Yorkton, SK

1964 – Narrative Report – National Archives of Canada

1 Jan 64 to 31 Dec 64

January 1964

F/L HH Hunter Tech/Tel appointed Unit Nuclear Defence Officer.

The first of two B&H Projectionist courses began on the Unit with the Radar Maintenance Chief, WO1 WT Lewington, as instructor.

The second B&H Projectionist course began under the direction of WO1 Lewington.

A tour of the Domestic Area was carried out for 7 teenage girls from Argentina who were in the Yorkton area on a Rotary Club exchange visit.

It was announced that Station Yorkton had been selected for the first place award in the RCAF category, Small Class, of the National Fire Protection Association 1963 fire prevention contest.

February 1964

Sixty cadets of 17 Squadron (RCAC) Yorkton toured the Unit.

Further sixty cadets of 17 Squadron (RCAC) Yorkton toured the Unit.

The Unit participated in its first BUIC exercise which was very successful.

Certificates were awarded to eight graduates of the 18 week FST-2 course held on the unit.

March 1964

A four week pre-trade board trade advancement course was started.

F/O BA Harnish Med./Nur assumed the position of SMO on the release of F/O FM Hewitt Med./Nur.

Colonel Jackson OC, 14 Dental Company, visited the Unit to make final arrangements for the installation of dental equipment in the Dental Clinic.

April 1964

Mess Dinner in the Officer’s Mess to commemorate the 40th Anniversary of the RCAF. Guests included Mayor WE Fitchner of the City of Yorkton, General (Retired) Alexander Ross CMG, VD, QC, S/L J Wyper, CO, 17 Squadron (RCAC) and Mr. H Flook MBE, provincial Chairman (Sask.) RCAFA.

Official visit of G/C SM Strange DSO, DFC, Deputy Commander GRADS and party. The visit included a luncheon at which Station Yorkton was officially welcomed into GRADS and a Sector plaque was presented to the Station. During the afternoon, G/C Strange was conducted on a tour of the Unit.

Station Yorkton was appointed Parent Unit for RCAC Squadrons: 17 Yorkton, 542 Foam Lake, and 603 Peaceville.

May 1964

The Station hosted A/M (Retired) H Campbell, Dominion President of the RCAFA, and delegates to the annual meeting of the RCAFA (Saskatchewan) at a dinner held in the Combined Mess Dining Room.

G/C NSTG Wade, Regional Surgeon (Prairie Region) and F/L KAL Schroeder arrived on a staff visit regarding unit medical services.

A/V/M Hendrick AOC ADCHQ, presented the fire prevention award to W/C T Goldring CO RCAF Station Yorkton on the occasion of the Commanding Officer’s Conference held at St. Hubert.

The unit provided one flight of airmen to form the RCAF contingent in the annual Yorkton Memorial Day Parade and Service.

June 1964

Forest fire at Station Bird, Manitoba. The Unit being responsible for Station Bird until final closeout, with aircraft assistance from RCC Winnipeg, dispatched a party of five personnel to assess the danger and carry out fire fighting duties if required when a forest fire was reported burning out of control 10 miles from Station Bird. No damage took place.

Annual AOC Inspection by A/V/M MM Hendrick AOC ADCHQ accompanied by F/L AH Hayes AOC/EA, S/L WS Steene, S/L TD MacCaulay, S/L GG MacKay and F/L MG Pippy.

Group 4 TE held on Unit.

Annual Nuclear Defence training given to Station personnel by Specialist Staff from Station Winnipeg.

July 1964

Captain GW Hill RCDC opened the Dental Clinic and began regular dental visits to the unit.

August 1964

The Unit was visited by Lt. Colonel TS Ford USAF, F/L JB Peart and F/L NH Anderson, all of TCHQ to discuss URTP/ROTP Summer Employment.

Visit to Unit by G/C NSTG Wade Regional Surgeon, Prairie Medical Region, to discuss medical personnel establishment changes.

September 1964

Nursing Sister position deleted from establishment.

S/L Greenway and S/L McCuaig, Commanding Officers of Station Dana and Station Chibougamau respectively, visited the Unit for a one week familiarization.

Battle of Britain Sunday observed by a Church Parade held on the Unit.

The Unit participated in exercise "Kiowa Chief VIII" which was a GRADS tactical evaluation.

October 1964

The Unit was visited by Colonel LG Lewis Commander, G/C CM Black Deputy Commander and Lt. Colonel Sarchet Chief of CE Maintenance, GRADS.

Appointed Parent Unit for 752 Squadron RCAC Melville, Sask.

A familiarization visit was carried out by A/V/M MD Lister AOC ADCHQ, accompanied by G/C AC Bowes SGESO and F/L R Flynn AOC/EA.

A Red Cross Blood Donor Clinic was held on the Unit with 30 donors.

November 1964

An Every Member Visitation was held on the Unit by both (P) and (RC) Chaplains. All families and single personnel were visited.

F/L HW Leach and three airmen represented the Unit at a Remembrance Day Service held in Holy Trinity Anglican Church, Yorkton.

A "Peace Manifestation" was held adjacent to Unit property at the entrance road to the Unit. Approximately 170 persons attended, from 1300 - 1510 hours, representing the Doukhobor and Quaker Sects. The manifestation was peaceful. During the meeting, three representative led by Dr. P Makaroff presented a "Manifesto" to the Commanding Officer.

A three week course for CE officers and RM Techs began on the Unit covering maintenance of radar equipment.

A flight of airmen from the Unit under the command of F/L HH Hunter participated in the Yorkton annual Remembrance Day Parade. The Commanding Officer, W/C Goldring, laid a wreath at the cenotaph on behalf of Unit personnel.

The Unit participated in the Yorkton annual Scattering of the Ashes Ceremony.

The Unit was visited by W/C JRG Poirier SORA (RC) and S/L LW Mould SORA (P) from ADCHQ. All aspects of religious administration were discussed.

December 1964

The Unit was visited by F/L LF Krueger, OC 5 MPSU Portage La Prairie, to carry out a briefing and familiarization in preparation for a manpower study to be carried out in mid Jan 65.

Operations Compound Security Gatehouse occupied again after being moved inside the compound fence.

A major gas turbine failure was experienced, causing a complete operational power blackout. Temporary power was provided by a partially serviceable turbine.

A hook-up was arranged and commercial power provided for operational purposes.

Number 3 turbine was accepted from the manufacturer, to act as a back-up to commercial power.

The annual Children’s Christmas Party was held in the Recreation Hall. The children enjoyed a visit from Santa Claus, refreshments and movies.