Saskatoon Mountain, BC

1960 – Historical Report – USAF Historical Division

Historical Report
919th AC&W Squadron
1 January 1960 to 31 March 1960

Section I


  1. Unit and Location

919th Squadron, Saskatoon Mountain Air Station, Beaverlodge, Alberta, Canada

  1. Name and Grade of Commander

James G Barnett, Major, USAF

  1. Chain of Command (Superior Echelons)
  2. Administrative: 25th Air Division, WADF, ADC, NORAD
    Logistical: 4602nd Support Group (ADC)

  • Subordinate Units (Down to and including squadrons)
  • None

  • Mission (Give authority and brief statement of primary mission)
  • To maintain radar surveillance for the purpose of providing early warning, identification, and continuous intelligence of all air activity detected within our assigned area of responsibility and to conduct training for the effective accomplishment of this mission.

  • Personnel

















  • Equipment (Give official nomenclature and quantity of mission-type equipment)
  • AN/FPS-20A (1), AN/TPS-502 (1)

    Section II


    The squadron is looking forward to increasing interest to the time it will assume a greater role in the SAGE System. The Squadron is programmed to come under full control of the Spokane Air Defense Sector in August, 1960, and proper training is being stressed so an orderly transition into the SAGE Concept can be accomplished.

    The modernization of equipment has continued, and methods of monitoring equipment, so maximum performance might be obtained, is underway. The C&E Section has established a Maintenance Coordination Center so radar, height finder, power and communications performance can be checked continuously and kept at the optimum which is necessary under the SAGE concept.

    Installation of the FPS-6B equipment in the newly built HRI tower was not started as scheduled due to an unforeseen delay in the arrival of the installation team and unsuitable contract work on the HRI tower.

    The Operations Section has placed increased emphasis on training during the quarter due to a decrease in the number of exercises requiring squadron participation and the continued lack of live air traffic, so that personnel proficiency would be maintained.

    The squadron was under manned during the entire reporting period and it appeared this might become a serious problem; however, the situation was resolved before becoming acute and should be corrected completely by July.

    On 11 February, our Commander, Major Barnett assumed temporary command of the 917th Squadron at Puntzi Mountain, British Columbia. Captain Freeman was acting Commander of the Squadron, during Major Barnett’s absence, and up to the time the Commander returned on 18 March 1960. Major Barnett was awarded the Air Force Commendation Medal for his work at the 917th Squadron.

    The morale of Squadron personnel received another boost with the completion of the new, exclusive NCO Club. Plans are currently under way to renovate the old NCO Club and turn it into a combination lounge and snack bar. Negotiations are under way to contract construction of the long planned Multi-Purpose Recreation Hall, an extension to the power house and a vehicle storage shed for the Motor Pool.

    With the coming of Spring, the Squadron Beautification Program is to commence again soon. Plans at present include extensive planting of flowers, more shubbery, and seeding of grass in any unsightly areas about the Squadron.

    Typed Name and Grade of Commander

    James G Barnett, Major, USAF