 at Yorkton Sask.
  2. The role of this squadron is to function as a long range radar station (LRR) and ground-air transmitter-receiver (GATR) facility to the Minot NORAD Sector of the 29th NORAD Region.

Signed by:

(T Goldring) S/L
CO RCAF Station Yorkton