Beaverlodge, BC

1964 – Narrative Report – National Archives of Canada


To 71-00-01 (CO)

1 Jan 64 to 31 Dec 64

9 Jan 64

F/L CG Maxwell, SO Radar Systems, ADCHQ carried out a staff visit 9 – 11 64.

20 Jan 64

STSO/SOMSE ADCHQ represented by F/L Thompson and WO2 McQuat carried out a staff inspection 20 – 21 Jan 64. Lt. Davidson, RCA, Command Postal Officer, carried out an inspection of the Unit’s postal facilities.

27 Jan 64

48463 F/L LJ Lloyd, AS/FtrC TOS on posting from Station Kamloops and employed in Manual Operations.

30 Jan 64

243755 F/O WG Richards, Air/P was released from service on completion of fixed term of service.

12 Feb 64

A Seattle NORAD ECM/Surveillance and C and E staff visit led by S/L ET Williams and accompanied by eight officers and airmen arrived for a days staff visit. 25 NR live exercise – "Chinook Knife Bravo". 16 fakers detected out of 16 in sub-sector. Squadron’s role was one of surveillance only.

15 Feb 64

577 RCAC Squadron, Grand Prairie was given a Station briefing and tour.

23 Feb 64

STSO/SOCE ADCHQ team of 9 led by F/L ER Biddiscombe carried out a staff visit and inspection of the CE Section 23 – 25 Feb 64.

3 Mar 64

41695 F/L ARM Campbell, AS/FtrC arrived on TD from Station Holberg vice 22460 F/L WD Loney, AS/FtrC, who returned to Station St. Margarets on completion of TD.

7 Mar 64

S/L TJ Parasis, Padre (RC), Station Vancouver visited the unit 7 – 9 Mar 64.

13 Mar 64

SAC/25 NR exercise "Top Rung Three/Snowtime". 100% detection of 19 Faker tracks. Surveillance role only with intense ECM. Full station EDP exercise.

15 Mar 64

A staff visit and inspection was carried out by F/L CF Crossman and Sgt. Dupras, SOSup ADCHQ, 15 – 18 Mar 64.

18 Mar 64

F/L Arsenault and F/L Dooling from EMU St. Hubert conducted a two day active programme on ECM operations.

19 Mar 64

The OA2325 HF Anti Jam Console installation was handed over by Canadian General Electric to the RCAF and accepted by S/L LS Stewart. FS Newman represented AMC.

23 Mar 64

Alternate landlines to SEADS became operational and handed over by AGT.

31 Mar 64

RCAF Station Dawson Creek was officially disbanded and placed with Crown Assets Disposal Board for sale. The security of the Station became a responsibility of RCAF Station Beaverlodge.

2 Apr 64

Live Region/SAC Exercise – Big Blast Whiskey/Chinook Knife. All 4 fakers threats in sub-sector detected. Surveillance role only.

3 Apr 64

Mess dinner to commemorate 40th Anniversary RCAF. Guest speaker was S/L E English, 435 (T) Squadron, RCAF Station Namao.

4 Apr 64

PMQ #1 officially opened and occupied by F/L EM Hare, SCEO. Primary landlines operational and SAGE testing commenced.

7 Apr 64

435 Squadron carried out mercy mission to transport 5 bottles of blood to Grand Prairie. Coordinated by W/C WJ Hynds.

11 Apr 64

W/C WJ Hynds, CO, was guest speaker at the Elks Convention at which there were 80 persons attending.

20 Apr 64

The sale of RCAF Station Dawson Creek was completed to the BC Provincial Government and this unit relinquished all responsibilities.

22 Apr 64

Live Mode III Exercise Chinook Leader 5.

4 May 64

52444 F/O JS Ellis, TechTel TOS on transfer from Station Edgar and appointed RadO.

11 May 64

134869 F/O JJMG Violette, TechTel SOS on transfer to Station Mont Apica.

14 May 64

Sector Mode III exercise – Chinook Leader.

16 May 64

Live Exercise – Desk Top VI over period of 9 days.

21 May 64

95491 O/C PB Gunn, URTP, Pers./Admin. TOS from 204 U Squadron Antigonish.

26 May 64

Region Live Exercise – Chinook Knife Echo (Big Blast) over period of 3 days.

29 May 64

83071 O/C JCG Laprise URTP Tech/Tel TOS from 110 U Squadron Quebec for SCT.

1 Jun 64

CO and CGEO represented Station Beaverlodge at the Annual Inspection of Royal Canadian Navy Sea Cadet and Navy League. Inspection carried out at Micmac on Saskatoon Lake.

3 Jun 64

Unit had a no-notice Live Exercise – Chinook Leader VII. The Station played host to 29 members of Beaverlodge 4-H Club, the visit included a briefing by the CO and followed by a tour of the Domestic and Operations site.

9 Jun 64

Practice fire drill carried out using Station Headquarters as "target". CO initiated fire alarm at 1405 hours.

15 Jun 64

Manual Operations ceased and SAGE data accepted by SEADS.

26 Jun 64

Station hosted Mr. JH Seager and 23 members of St. Mary’s School Beaverlodge to a tour of the Station.

30 Jun 64

48463 F/L LJ Lloyd SOS to ONSHQ North Bay.

3 Jul 64

The Station hosted the Alberta and BC Institute of Agrologists to a briefing and your of the Station.

6 Jul 64

135585 F/L JW Terry, Air/RN(AI) SOS on transfer to Station Holberg.

9 Jul 64

Operation Chinook Knife Golf.

14 Jul 64

Staff visit by S/L EH McCaffrey, SOFSV from ADCHQ. Operation Chinook Leader IX.

15 Jul 64

Unit officially SAGED.

17 Jul 64

HF #0 converted to FPS-507.

19 Jul 64

77287 O/C LB Smith, ROTP Tech/CE TOS from Station Clinton for SCT. 78232 O/C DW Fleming URTP Pers/Admin. TOS on transfer fro SCT from Station Clinton.

20 Jul 64

W/C WJ Hynds attended dinner at Kinsmen Club in conjunction with Grande Prairie Golden Jubilee Celebrations. DM Audit Team arrived 1410 hours and carried out audit for the next three weeks.

26 Jul 64

Unit participated in the Northwest Air Show, which was sponsored by the Grande Prairie Rotary Club. F/L BA Adam was coordinator for flying portion of show which included C-119s and the Red Knight.

29 Jul 64

Major General William E Elder, Commander 25 NORAD Region, Air Commodore GH Elms, Vice Commander, Colonel Praul, Assistant Deputy of Operations 25 NORAD Region and Group Captain RG Turnbull, Deputy Commander Seattle NORAD Sector arrived at 1015 hours for a brief visit to the Station. They were given a Station briefing and tour departed at 1400 hours.

1 Aug 64

135579 F/L RC Caithness, Air/RN released from RCAF on completion of fixed term of service.

2 Aug 64

15196 F/L B Rollins Tech/Tel TOS on transfer from CFHQ and appointed CGEO.

12 Aug 64

Exercise Chinook Knife Hotel.

17 Aug 64

22464 S/L LS Stewart, Tech/Tel SOS on transfer to Seattle NORAD Sector McChord AFB Tacoma Wash.

18 Aug 64

Exercise Chinook Leader X.

19 Aug 64

S/L WE Campbell, Assistant Judge Advocate paid a brief visit to the unit.

24 Aug 64

Colonel WR Nevitt, Commander Seattle NORAD Sector, Group Captain RS Turnbull, Deputy Commander, Commander LT McHugh, USN, and F/L Broadbent RCAF visited the unit 24 – 25 Aug 64. A dining-in night was held.

29 Aug 64

78232 O/C DW Fleming URTP Pers/Admin. SOS on transfer to University of Alberta, Edmonton.

3 Sep 64

24611 F/O F Molyneaux, Acc. TOS on transfer from Station Comox and appointed SAO.

6 Sep 64

83071 O/C JCG Laprise URTP Tech/Tel SOS on transfer to 110 U Squadron Quebec.

8 Sep 64

77287 O/C LB Smith ROTP Tech/CE SOS on return to Royal Roads Victoria.

9 Sep 64

95491 O/C PB Gunn URTP Pers/Admin. SOS on transfer to 204U Squadron Antigonish. 134732 F/L MHH Baxter Acc SOS on transfer to CFHQ/CFM/DCFA. AN/FST-2 installation formally accepted on behalf of RCAF.

10 Sep 64

Operation Chinook Knife India.

21 Sep 64

Operation Chinook Leader XI.

24 Sep 64

W/C Gervais and F/L Rynoski, SOSO ADCHQ carried out a staff visit 24 – 25 Sep 64.

27 Sep 64

F/L Golding PA2-5-2 ADCHQ carried out the annual PA inspection 27 – 29 Sep 64.

28 Sep 64

59011 F/L HK Williams, Air/RN(RO) TOS from COS Centralia and appointed DMCC Duties. 95410 LAC Richard Baribeau MST Tech was killed in an automobile accident at 0100 hours while returning to the Station from Grande Prairie.

1 Oct 64

F/L’s Taylor and Gunn, SASO ADCHQ carried out a surprise inspection of the EDP. The whole station was exercised from Doubletake through Shelter Posture. Dependents were included in exercise. Operation Big Blast/Chinook Knife Juliet.

5 Oct 64

Father Skaluba said Requiem Mass for the late LAC R Baribeau.

6 Oct 64

LAC R Baribeau (Deceased) was buried with Military Honours at Courville, Quebec.

14 Oct 64

Squadron participated in Multi Region SSTM.

18 Oct 64

S/L Twambley SOPA-PA2 ADCHQ visited unit on staff visit 18 – 19 Oct 64.

19 Oct 64

240356 F/L JO Stith Air/RN(RO) TOS on transfer from COS Centralia and appointed DMCC duties.

22 Oct 64

Operation Chinook Leader XII.

25 Oct 64

The Radar Squadron Assessment Team led by S/L MJF Braun ADCHQ arrived at the Station to carry out the annual Squadron assessment. The other members of the team were F/L O’Connor, F/O Flegel, both ADCHQ and F/L Zolmer, AMCHQ. The assessment was completed 28 Oct 64.

4 Nov 64

Operation Chinook Leader XIII.

11 Nov 64

Station personnel participated in Remembrance Day Parades in Grande Prairie and Beaverlodge in cooperation with the respective Canadian Legions.

15 Nov 64

F/L GRA Wonnacott and F/O VW Watson SOPA, ADCHQ, carried out an M and I inspection 15 – 17 Nov 64.

17 Nov 64

A/C AC Hull, Chief of Staff, ADCHQ visited the Station arriving from Cold Lake at 1030 hours MST and departing 1530 hours MST for Namao. The visit included a tour of the unit and lunch with the officers.

20 Nov 64

Data Link Equipment converted to single line operation. Operation Big Blast/Chinook Knife Kilo.

24 Nov 64

NORAD Exercise Top Rung 7.

1 Dec 64

Operation Chinook Leader XIV.

2 Dec 64

S/L E Miller, Recreation ADCHQ, carried out an inspection of the recreation facilities on the unit.

5 Dec 64

W/C JN Bracher SORA/P and W/C R Poirier SORA/RC, ADCHQ carried out a staff visit 5 – 6 Dec 64.

10 Dec 64

NORAD Exercise Top Rung VI.

22 Dec 64

The Officers and Senior NCO’s served the Airmen the traditional Christmas dinner.