Beaverlodge, AB

1962 – Narrative Report – National Archives of Canada

Narrative Report
RCAF Station Saskatoon Mountain
1 Dec 62 to 31 May 63

1 Dec 62 to 1 Apr 63

Command - Saskatoon Mountain during this period was under the control of the USAF. The unit was 919th AC&W Squadron, Saskatoon Mountain Air Station, Beaverlodge. As a result of the exchange of Governmental notes #604 and #92 dated 12 Jun 61, the "Agreement between the RCAF and the USAF to Implement the Exchange of Governmental Notes", and in accordance with paragraph 12, Annex B, "Service to Service Responsibilities in regard to Radar Take Over", the RCAF prepared to take over this Group III site from the USAF and establish 57 Radar Squadron, RCAF Station Saskatoon Mountain.

5 Jan 63

RCAF Project Officer – 22464 F/L LS Stewart TechTel, arrived from TSE, Station Trenton to supervise and coordinate the activities of the RCAF with the USAF in the implementation of the Phase-in Plan.

5 Jan 63

Supply Officer’s Arrival – 64349 F/O J Gravelle Sup arrived in on transfer from AMCHQ and assumed the position of SSupO, and together with his USAF counterpart, commenced inventory action to take over USAF equipment.

10 Jan 63

Telecommunications – 134869 F/O JJ Violette TechTel, reported in from Station Senneterre and assumed the position of STelO. Together with his USAF counterpart, a program of gradually accepting the maintenance of Radar/Radio equipment tasks from the USAF was commenced.

22 Jan 63

Administration – 224616 F/L BA Adam Air/P arrived from Station St. Hubert, assumed the position of PAdO, and commenced setting up of RCAF Administrative systems.

31 Jan 63

Construction Engineering – 135350 F/O EM Hare, Tech/CE, reported in from ICEU Station Calgary and assumed the position of SCEO.

31 Jan 63

Accounts – 134732 F/L MHH Baxter, Accts., reported in from Station Penhold assumed the position of SAO, and supervised the setting up of the RCAF system of accounting.

4 Feb 63

Training – Progress of class room and practical training were instituted for Radar Techs and FtrCops to provide familiarization and gradual integration in preparation to taking over their respective tasks from the USAF.

11 Feb 63

Training – A program was instituted to provide preparatory training for SAGE systems testing.

15 Feb 63

Messing – The RCAF assumed the responsibility from the USAF of providing complete Messing for all personnel on the unit.

15 Feb 63

Accounts – The unit became self-accounting on this date and all RCAF personnel were removed from TD status to restricted transfers.

15 Feb 63

Administration – Unit published DRO #1.

25 Feb 63

MSE – Vehicles were taken over and the RCAF assumed MSE responsibility for unit.

1 Mar 63

Messes & Institutes – The Officers and Sergeants Messes, Airmen’s Wet Canteen and Snack Bar opened.

1 Mar 63

Communications – The RCAF assumed the responsibility of Communication and RCAF Message Centre procedures were activated.

1 Mar 63

Supply – The RCAF and USAF Supply Officers completed formalities of handover of equipment.

1 Mar 63

Medical Services – Medical Services were taken over and Dr. Young, Beaverlodge, was appointed Visiting Medical Practitioner for the unit.

11 Mar 63

Communications – The RCAF took over the Radar/Radio maintenance role.

15 Mar 63

Commanding Officer - 21729 A/W/C WJ Hynds, Air/RN arrived from Air Force College Toronto and assumed the position of Commanding Officer, RCAF personnel.

27 Mar 63

Handover Parade – An official handover parade was held and the following official guests represented their respective services: G/C MacWilliams – representing AOC ADC RCAF and Colonel Aherne representing CINC ADC USAF.

31 Mar 63

Personnel – All USAF personnel had departed with the exception of 5 USAF Officers and 26 USAF airmen who remained to carry on the manual operation and surveillance, detection and interception capability. Captain RI Williams assumed the position of COpsO.

1 Apr 63

The RCAF ensign was flown from the flagpole announcing the activation of 57 AC&W Squadron, RCAF Station Saskatoon Mountain. The administrative control is exercised by the AOC, ADC, RCAF and operational control by CINC NORAD through the 25th NORAD Region Commander and the Spokane NORAD Sector Commander.

17, 18, and 19 Apr 63

Operations – Unit participated in NORAD evaluation of 25th NORAD Region.

8 May 63

Personnel – F/O VR Thomas Tech/Tel reported in from COS Centralia and assumed the position of SAGE COpsO.

14, 15 and 16 May 63

Operations – Unit participated in NORAD exercise "Desk Top V".

27, 28 and 29 May 63

Operations – Unit participated in a live exercise with 25th NORAD Region.

31 May 63

On this date, the strength of the unit was:













Signed by:

(WJ Hynds) W/C
Commanding Officer