Senneterre, QC


I was RAD WO/STN WO at Senneterre in 1980. A local organization was looking for help to furnish a new shelter for needy seniors. I asked the CO, LCol Arseneault, if we could have permission to collect articles for the L'ILOT D'OR.

Following an information drive, on Saturday, September 13, 1980, at 9am we set out with a three ton truck to collect articles from military personnel in the PMQs. We brought a couple of truck loads of furniture and household articles to L'ILOT D'OR which allowed them to open up the shelter way before the expected schedule time in order to accommodate the most needy.

Mr Beaudoin, then president of the L'ILOT D'OR project, sent of a letter of thanks addressed to the CO. He sent congratulations for this spontaneous and wonderful initiative and he thanked the CO for the generous support.

Recently, Mar 26 2003, Mr Lizotte of Senneterre, who wrote some comments in the message area of the Pinetree site, wrote to me saying that "Yes! L'ILOT D'OR is always active and appreciated!"

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  1. Radar Section personnel doing the pick up in the PMQs - September 1980.
    Courtesy Maurice Vigneault.

  2. Mr Beaudoin (right) receiving delivery from MWO Vigneault at L'ILOT D'OR - September 1980.
    Courtesy Maurice Vigneault.

  3. The official opening of the shelter - September 1980.
    All of the furniture, even the picture on the wall, are the fruits of efforts by Station personnel.
    Courtesy Maurice Vigneault.

  4. Letter of appreciation - 15 January 1981.
    Courtesy Maurice Vigneault.

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Updated: May 8, 2003