Beausejour, MB

1976 - History of CFS Beausejour- National Archives of Canada



Canadian Forces Station Beausejour
Muskwa, Manitoba
R0E 1G0
21 Apr 76


Air Defence Group Headquarters
CFB North Bay
Hornell Heights, Ontario
P0H 1P0

Attention: SSOC&E Adm O



Reference: A. DCSCE332 252000Z Mar 76

Attached is CFS Beausejour’s reply to Ref. A. as per format requested in para 2.

Very little history is available on site of the initial construction and the period of USAF operation of 916 AC&W Squadron. D History NDHQ has been contacted and will forward any other pertinent information as it becomes available to the unit.

Signed: AJ Fillion, Lieutenant, for Commanding Officer



A.- Unit Construction – 1951

B.- Initial Radar Equipment

Initial Comm Equipment

C.- Date declared operational – unknown

D.- Major equipment changes

E. – Additional history

1 Oct 1961 – 916th AC&W Squadron is handed over from USAF to RCAF and becomes 48 Radar Squadron.

1 Sep 1963 – Unit SAGE’d and reported to Duluth NORAD Sector 30th Region.

14 Nov 69 – NORAD reconfiguration and boundary change saw CFS Beausejour change regions to 24th NR with its HQ at Malmstrom AFB, Montana.

F. – Station Diagram

G. – Building Legend

1 – Operations

2 – Combined Mess

3 – CO’s Residence and Officer’s Quarters

4 – Headquarters

5 – Jr. Ranks Quarters

6 – Jr. Ranks Quarters

7 – Jr. Ranks Quarters, MIR, Dental

8 – CE Section

9 – ME Section

10 – Power Plant

12 – Guard House

14 – Pump House

26 – Security Gate

33 – Supply Section

T-5 – Diesel Fuel Pump House

84 – Multi-Purpose, Library

87 – Auto Storage and Fire Hall

S-63 – CO’s Garage

T-52 – Auto and Hobby Shop

S-66 – Garage

S-67 – Garage

T-60-61 - Curling Club, Canex, Post Office, Snack Bar

T-86 – Sports Field

Birchwood Crescent Trailer Park

Agassiz Court Trailer Park

Muskwa Heights Trailer Park

Muskwa Drive – Housing (TMQ’s)



1 – FPS-93A Search

2 – Supply Sub Stores

3 – RM Shop

4 – Storage Tower

5 – FPS-6B Height Finder



This detail was obtained from the National Archives of Canada for use on the Pinetree Line web site in August 1988.