Beaverlodge, AB

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  1. CFS Beaverlodge WOs' and Sgts' Mess membership card - 15 November 1985.
    Courtesy Scott Laird.

  2. Grande Prairie Public Library card - 18 August 1985.
    Courtesy Scott Laird.

  3. CFS Beaverlodge Auto Club membership card - 28 July 1985.
    Courtesy Scott Laird.

  4. Front of CFS Beaverlodge DND 404 - 9 January 1985.
    Courtesy Scott Laird.

  5. Back of CFS Beaverlodge DND 404 - 9 January 1985.
    I was a member of the "Volunteer" Fire Dept and qualified as the driver/pumper operator - firetruck annotated on my 404.
    Courtesy Scott Laird.

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