Aircraft Detection Corps

BLACK, S/L Stuart McBrayne (C3216) - Member, Order of the British Empire - Eastern Air Command Headquarters - Award effective 14 June 1945 as per London Gazette of that date and AFRO 1127/45 dated 6 July 1945. Born 3 March 1898; attended Springfield Public School and St. Thomas Collegiate Institute. Employed by McDonald and Willson Lighting Studios, Toronto; enlisted in Toronto, 9 December 1940. Administrative Branch. Award presented 10 January 1946.

Squadron Leader Black has been employed as officer in charge of the Aircraft Detection Corps from October 1942 until its disbandment in November 1944. Through this period he has worked with tireless energy and has shown outstanding organizing ability in developing the Corps from 3,733 to a peak of 20,023 voluntary and unpaid observers. His devotion to duty has been reflected in the morale and enthusiasm of the Aircraft Detection Corps which has been responsible for saving the lives of the crews of many operational and training aircraft. He has displayed exceptional devotion to duty.

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