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1952 – Historical Report – USAF Historical Division

Historical Report
919th AC&W Squadron
1 April 1952 to 30 June 1952

The History of the 919th
Aircraft Control & Warning Squadron


1 April 1952
30 June 1952









History of the 919th
Aircraft Control & Warning Squadron
1 April – 30 June 1952






This Historical Report
was prepared by
A/2C Joseph A Patitucci
15 August 1952



Chapter One
Organization and Administration

On 16 April 1952, the 919th Aircraft Control & Warning Squadron was activated by Headquarters USAF. The infant squadron was assigned to the Western Air Defense Command, and stationed at Geiger Field to be attached to the 87th Air Base Squadron for administrative, operational and logistical control.

A total strength of one officer and one airman formed the embryo of the new unit. Captain David G O’Ehme, USAF, and A/2C Roy R Christian were relieved from duties in the 146th AC&W Squadron and reassigned to the 919th with Captain O’Ehme assuming command. Airman Christian took over all administrative duties of the Squadron.

Space within the 146th Orderly Room was allocated to the 919th to enable the new squadron to perform basic administrative operations. As complete a set of regulations, letters and manuals that could be provided by the 87th AB Squadron’s publication supply have been procured. Requisitions for those not supplied have been submitted.

Captain O’Ehme was authorized a class A Agent and Certifying Officer.

On 19 May 1952 Captain Thomas J Jones was assigned to the 919th. Five days after his assignment Captain Jones assumed command of the squadron to relieve Captain O’Ehme who had been reassigned to the 2353rd Personnel Processing Squadron, Camp Stoneman, California. Captain O’Ehme remained on attached status to assist in squadron operations until his reporting date, 1 July 1952.

On 12 June 1952 the 919th received an order of re-designation and reorganization from Headquarters WADF. The order stated T/O composition and Unit Strength requirements. The following day brought a movement directive (Classified Secret) from Headquarters USAF stating that the 919th AC&W Squadron with a strength of three officers and 45 airmen would be prepared for shipment to station E-10, located in Canada, at the earliest practical date after 1 July 1952.

By the end of June squadron strength had increased from one officer and one airman to three officers and 32 airmen.

Squadron officers made a trip to the unit’s proposed site. On their return a training program for squadron personnel was prepared under supervision of Captain Jones. The training was to familiarize squadron personnel with the customs, history, courtesy’s, and environment of the Canadians and their country.

The program began operation on June 30 with a lecture on security and Canadian Law and a movie on Survival in the Arctic.



Activation of Unit 31 March 1952

Assignment of Personnel 15 April 1952

Certification of Class A Agent 17 April 1952

Assignment of Personnel 16 May 1952

Assignment of Personnel 19 May 1952

Increased Assignment of Personnel 12 June 1952

Squadron Training Schedule 30 June 1952