Yorkton, SK

1971 – Historical Report – National Archives of Canada

Historical Report
CFS Yorkton, SK
1 Jan 71 to 31 Dec 71

January 1971

4 Jan 71

The new CF Record of Service CF490 implemented.

13 Jan 71

FPS-26 Course commenced with 8 personnel attending. 15 personnel successfully completed the fall semester in Grade 12 night classes.

16 Jan 71

Approximately 20 Cub Scouts visited the unit from Yorkton.

25 Jan 71

Exercise Feudal Brave 71-4 (Live).

31 Jan 71

A rink skipped by CWO Craib and composed of Major Sheasby, WO Thom and Cpl. Gerigk won the second event in the Legion bonspiel.

Notes: The station curling rink was progressing towards completion in early Jan. League curling commenced in the second week of Jan.

February 1971

8-19 Feb 71

Dental Officers visit from Moose Jaw.

9 Feb 71

DM Audit Inspection Team.

10 Feb 71

10 personnel completed one day annual ASF Re-certification Course.

11 Feb 71

8 personnel completed one day ASF Re-certification Course.

16-24 Feb 71

Exercise Snow Time 71-4-6 (Live)

22-24 Feb 71

CGEO and NCO i/c MP attended Security and Operations Conference at CFB Winnipeg.

24-27 Feb 71

Station Carnival - Theme "Saskatchewan Homecoming 71".

25 Feb 71

BPSO from CFB Winnipeg visited unit for Modern Language aptitude testing - 22 personnel tested. DND School - kindergarten to grade 8 held Winter Carnival festivities. Approximately 115 children participated.

25-27 Feb 71

Major Wybou- Staff visit ADC SSOGE-2.

27 Feb 71

Teen Carnival - 46 teens participated.

28 Feb 71

30 personnel tested on language aptitude - 24 French tested, 6 English. 17 personnel began the spring semester in Grade 12 night classes in Yorkton.

Notes: The official opening of the Station Curling Club took place in mid February. Station personnel participated in Yorkton’s 71 Sno-Sho in mid February. An "OOK-PIK", the symbol of the Sno-Sho, located in downtown Yorkton was constructed by Servicemen as this Unit’s contribution to the Carnival.

March 1971

1-6 Mar 71

Major CJ Campbell Chap (RC) from CFB Cold Lake conducted Staff Visit on behalf of Command Chaplain.

2 Mar 71

Three Canadian Forces representatives from Great Falls gave CFS Yorkton Operations personnel a PACE briefing.

5-7 Mar 71

Two rinks journeyed to CFB Cold Lake to play in the annual 24NR Region Curling Bonspiel. A rink skipped by Sgt. Milne won the C event.

10-12 Mar 71

Colonel Neelin JE ADCHQ conducted Commander’s Annual Inspection.

17 Mar 71

Exercise Amalgam Arrow 71-4 (Live).

22-26 Mar 71

Pilot FPS-26A Supervisors Course completed with 8 personnel graduating.

23 Mar 71

Four unit personnel visited 24 NORAD Region for familiarization training. Three unit personnel sent to Recruiting Centre, Regina for CFR testing.

30 Mar 71

BGen Garten, Deputy Commander 24th Region visited CFS Yorkton.

31 Mar 71

All cadet squadron distribution accounts checked and adjusted by Supply Techs.

Notes: Renovations to WO’s and Sgt.’s Mess were completed and the official opening of the Mess took place the evening of Mar 20th, with Colonel and Mrs. Thorneycroft in attendance as guests of honour. Two Senior NCOs retired. The promotion to full Colonel and pending transfer to Chatham of Colonel KJ Thorneycroft. During March a new 1971 staff car made its appearance on the unit, plus the new wash rack at the MSE section was completed.

April 1971

7 Apr 71

14 personnel qualified as Hunter Safety Instructors.

14 Apr 71


Two personnel from the SOR attended REMAR briefing at CFB Winnipeg conducted by CFHQ-DMOC. Two men qualified in top grouping for Junior Radar Technicians. Exercise Feudal Brave 71-5.

15 Apr 71

Security Clearance Updating Programme for Regular Service personnel who were security cleared prior to 1966 was completed. Personal History forms on sixty-five persons were completed and forwarded to CFHQ (AU).

15-18 Apr 71

Recreation facilities were utilized by St. Boniface Mohwaks, Manitoba’s representative in the Western Canada Allan Cup playdowns held in Yorkton.

17 Apr 71

Recreation Centre used for Saskatchewan Air Cadet drill competition. Station personnel assisted as Drill Judges, and Range Officers.

19 Apr 71

8 personnel assisted Search & Rescue personnel from CFB Winnipeg as spotters in the search for a downed civilian aircraft in the Kamsack area. The a/c was on route from The Pas, Man. To Yorkton. (Pilot located safe). M&I Tech Audit conducted by Finance Officer from Alsask.

20 Apr 71

Exercise Mow Time 71-5 W/A.

21 Apr 71

8 personnel began FPS-26 Course.

29 Apr 71

Operations Site - TOR and Test Lab interchanged location.

Notes: Mr. W Hansen, DND employee since 1963, retired.

May 1971

6 May 71

Local projectionist course held on unit.

9-11 May

The Command Protestant Chaplain, LCol Maddill, DG, conducted a staff visit at CFS Yorkton.

10 May 71

One man sent to CFB Borden for First Aid Instructors Course.

11-13 May 71

Exercise Feudal Brave 71-6 (Live). Also included during this time period, 10 May, the station conducted an EDP exercise.

15 May 71

The annual Sportsmen Banquet was held in the Recreation Centre with guest speakers from the Yorkton Radio Station CJGX and from the Yorkton Terrier Hockey Club.

17 May 71

Four personnel sent on TD to Great Falls for liaison visit.

17-20 May 71

MGen Lipton, Commander of ADC, and his wife visited our unit while touring Western Canada units.

20-21 May 71

ASF re-certification course held; total of 15 personnel attended.

25-26 May 71

Hunters Safety Course held; total of 7 personnel attended.

28 May 71

Exercise Feudal Indian (Simulated).

Notes: During May the MSE had a total of 7 people, service and civilian, attend a Defensive Driving Course.

June 1971

3 Jun 71

Mr. O’Hearne from Canada Manpower visited CFS Yorkton and gave a briefing on CEAP.

6 Jun 71

Exercise Feudal Chief 71-1 (Live).

6-7 Jun 71

LCol LR Pierce, Regional Dental Officer and CO of 14 Dental Unit Moose Jaw, visiting CFS Yorkton.

7-11 Jun 71

Ten personnel attended ASF Training Course.

14-17 Jun 71

ADCCE Staff Visit during this period. Team headed by LCol AF MacRury.

14-18 Jun 71

Ten personnel attended ASF training.

15 Jun 71

Exercise Mow Time 71-6-W. FMC (FPS-26 Course graduated).

15-19 Jun 71

ADC SSOSM C&E Team Visit. Team headed by Captain B Leeworthy.

17 Jun 71

Organization and Management Staff Visit by Captain JH Mierau from ADC.

24-25 Jun 71

Eight personnel attended ASF Supervisors Course. Eight personnel attended Defensive Driving Course.

28 Jun 71

Exercise Feudal Chief 71-2.

30 Jun 71

Handing over parade. Colonel KJ Thorneycroft who was transferred to CFB Chatham as Commanding Officer turned over command of CFS Yorkton to LCol RR Massier. LCol Massier came to Yorkton from 4 ATAF Headquarters in Ramstein, Germany.

Notes: Captain (A) WH Welsh - SLogO - posting Devil Program.

July 1971

2 Jul 71

Captain (A) Mardecchia LF reported from CFB Chatham to assume position of SLogO.

5 Jul 71

The first nine students were hired for the Student Summer Employment Programme.

5-6 Jul 71

Six personnel wrote English language tests.

7-8 Jul 71

Exercise Feudal Brave 72-1.

19 Jul 71

LCol Massier arrived to officially take over command of CFS Yorkton.

20 Jul 71

Two men sent to UTPM in Hamilton, Ont.

Notes: The MSE Section received two ½ ton pick-up trucks. July also saw many old faces transferred out of Yorkton to new assignments and new faces arriving on the station. This continued through the balance of the summer. The change-over on the unit for 1971 was approximately 30%. Two Senior NCOs retired during July.

August 1971

1 Aug 71

NCA CDJB/GPA - 124 Installation Team arrived from Griffiss AFB, USA.

3 Aug 71

FPS-7 FMC Course commenced with eight personnel attending. NCA Team commenced work on installation of the CD Junction Box and the GPA-124.

11-12 Aug 71

NCA Team completed installation and commenced continuity checks.

13 Aug 71

Exercise Feudal Indian 72-2.

17 Aug 71

LCol Beaupre from Winnipeg AJAG office conducted a legal visit.

19 Aug 71

Exercise Feudal Keynote 72-1.

26 Aug 71

FYQ-47 equipment arrived along with Burroughs representatives.

27 Aug 71

Exercise Feudal Indian 72-3.

29 Aug 71

Personnel from this unit proceeded to 24 NORAD Region, Great Falls, Montana on familiarization visit.

31 Aug 71

Six personnel attended a Hunters Safety Course.

Notes: The end of August the unit received approval for the Guardhouse modification. Project was commenced in early September.

September 1971

1 Sep 71

Exercise Feudal Jobber - 72-3 SSTM. Installation of FYQ-47 by Burroughs Team commenced with estimated completion date slated for 15 Oct 71.

1-2 Sep 71

Regional staff visit by Major Harmon and Major Harwood - Regional Surgeon TCHQ.

1-3 Sep 71

Exercise Amalgam Arrow 72-1 (Live).

3 Sep 71

DND school opened new school year.

7-8 Sep 71

EDP Instructional Team from CFB North Bay conducted a two day course. 19 personnel attended.

10 Sep 71

17 personnel registered for night school at Yorkton.

11-17 Sep 71

Exercise Amalgam Fairplay 72-1 SSTM.

12-14 Sep 71

SSOTN Staff Visit, 5 team members headed by Major Dragojveich.

17 Sep 71

LCol Beaupre from Winnipeg conducted AJAG legal visit.

19 Sep 71

The Battle of Britain Parade was held in the Recreation Centre. A total of 150 servicemen and dependants attended.

20-22 Sep 71

CFS Yorkton had the honor of a visit by the Chief of Defence Staff, General FR Sharp, OFC CD. The General was accompanied by his wife and Mr. & Mrs. HB Robinson, Deputy Minister of Indian Affairs and Northern Development. During the visit Mrs. Sharp and Mrs. Robinson attended a tea social in the WO’s & Sgt.’s Mess with the officers and Senior NCO’s wives present. The General inspected all sections on the unit. The windup of the visit was a Social Dining-In evening and dance in the Officer’s Mess. The General and his party departed the morning of the 22nd of Sep for Cambridge Bay, the next stopover on his Northern tour.

21 Sep 71

The FPS-27 FMC Course graduated and certificates were presented to the graduates by the CDS, General FR Sharp.

27 Sep 71

Sgt. Peterson and Cpl. Dow on TD to CFB Chilliwack for CFR training.

Notes: During Sep the new sign at the entrance of the station was completed. Also, the CE Section installed a number of Danfoss Valves in various offices.

October 1971

4-7 Oct 71

FMC FPS-26 Supervisors Course commenced - 8 personnel attending.

5 Oct 71

Site centered EDP.

6 Oct 71

FYQ-47 installation completed. Burroughs crew departed unit.

6-18 Oct 71

A total of 30 personnel attended 3 ASF courses given on dates shown.

12-13 Oct 71

Exercise Feathered Hunt 72-1.

13 Oct 71

FMC FPS-26 Course commenced with 8 personnel attending.

15 Oct 71

The RCMP held their annual Fall Ball in the Recreation Centre; it was a big success.

16 Oct 71

A tour of 40 Brownies from Yorkton visited the unit.

19-21 Oct 71

A team headed by Captain Pollard conducted an ADHQ Supply Evaluation visit.

21-23 Oct 71

Four officers attended the 24 NR Commanders Conference at Gypsumville.

23 Oct 71

The annual Provincial Committee of the Air Cadet league of Canada was held at this unit with approximately 185 persons attending from the Province of Saskatchewan.

Notes: Oct saw a project commence to improve the heating in the DND school. Towards the end of Oct the project to relocate the Post Office in the Headquarters building commenced.

November 1961

1 Nov 71

Seven personnel completed a Hunter’s Safety Course.

1-4 Nov 71

ADCHQ - Accounts Audit - Team headed by Captain Kalaybaba SOFM/ADCHQ.

4 Nov 71

Approximately 65 wives of the Saskatchewan Power Corporation delegates visited CFS Yorkton and spent the morning touring the unit. Major Pitts headed a team from ADCHQ which gave the unit its annual Command EDP test.

5 Nov 71

Seven dependants completed a Hunter’s Safety Course.

15 Nov 71

The first funds for Federal Winter Intensive Program were received.

15-16 Nov 71

10 personnel completed ASF Supervisors course.

15-17 Nov 71

Exercise Feudal Brave 72-2.

22-25 Nov 71

Seven personnel sent to 24 NR Great Falls for liaison visit.

23 Nov 71

Seven personnel completed a 16mm projectionist course.

25-26 Nov 71

Two personnel sent to Calibration Centre Winnipeg for cross training.

27 Nov-3 Dec 71

Exercise Amalgam Fairplay 72-2.

30 Nov-3 Dec 71

Captain Rutledge, ADCHQ SSO Security, conducted a Security Visit.

Notes: During Nov seven personnel completed a Defensive Driving Course. Nov also saw the new 40 passenger bus arrive and 23 drivers were trained on it.

December 1971

1 Dec 71

The new Post Office was completed and opened on this date at 0900 hours. Eight personnel graduated from FMC FPS-26 Course.

1-7 Dec 71

MSE Section promoted Safe Driving Week at CFS Yorkton where 1971 was accident free with a total of 173,563 miles completed.

2 Dec 71

The Federal Winter Works Programme commenced.

3 Dec 71

10 students from Yorkton Regional High School visited the unit.

16 Dec 71

CFR Lts. Peterson and Dow return from CFS Chilliwack where they graduated from the CFR Course.

17 Dec 71

Exercise Feudal Indian 72-6.

20 Dec 71

A total of 90 Air Cadets from Moosomin visited the unit.

Notes: During the first week of Dec the Guardhouse renovations were finished. The heating project in the DND school was completed in early December. There were four personnel who attended a Defensive Driving Instructors Course.


ANNEX "A" to
CFS Yorkton
Historical Report
Dated 1 Feb 72

Officers as of 31 Dec 71



LCol RR Massier


Major PJH Sheasby


Captain GW Depottie


Captain EM Fedorak


Captain LF Nardecchia


Captain BL Rebeyka


Captain MC Sweeney


Lt. RHJ Boisjoli


Lt. GTW Pachal


Lt. LA Dow


Lt. JE Peterson


Other Ranks as of 31 Dec 71

Warrant Officers




Master Corporals