Beaverlodge, AB

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  1. Radar Base Packing Up - 8 June 1988.
    Courtesy Pat Chenier.

  2. Poem written by Sgt. Ray Raw for the final issue of the Beaverscope - April 1988.
    Courtesy Mrs. Bob Montcrief.

  3. Aerial photo of the station - April 1988.
    A - Airmens Barracks; B - Fire Chiefs Residence (the only PMQ on the station); C - Officers Barrack Block also containing VIP Suites and CO's Residence; D - Lower Guardhouse; E - Upper Guardhouse; F - CE Section; G - Supply; H - MSE; I - #4 Transient barracks, MPs and MIR on lower level; J - Bowling Alley; K - Sewage Lagoons (just out of sight)
    Courtesy Pat Chenier.

  4. The Beaverscope - April 1988.
    Courtesy Lori Govier.

  5. Power plant with search tower in background - February 1988.
    Courtesy Bill Moore.

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