Yorkton, SK

1972 Ė Historical Report Ė National Archives of Canada

Historical Report
CFS Yorkton, SK
1 Jan 72 to 31 Dec 72

January 1972

3-21 Jan 72

Major Robinson of ESD, Hanson Field Mass., and crew activated CD/AIMS.

4 Jan 72

Lt. Dow and Lt. Peterson to CFB Kingston - 6 month CFR Course. WO Jean-Marie to CFB Esquimalt for WOís Qualifying Course.

6 Jan 72

Two day St. Johnís Ambulance Course in downtown Yorkton sponsored by the Saskatchewan Workmenís Compensation Board, was attended by 8 unit personnel.

9 Jan 72

Captain Nardecchia to CFB Borden for 8 week Logistics Conversion Course. Major Sheasby plus 3 other personnel from CFB Moose Jaw for Zone Curling Playdowns.

10 Jan 72

The Zone Bowling was held at CFB Shilo and attended by 7 personnel from this unit. Sgt. Ryhorchuk to CFB Borden for Radiation Safety Course.

11-12 Jan 72

M&I audit team from Alsask.

12 Jan 72

FPS-26 Course commenced attended by 6 personnel from other units plus 2 personnel from this unit.

16 Jan 72

LCol Forcier, Command Chaplain (RC), paid a visit.

17-28 Jan 72

Dental team from Moose Jaw headed by Captain Rawlick.

21 Jan 72

Captain Sweeney, SCEO, to CFB North Bay for SCEOís Conference.

24-25 Jan 72

Sgt. Potvin, USAF, cleared discrepancies against AIMS installation.

25 Jan 72

Unit begins participation in Yorkton Sno-Sho 72.

25-26 Jan 72

Exercise Amalgam Hunt 72-2.

27 Jan 72

The Commanding Officer plus 3 other personnel participated in the 24th NORAD 4th Annual Curling Bonspiel held at CFB Penhold.

27-28 Jan 72

Major Sheasby to CFS Dana to view EDP demonstration.

February 1972

1-3 Feb 72

Sgt. Fredin attended UIO Conference at CFS Falconbridge.

6 Feb 72

Mr. Fred Kondro, a local civilian who had been employed in the CE section and MSE section for over 8 years, passed away suddenly at his home in Yorkton.

9 Feb 72

Exercise Feudal Jobber.

10 Feb 72

Replacement fire truck arrives on unit, but cannot be put into service due to frozen and broken lines in leaking pump.

11-14 Feb 72

Station personnel help erect an ice sculpture in Yorkton for Sno-Sho 72.

21 Feb 72

Sgt. Cook to CFB Esquimalt, WOís Qualifying Course.

24-25 Feb 72

Major General Magnusson and party here on ADC Commanderís visit.

24-29 Feb 72

Unit Cadet Officers supervised Flying Scholarship Exams for Air Cadet candidates.

25 Feb 72

Exercise Feudal Indian.

28 Feb 72

Local RCMP gave Drug Education briefing to grade 7 and 8 pupils at DND school.

29 Feb 72

FPS-27 modification briefing by Captain Lysak and party.

March 1972

1 Mar 72

MSE received a new panel truck. Major Clay, Base Surgeon CFB Moose Jaw, liaison visit.

8 Mar 72

Eight personnel graduated from FPS-26A FMC Course. Exercise Feudal Jobber 72-9.

10 Mar 72

Exercise Feudal Gain 72-18.

14-16 Mar 72

Four unit personnel visit 24th NORAD HQ on familiarization visit.

15 Mar 72

Exercise Feudal Arrow 72-5. Cpl. Measor attended First Aid Instructors Course at CFB Borden - duration 1 month.

21 Mar 72

Two MPís attended a three day seminar at the Law Enforcement Officerís Training School sponsored by the Regina City Police at Regina.

22 Mar 72

Twenty-five people from the Yorkton Friendship Society visited the unit.

23 Mar 72

Pump repairs completed on replacement fire truck and it was placed into service.

24 Mar 72

Exercise Feudal Gain 72-19.

28 Mar 72

The Commanding Officer of the Regina Recruiting Unit, Major Smith, visited the unit and briefed our Commanding Officer and the SSTO on CFR, ITPM, OCTP testing.

April 1972

4-5 Apr 72

DRP Conference held at this unit.

11 Apr 72

M&I Audit Team from Alsask.

11-12 Apr 72

Exercise Amalgam Amazon Hunt 72-2.

14 Apr 72

Exercise Feudal Gain 72-20.

15 Apr 72

Cpl. Lemieux, MIR Staff, departed for CFB Borden on a Pest Control Course. Air Cadet Drill & Rifle meet held at this unit.

18 Apr 72

Captain Kellett, BPSO from Moose Jaw, paid a visit. Hygiene Officer visited from CFB Moose Jaw. Base Personnel Education Officer from CFB Moose Jaw visited unit and gave a briefing on MLAT and CEAP.

19 Feb 72

Eight personnel commenced the FPS-27 FMC Course. Exercise Feudal Gold 72-5.

20 Apr 72

RCMP gave a drug briefing to the unit teenagers.

24 Apr 72

LCol Madill, Command Padre (P), paid a visit. Dental Team from CFB Moose Jaw arrived for a 2 week stay.

26 Apr 72

Westinghouse representative, Mr. BJ Atwell commenced with the FPS-107 modification. English Exchange students visit unit.

26-27 Apr 72

Twenty servicemen attended a Defensive Driving Course held at this unit.

Notes: During the month of April, MCpl. Ruzycki, MP, attended a Security Supervisorís Course at CFB Borden.

May 1972

2-4 May 72

Twenty-one dependants attended a Defensive Driving Course.

2-11 May

Mr. Sayles, CFHQ Project Officer on the FPS-107 modification, was a visitor to the unit.

6 May 72

There was a Girl Guide tour of the Operations site.

7-8 May 72

Major Sheasby attended Regional Safety Conference in Winnipeg.

9 May 72

Three people who were one of fifteen teams known as the Covenant Players with home base in California and who tour the US and Canada appeared at this unit and presented a series of skits based on drug education. Their presentation was a tremendous success and was enjoyed by all who attended.

10-11 May 72

Two personnel from the Winnipeg Calibration Centre visited the unit.

12-16 May 72

The was an SSOPS staff visit by Major Dobson and his team of 4 personnel.

23 May 72

Sgt. Rhyorchuk on TD to Kingston, Radiation Safety Officerís Course.

25 May 72

Exercise Feudal Gold Level 5.

28-31 May 72

Major Sheasby on TD Montreal for Canada Safety Council Conference.

29 May 72

First Aid Course commenced for 19 unit personnel.

29-31 May 72

Saskatchewan Telephones representative, Miss Gibson, spent 3 days on unit, training Operations personnel on DRP operation.

30 May 72

BGen Garton, Deputy Commander of 24NR, paid a visit to the unit. Captain DePottie, TD to Winnipeg for Regional Operations Conference.

31 May 72

Lt. Boisjoli plus 5 additional personnel - TD to CFS Dana as an Infiltration Team for EDP exercise at Dana.

Notes: The month of May saw the Westinghouse crew continuing on the FPS-107 modifications.

June 1972

2 Jun 72

There were 9 unit personnel who graduated from St. Johnís Standard First Aid Course.

5-6 Jun 72

LCol Knight, Command Surgeon, ADC, paid a liaison visit.

7 Jun 72

There were 8 personnel who graduated from the FPS-26 FMC Course.

16 Jun 72

There were 8 personnel who graduated from the GRC-27 FMC Course.

16-19 Jun 72í

Captain Borys from ADCHQ in for Intelligence Staff Assistance visit.

20 Jun 72

A MWO Fawns carried out a Command Hygiene inspection.

Notes: June saw the beginning of some 30 personnel start to be transferred out of Yorkton to a wide range of units including Canada, USA and overseas. Door bells were installed on all 90 MQís at a cost of $1,350.00. The radomes received a new coat of paint. There were 53 new replacement refrigerators installed in MQís. Finally, the big event of the month was a open house to all local residents as CFS Yorkton had its Armed Forces Day on 10 June.

July 1972

7 Jul 72

Exercise Feudal Gain 73-1.

10 Jul 72

Audit Team in from Alsask.

11-12 Jul 72

Colonel Walker in on a CCE Technical visit.

14 Jul 72

Exercise Feudal Gain 73-2.

17 Jul 72

Captain Tomlinson, Welfare Officer from CFB Winnipeg, visited the unit.

17-18 Jul 72

Major Beatch arrived from ADCHQ on a Communications and Electronics visit.

18 Jul 72

Major Palmer on an Establishment and Organization visit.

21 Jul 72

Exercise Feudal Indian 73-1.

28 Jul 72

Exercise Feudal Gain 73-3.

Notes: Major Sweeney who received his promotion was posted to CFB Chatham and was replaced by Captain Waters from CFB Winnipeg as the new SCEO.

August 1972

1 Aug 72

The comptroller, Captain Fedorak, posted to NDHQ and replaced by Captain KA Nobbs who came from CFB Moose Jaw.

3-4 Aug 72

LCol Hinken from 24NR paid an Information Officer Staff visit.

21-22 Aug 72

MWO Fawns in on Command Hygiene visit.

21 Aug-1 Sep 72

Dental team from Moose Jaw in for 2 weeks.

23 Aug 72

FPS-107 Course commenced with 5 people attending for a duration of approximately 8 weeks.

28 Aug 72

Major Clay, Base Surgeon CFB Moose Jaw, visited the unit.

28 Aug 72

Mr. CW Salter, Narcotics Inspector from the Division of Narcotic Control, Department of National Health and Welfare, Regina, visited the unit MIR.

29-30 Aug 72

Captain Martin, Welfare Officer from CFB Winnipeg, visited the unit.


Notes: Cathodization of all underground natural gas piping located at CFS Yorkton was implemented by both Saskatchewan Power Corporation and the staff of the Power Plant in a joint project. Of 151 Reserve Officer applications submitted from across Canada, Mr. R Schroeder, Firefighter at CFS Yorkton, was selected to be Conducting Officer for the West German Exchange tour for the selected naval cadets in Canada.

September 1972

11-12 Sep 72

Lt. Mistal and CWO McIntosh visited the Comm Det in from Shilo.

13-16 Sep 72

The Command Construction Engineering Inspection team composed of team leader Major Blasko and 8 men visited the unit.

20 Sep 72

A one-day course on Automobile Firefighting was conducted by the Fire Hall staff for the East Central Autosport Club.

24-25 Sep 72

Captain Martin, Welfare Officer, in from CFB Winnipeg.

25 Sep 72

The annual Command Matron visit conducted by Major Harmon and accompanied by CWO Ashford.

28-29 Sep 72

Major JP Plouffe from the Deputy Judge Advocateís office in Winnipeg visited the unit.

October 1972

4 Oct 72

Colonel Pierce, Command Dental Officer, and Major Gullikson, Dental Officer, Moose Jaw visited the unit.

9 Oct 72

Loomis Team headed by Captain Trimble plus two visited the MSE Section.

15-17 Oct 72

CWO Johnson, Command Chief Warrant Officer, visited the unit.

17 Oct 72

LCol Flannigan, A/DCOS Operations, visited the unit.

22-24 Oct 72

Major Reid, Command Chaplain (P), visited the unit.

24-25 Oct 72

CEAP Presentation by Captain Kellett.

25 Oct 72

8 personnel commenced on the FPS-26 course.

26-27 Oct 72

Defensive Driver Training, 21 candidates, 3 instructor trainees qualified.

28-31 Oct 72

DBCM visit - trade codes 933, 934, 935 interviewed.

Notes: The fire alarm recording tape was moved from the Fire Hall to DMCC in anticipation of reduction in Fire Hall manning. During October close liaison with the Saskatchewan Power Corporation resulted in the long awaited testing of the Power Plant capability to provide electric power to the domestic site as well as the Operations site. This involved a series of systematic switching with an additional gas turbine in use to carry the extra load. A few days after the testing, it was necessary for the Power Plant to supply power to the entire station due to Saskatchewan Power conducting maintenance in the area.

November 1972

3-5 Nov 72

24th NORAD Region Piano Party, CFS Yorkton hosted this annual event. BGen Garton from 24 NORAD Region and representatives from all the Canadian radar sites were duly represented at this 3 days of fun and games. The winner this year was CFS Dana.

12 Nov 72

LCol Forcier, Command Chaplain (RC), paid the unit a visit.

14 Nov 72

Audit team from Alsask.

14-17 Nov 72

Miss Weiller, French Language Co-Ordinator, visited the unit.

15 Nov 72

Lt. Sommerfield, MAO pharmacist from Shilo, visited unit MIR on inspection of facility.

20-21 Nov 72

Captain Shiner, MWO Lowe and Sgt. Barry paid a Comm Centre Admin visit. Welfare Officers visit - Captain Martin.

27-30 Nov 72

Captain Kolybaba and 1 Cpl. conducted ADCHQ/SSOFM visit.

30 Nov-2 Dec 72

ADC Commanders visit by Colonel Holtby and Command Chief Warrant Officer, CWO Johnson.

Notes: November saw the Fire Hall staff reduced from 5 men to 2 men, thereby implementing the Volunteer Fire Brigade made up from unit personnel. CFS Yorktonís entry was prepared and submitted to CFHQ for the NFPA Fire Prevention Contest.

December 1972

1-7 Dec 72

Safe Driving Week. During this period extra effort was extended throughout the station area proclaiming Safe Driving Week. Safety films were shown twice daily for the period. The station paper, ECHO, was used extensively. Posters were displayed in all sections, Messes, Post Office, Rec. Centre, etc. Plate mats in dining room advertising Safe Driving Week, blood alcohol charts and winter driving pamphlets were distributed via sections, messes, etc.

31 Dec 72

This date marks two years of accident free driving for DND vehicles.

Notes: 52 personnel completed written Winter Driving Test. 16 personnel completed a skid test. Extensions to six Married Quarters were completed in December at a cost of $38,000.00


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CFS Yorkton
Historical Report
Dated 10 Apr 73

Officers as of 31 Dec 72



LCol RR Massier


Major PJH Sheasby


Captain GW Depottie


Captain KA Nobbs


Captain LF Nardecchia


Captain BD Brennan


Captain BK Waters


Lt. RHJ Boisjoli


Lt. GTW Pachal


Lt. RA Newell


Lt. EG Truswell


Other Ranks as of 31 Dec 72

Warrant Officers




Master Corporals