Beaverlodge, AB

1963 – Historical Summary – National Archives of Canada


To 71-00-01 (CO)


1 Jun to 31 Dec 63


This Historical Summary has been prepared in accordance with AFAO 71-00-01.


Summary of Unit Activities

  1. Summary of Unit Activities – The Station was originally scheduled for SAGE operation Jul 63 with Spokane Sector. Spokane Sector ceased operations 15 Jun 63 and the Station was rescheduled for SAGE operation 1 Oct 63 with Seattle Sector. Due to design deficiencies with the primary and secondary lines to Seattle, the SAGE date was rescheduled for 15 Jan 64. The role of the Station has mainly been one of surveillance due to the SAGE date delays coupled with the distance from nearest fighter bases.
  2. Operations – Eight 25th NORAD Region wide line exercises were carried out during this report period. Targets consisted mainly of SAC aircraft with the Squadron in a control and surveillance role. Fighter interceptors from Canadian and US bases were employed when possible. During the NORAD wide SSTM’s, the Unit’s role was limited to input of "trusted agents" information due to a lack of Seattle SSTM films.
  3. Training – A number of Radar Tech(G)CW and ComTech(G) personnel were sent on the Digital techniques course and FMC 27 course at 1 RC&S Clinton during the period 1 Jun – 31 Dec 63. A program for Unit Mutual Instruction Program training was initiated in early September.
  4. Technical – Canadian General Electric completed installation of the UPX 14 on Jun 22. The installation was officially accepted, however, it was not operationally accepted due to equipment malfunction and was not operational until 31 Dec 63.
  5. Administration – The Unit began administrative and accounting control for Station Dawson Creek BC 1 Nov 63. Station administrative procedures were operated in accordance with standard RCAF procedures. In addition, the following services were provided:
  1. Roman Catholic and Protestant visiting clergymen provided religious administration to station personnel;
  2. Young’s Association of Beaverlodge provided medical services to the Unit. In addition, clinic facilities in Grande Prairie and DVA Hospital facilities in Edmonton were used as required;
  3. The RCADA from Namao provided dental treatment for a two week period every three months; and
  4. Proficiency flying for non-annotated aircrew personnel was carried out through facilities of 435 Squadron Namao.
  1. Organization – The Station organization has varied greatly with the exchange of numerous personnel; a copy of the Station organization as of 31 Dec 63 is attached at annex 1.
  2. Official Visits and Inspections – Normal staff visits occurred at regular intervals during the year. The station was honoured by a visit from Brigadier General Grover C Brown, USAF Commander SEADS and his deputy G/C RS Turnbull 11 Sep 63 for an operations orientation and discussion. AVM MM Hendricks AOC ADC made his annual inspection of the station 12-13 Nov and was entertained by the Officers and wives at a formal gathering in the Officers Mess.
  3. Recreation – Station recreation facilities were enthusiastically utilized. Organized softball, flag football, bowling, and broomball leagues were formed with the Station entering teams in the softball and flag football zone finals held at Namao and Calgary respectively.
  4. Public Relations – The unit participated in the North West Air Show held in Grande Prairie 24 Aug with an animated radar display and a fly past of Mustang, Kitty Hawk, C119, and Tiger Moth aircraft was organized by the unit PRO F/L BA Adam.

A memorial service for the late John F Kennedy was held in the station theatre 25 Nov and was attended by station personnel. The service was conducted by Father FV Skaluba and Reverend B Moore.

Signed by:

(WJ Hynds) W/C
Commanding Officer

Annex 1 – RCAF Station Beaverlodge Organization Chart