Yorkton, SK

1963 Narrative Report National Archives of Canada

1 Jun 63 to 31 Dec 63

12 Jun 63

Visit by A/C AC Hull CStaffO and W/C N Thorpe SOPA ADCHQ.

13 Jun 63

DMCC began operation on a 24 hour per day basis.

19 Jun 63

Station visit by the Officers and Senior NCOs of the 53rd Field Regiment RCA. Visit by S/L Newbegin of GFADS re Mode II operation.

23 Jun 63

Radar Technicians received burns to hands from ash caused by the failure of an AN/FPS-507 magnetron.

25 Jun 63

Visit by W/C MacIver SORA (P) TCHQ re Chapel furnishings and dedication.

27 Jun 63

Operations successfully tracked an experimental high altitude balloon released from Neepawa, Man.

3 Jul 63

GATR testing completed by Western Electric Company. Began operation into GFADS.

10 Jul 63

F/L DJ McReynolds AFHQ and F/L LS Williams PA4-2 ADCHQ visited the Unit regarding recreation.

19 Jul 63

Air Force Day. Approximately 3000 persons attended during the afternoon. The Golden Hawks put on a display at Yorkton Airport. A crowd of 15,000 were in attendance.

7 Aug 63

Staff visit by F/L GRO Wonnacott PA2-5 ADCHQ.

9 Sep 63

Completion of a 20 foot extension to the Supply/MSE Building for the use of the Supply Section.

15 Sep 63

Battle of Britain Church Parade on the Unit.

22 Sep 63

Staff Inspection by F/L DJ Davis PA2-3 ADCHQ.

3 Oct 63

First PMQ Council elections held.

6-12 Oct 63

Fire Prevention Week.

14 Oct 63

Staff Inspection by S/L SW Steene AF2 ADCHQ and F/O FN Kempthorne.

15 Oct 63

Staff Inspection by F/O F Bulmer MSE4 ADCHQ. Official handover of FST-2. Unit became operational.

22 Oct 63

Dedication of Protestant Chapel. Officiants: W/C Rodger DRA(P), W/C Bracher SORA (P) ADCHQ, Reverend WE Shank and Cannon LR Hill.

29 Oct 63

Dedication of RC Chapel. Officiant: Bishop NJ Gallagher, accompanied by: G/C Davignon DRA(RC), W/C Poirier SORA(RC) ADCHQ and Reverend G Gunnip.

2 Dec 63

Heating room extension added to GATR Building.

6 Dec 63

Staff Inspection by F/L C Crosson SO Sup2-2 ADCHQ. Two members of the Saskatchewan Fire Commissioners Office in Regina put on a demonstration of every day fire hazards.

9 Dec 63

Staff Inspection by F/L LA Keading SOCE3-2 and F/O AF Haggart SOCFM2 ADCHQ.

20 Dec 63

Familiarization visit by G/C CL Olsson SPSO ADCHQ.