Beaverlodge, AB

1951 – Grand Prairie Survey – National Archives of Canada

Seven Islands, PQ
13 May 51


D/AMTS/DCED Projects Officer,
"Operation Green"
Room 4230 "C" Bldg.,
Ottawa, Ont.

Grand Prairie - Survey

  1. Herewith are two letters from the DCL representative Mr. CJ Connolly of Edmonton.
  2. It was the verbal understanding of the undersigned with Mr. Connolly that DCL were in the picture to stay from the time we met. For that reason it is not clear to him probably why he has been by-passed with regard to any instructions concerning the survey near Grande Prairie. The undersigned is not writing him at this time to explain anything.
  3. What Mr. Connolly write concerning the water survey is important. The water table in that district is very low and water is scarce. Pumping from Saskatoon Lake or other lakes is not necessarily feasible just because the lakes are there. For one thing, Saskatoon Lake is used for boating and bathing. It would be advisable to have wells prospected for.
  4. Advice concerning the survey of wells is beyond the scope of the undersigned.
  5. Ou est la plume de ma tante? Le livre est sur la table. It fait beau au jourd’ hui.
  6. For your information and action as considered necessary.

(HH Kirkpatrick) F/L
CO Team "B"
"Operation Green"