Letter from Department of Transport - July 1942

National Archives of Canada

Refer to File Number 11-19-45.

Air Services
Radio Division

Department of Transport

OTTAWA, July 2, 1942.



With reference to the recent shelling of the Estevan radio coast station, the following is a decode of a message from the Officer in Charge to the District Superintendent of Radio at Victoria, BC,

"All residents here opinion definite danger of small enemy landing party and urge that immediate steps be taken to provide adequate guard for at least hours of darkness."

We have been advised that this message was submitted to the GOC, Pacific Coast and that careful consideration had been promised.

In the matter of guards for our West Coast radio stations generally, excerpts from a leter received from our District Superintendent of Radio are quoted herunder,-

"Shortly before the Estevan Point bombing, Mr. Parsons, Commissioner of the BC Provincial Police, drew to my attention the unguarded condition of our coast stations. He mentioned Digby Island station in particular and stated that it would be an easy matter for enemy agents to destroy the station after dark.

He also draws attention to the white painted radio and lighthouse buildings, stating they offer a good target and suggests they be painted a drab grey colour. Mr Parson was advised that this matter of establishing guards had already been given considertion and that so far the policy of the Department of Defence has been not to establish guards."

In view of the situation on the West Coast, it would seem that any guards provided should be from the Defence Forces and of sufficient strength to dispose of a hostile landing party.

May I be advised please as to what decision is made in this matter?

Yours faithfully,

(Sgd) Walter A Rush

(Walter A Rush)
Controller of Radio.

The Secretary,
Chiefs of Staff Committee,
Department of National Defence,
OTTAWA, Ontario.

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