Saskatoon Mountain, BC

1959 – Historical Report – USAF Historical Division

Historical Report
919th AC&W Squadron
1 October 1959 to 31 December 1959

Section I


  1. Unit and Location

919th Squadron, Saskatoon Mountain Air Station, Beaverlodge, Alberta, Canada

  1. Name and Grade of Commander

James G Barnett, Major, USAF

  1. Chain of Command (Superior Echelons)
  2. Administrative: 25th Air Division, WADF, ADC, NORAD
    Logistical: 4602nd Support Group (ADC)

  • Subordinate Units (Down to and including squadrons)
  • None

  • Mission (Give authority and brief statement of primary mission)
  • To maintain radar surveillance for the purpose of providing early warning, identification, and continuous intelligence of all air activity detected within our assigned area of responsibility and to conduct training for the effective accomplishment of this mission.

  • Personnel

















  • Equipment (Give official nomenclature and quantity of mission-type equipment)
  • AN/FPS-20A (1), AN/TPS-502 (1)

    Section II


    The modernization program of Squadron Mission Equipment continued to progress as expected during this reporting period. Construction of the new HRI Tower was completed in December with the exception of the acceptance check by 4602nd Support Wing. At the present time actual installation of the FPS-6B equipment is scheduled to commence in April. When operational, the FPS-6B will correct the final big weakness in the operational capability of the squadron. It will provide greater and more accurate height and range coverage of the squadron’s area of responsibility, thus enabling the squadron to carry out its assigned mission much more effectively than it has been able to do in the past with the old type equipment.

    The effectiveness of the modernization program can be demonstrated by the performance of the new FPS-20A, Long Range Surveillance Radar. Not only has the quality of the radar been exceptional since the equipment became operational, but time out of the net, due to maintenance etc., has been practically eliminated. During the past three months, the surveillance radar has been operational in the net 98.2% of the time. In December the set was out of the net only one hour and five minutes, which far surpassed ADC requirements.

    Changes have also been made to improve and increase the operational effectiveness of the squadron radio equipment. The most significant was the combining of the receiver and transmitter equipment, facilities and operation. More reliable equipment and better maintenance have resulted. A new dial system has also been installed in operations for the UHF radio equipment. As a result, more channels will be available for communication with aircraft.

    Only three exercises and two Force-Wide Systems Training Missions were scheduled for training purposed during the quarter. However, excellent training was received through participation in the annual 25th ADIV (SAGE) ORI. Although the squadron wasn’t evaluated by an ADC ORI Team, it played a major role in the success of the mission. Operations personnel detected all faker aircraft at maximum range, quickly identified and accurately :forward told" them throughout the mission. The performance of the Squadron during the mission was considered outstanding.

    Improvement of squadron facilities still continues as it has done in the past. New furniture has been received and is now adorning the Bachelor Officers and Airmen’s Quarters, the Officers, NCO and Airman’s Clubs and the Operations Lounge. More recently the contract to completely renovate the Airman’s Club was finalized, and work is to commence the first of February. These and other improvements have provided better living accommodations, higher living standards, and have boosted the morale of personnel assigned to the station considerably.

    In November, the local residents of Beaverlodge and Grand Prairie were given the privilege of witnessing squadron personnel "strut their stuff" in the annual Armistice Day Parade. This year the squadron was given the honor of placing the wreaths on the cenotaph in each of the local communities.

    Colonel George B Hooker Jr., Commander of the 4602nd Support Wing at Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, visited and inspected the Squadron in October. The Squadron received an excellent rating in logistical areas.

    Typed Name and Grade of Commander

    James G Barnett, Major, USAF