76 Radio Unit - St. Paul Island, NS

1945 - Daily Diary - National Archives of Canada

June 1, 1945 to June 30, 1945

1 Jun 45

SE wind, cloudy and occasional rain. Dept. of Transport boat unloaded this afternoon.

2 Jun 45

West wind, cloudy, rain.

3 Jun 45

Fair, warm west wind. All buildings in fine shape.

4 Jun 45

East wind, cloudy. Worked on road.

5 Jun 45

East wind, cloudy with occasional rain. Posted to 16 RU effective 7th June.

6 Jun 45

Strong east wind, cold. Moved coke cases to old mess hall.

7 Jun 45

East and north-east wind cloudy. No further word on posting. Oil put in power units.

8 Jun 45

North and north-west wind clear. Am to remain until arrival of dismantling crew. Squadron of Cansos circled island this afternoon.

9 Jun 45

West wind, clear and warm. Work on road.

10 Jun 45

No wind, clear and warm. No further word on arrival of dismantling party.

11 Jun 45

South west wind partly cloudy and warm.

12 Jun 45

South east wind, fog and rain. Information received by Dept of Transport that three airmen to arrive here Thursday.

13 Jun 45

Wind nil, clear and warm. Today installed one double bunk in Dept of Transport house and am hoping to get another one tomorrow. Received mail today.

14 Jun 45

South east to west wind, thunder showers. Moved second bunk to house but did not set up. Also brought down four mattresses and pillows. No further word on arrival of boat.

15 Jun 45

Light SE wind, cloudy. Boat arrived about 10 am with four 8 CMU men to remove bulldozer and compressor. No mail.

16 Jun 45

NW wind, clear and warm. Moved bulldozer today and started to repair T6.

17 Jun 45

SE wind, rain, cold. Sunday, no work.

18 Jun 45

West wind, foggy and warm. Helped to move rocks off beach and also cut timber to support bulldozer on same.

19 Jun 45

S to SE wind, fog, and rain. Word tonight that Melville would be here in morning.

20 Jun 45

S wind, fog and rain. Boat left about 7 am with bulldozer and compressor. No trouble loading. Parts of T6 returned by Martell but unable to put together.

21 Jun 45

Fog and rain. Still unable to repair T6. Second signal from Debert re vouchers.

22 Jun 45

Fog and rain. All buildings in fine condition. Instructions received to ship all books to EAC

23 Jun 45

Fog and rain. Cold and wet, no work.

24 Jun 45

Rain, warmer.

25 Jun 45

Clear and warm. Made boxes for books. A/C arrived with bag about 2.30 pm.

26 Jun 45

South wind, rain and fog. Moved some equipment to power house.

27 Jun 45

East wind, rain and fog. Moved all supplies from house to old Mess Hall.

28 Jun 45

East wind, rain and fog. Completed repair to T6 and greased same.

29 Jun 45

South and east wind, fog and rain.

30 Jun 45

West wind, clear and warm. Informed Sydney messing guaranteed to July 5th. Hope they make some arrangement before it is too late.

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