Yorkton, SK

1966 – Narrative Report – National Archives of Canada

Narrative Report
RCAF Station Yorkton, SK
1 Jan 66 to 31 Dec 66

1 Jan 66

New Year’s Levee held in Officers Mess. Mayor Fitchner and Lt. Colonel Powel 53rd Field Regiment in attendance as well as representatives of Yorkton Service Clubs. F/O Noble and F/O Adams promoted to F/L.

11 Jan 66

Lt. Colonel Brady and Major Milane of Army HQ, Regina, visited. Colonel Brady is the area Militia Commander.

15 Jan 66

A supply briefing for all RCAC Squadrons for which this unit is responsible was held. Squadron Officers and their wives spent the afternoon in briefings and unit touring. Dinner in the Mess and a social evening completed the day.

17 Jan 66

Quality Control Section organized under F/O Black.

21 Jan 66

Officially notified that this unit for the second consecutive year had won second place in the NFPA Fire Prevention contest.

24 Jan 66

CAE contractor at GATR to repair FRT-49 antenna.

31 Jan 66

F/L Boulding proceeded on TD to Centralia for eight week Telecom Officer’s Course.

1 Feb 66

A/V/M Lister, AOC ADC, visited with Mrs. Lister, along with W/C Pudney, SOAF; S/L MacCauley, OPC; F/L Flynn, AOC/EA. The party arrived at Yorkton airport 1400 hours. After briefing all personnel in the Recreation Hall then met the Officers, Senior NCOs and their wives.

3 Feb 66

In conjunction with Operations exercise TOP RUNG XI called out the Security Force. Good turn-out of personnel.

10 Feb 66

Security Force call out at 0500 fade out at 1300 hours. Very few bugs in this call-out.

14 Feb 66

Commencement of Winter Carnival.

15 Feb 66

Lts. Frakers and Morrison, Fortuna AFB on familiarization visit.

18 Feb 66

Captain Phillip and Lt. McLeod, Fortuna AFB on familiarization visit.

19 Feb 66

Winter Carnival wind-up dance.

21 Feb 66

F/L Smith ADC HQ visited.

24 Feb 66

F/L Sloughter Station Moose Jaw visited.

25 Feb 66

S/L Williams, CGEO Station Alsask visited to discuss Standards Section Establishment.

2 Mar 66

F/L Sadlier Station Moose Jaw visited.

7 Mar 66

F/L Sabey ADC SOOrgm Staff visit.

9 Mar 66

Lt. Percival RNC from RU Regina visited and spoke to interested persons on service careers.

10 Mar 66

Department of Health administered oral polio vaccine to pre-school children.

14 Mar 66

S/L Swainson D/JAG TCHQ Winnipeg visited. S/L Lineham CGEO and F/L Noble attended ECCMO Conference at Harve AFB Montana.

24 Mar 66

W/C Olsen ADCHQ visit for Telecom discussions. S/L Miller ADC recreation staff visit.

29 Mar 66

Alert warning siren installed at Fire Hall.

31 Mar 66

Operation "Big Blast". Nuclear and Ground Defence initiated.

4 Apr 66

F/L Boulding returned from course in Centralia.

11 Apr 66

Bird-Archer Rep inspected #2 Boiler in CHPP and #2 Boiler in Tech Annex.

13 Apr 66

Unit visited by "Hi-Y" teenage group from Regina.

15 Apr 66

Immunization parade (TABT and vaccinations). 143 service personnel, 43 dependants.

18 Apr 66

CADIN inventory check done by Mr. Wiggness USAF representative.

20 Apr 66

G/C Diggle, STSO ADC, staff visit and presentation of second place award to Fire Fighters.

29 Apr 66

F/L Clark-Marlow departed on posting to Winnipeg. Retirement dinner held for WO2 MO Hill on reaching CRA.

2 May 66

Visit by Kamsack Air Cadet Squadron.

4 May 66

Exercise "Ute Echo".

5 May 66

F/O Thorne SGTO, F/L Burgess APC, F/L Sullivan OPC, ADC staff visit.

7 May 66

F/L Clark-Marlow SOS.

11 May 66

Cal Van in for check.

14 May 66

Visit by Foam Lake Air Cadets.

15 May 66

F/L Rodgers visiting from Gypsumville.

16 May 66

Press and radio tour of unit in preparation for Armed Forces Day.

17 May 66

Cpls. GSK QE’s held (9 candidates)

25 May 66

F/L Monahan CFHQ, Mr. Greenwood (CGE) in for engineering study of FPS-7. Group 4 TE’s held. Visit by DND School children.

29 May 66

FPS-7 Course candidates reported in.

30 May 66

Commenced FPS-7 Course.

31 May 66

Radio Station CJGX staff on visit.

7 Jun 66

Lt. Colonel Anglin and Captain O’Brien RCDC - staff visit.

8 Jun 66

F/O Blasko SCEO Gypsumville visited.

11 Jun 66

Armed Forces Day. Despite poor weather approximately 1200 people toured the unit. The 53rd Field Regiment, Air Cadets and Sea Cadets all participated.

12 Jun 66

Decoration Day - Legion.

20 Jun 66

High and Low water audible alarms installed on all boilers.

23 Jun 66

S/L Mould ADC Chaplain (P) on staff visit.

7 Jul 66

CHPP completed air intake louvre modification to prevent icing on #2 unit.

11 Jul 66

DM Audit.

13 Jul 66

Sidewalks installed in Operations and Administration areas.

14 Jul 66

A/C Cox Deputy Commander visited.

15 Jul 66

F/L Boulding SOS. F/L Dunn TOS.

28 Jul 66

0400 hours full alert.

1 Aug 66

F/L Leach SOS.

11 Aug 66

S/L Riley, Regional Matron inspection.

15 Aug 66

S/L Forbes, FSVO ADC inspection.

22 Aug 66

F/O Abbott TOS.

23 Aug 66

Steam distribution from CHPP shut-off to facilitate repair of steam manholes.

29 Aug 66

Completed installation of automatic fire alarm units in PMQs. F/L Cater-Edwards SOS.

6 Sep 66

Repainting exterior of all buildings in Operations, GATR and interior painting of MSE Section completed. F/O Pittoello, F/O Zadow, MATCOM visited.

9 Sep 66

Station roads resurfaced by contract.

18 Sep 66

Battle of Britain Parade on unit. Representatives of the RCAF(A) participated.

23 Sep 66

Steam distribution restored to Mess Hall, CE, MSE and Rec. Hall.

27 Sep 66

W/C Ronberg ADC SONT staff visit.

28 Sep 66

Transferred out - All station wagons (2), B-5 panel truck (1), A-35 bus 40 passenger (1). Transferred in - All station wagons (2), B-15 econoline truck (1) A-35 bus 40 passenger (1).

9-13 Oct 66

Fire Prevention week.

13 Oct 66

Public Health Nurse gave measles immunization to dependants.

15 Oct 66

F/O Sanderson, ADC SOPA M&I & Admin inspection. Patio fence erected at Airmen’s Club.

16 Oct 66

S/L 28 NORAD visit.

18 Oct 66

Colonel Lewis, G/C Black and Commanders from Fortuna and Havre AFB.

25 Oct 66

Colonel Smidlin RCEO Winnipeg.

26 Oct 66

Prairie Medical Region Hygiene inspection.

1 Nov 66

F/L Kelly Command Chaplain (RC) visisted.

7 Nov 66

F/L Farrer 733 Comm Squadron Winnipeg visited.

8 Nov 66

F/O Smith CFB Winnipeg visited.

11 Nov 66

Parade Remembrance Day.

15 Nov 66

Repairing of steam manholes completed.

20 Nov 66

Complete power failure - GATR circuit breaker tripped (overload) and tripped engine circuit breaker.

22 Nov 66

Outdoor skating rink completed.

27 Nov 66

Parade Scattering of the Ashes.

1 Dec 66

Kamsack and Yorkton Armouries taken over for maintenance and civilian personnel (cleaners).

8 Dec 66

S/L Mould Command Chaplain (P) visited.

19 Dec 66

F/O Roberts SAO Gypsumville visited.