Yorkton, SK

1962 Narrative Report National Archives of Canada

1 Jun 62 - 30 Nov 62

1 Jun 62

The overall percentage of construction completed at this date was 40%.

27 Jun 62

G/C KS McLeod, S/L Steele and Mr. W Trischuck of AFHQ and Mr. Don Godden of Orenda Engines visited the site to discuss progress, completion dates and personnel phasing. It was considered in the best interest to delay personnel phasing from 1 Sep 62 to 1 Oct 62.

5 Sep 62

AC Whiting CCE AFHQ visited the site to review progress being made.

24 Sep 62

FPS-6 completed and taken over by DCL.

9 Oct 62

Advance Party personnel reported on site.

15 Oct 62

Office Portion of Technical Annex taken over with deficiencies. This area was used as Station Headquarters.

16 Oct 62

G/C Light DRA(P) and W/C Rodger SORA(P) ADC visited the site to survey requirements and to contact prospective officiating clergymen.

17 Oct 62

The SAGE Annex was taken over.

19 Oct 62

A portion of the Water Plant and 14 PMQs were taken over.

23 Oct 62

The following were taken over from the contractor: (a) fencing; (b) waterworks and sanitary sewage; and (c) steam distribution.

24 Oct 62

Electrical distribution taken over. W/C PS Turner SOANU and four staff officers carried out an inspection of the site.

25 Oct 62

W/C Walker and S/L Cheyne DCEM visited the station re CE Operations and mechanical services.

31 Oct 62

The SAGE Annex mechanical room was taken over, along with the GATR building and 8 PMQs making a total of 24 taken over.

7 Nov 62

The following were taken over: (a) MIR - Admin building; (b) Single Quarters; (c) DND Dependent School; and (d) Heating and Power Plant.

8 Nov 62

The FPS-7 Tower was taken over.

13 Nov 62

The CE-Fire Hall building was taken over.

14 Nov 62

RCAF Staff personnel moved into the Admin building.

30 Nov 62

Buildings that are still under construction are: (a) Combined Mess; (b) Chapel; (c) Rec. Hall; (d) Guard House; (e) ME-Supply Building; (f) 66 PMQs; (g) 5 Storage Units; and (h) the telephone system.

There are on site 27 RCAF personnel, 18 PMQs occupied and 31 civilian personnel.

Signed by:

(T Goldring) S/L
CO RCAF Station Yorkton