Memorandum Regarding RDF Training - June 1943

National Archives of Canada


S34-4-1 (T.Sigs.4)

5th June, 1943.



RDF Training

1. RDF Training offers a possible field for co-operation and standarization between the USA and Canada since Americans are now being trained on British equipment at No 31 RDF. School (Clinton), and Canadians are being trained on American centimeter equipment at the US Naval Technical Centre, Corpus Christi; further, training in U.S. centimetre types of equipment will shortly commence at No 31 RDF School and RCAF personnel are now undergoing training at Corpus Christi to qualify them as instructors.

2. Training of RCAF personnel, en route to the UK, has been in progress at Corpus Christi since January 1943 and it is hoped to commence training of RCAF personnel, for Home War establishment, at No 31 RDF School in July. The initial entries will be 10 per week on a 4 weeks course.

3. Training at No 31 RDF School, however, is dependent on the school obtaining the necessary equipment from the US, the requirement for 1943, with delivery to commence this month, being for the following equipment:



Rate of Delivery


25 sets

5 per month


25 sets

5 per month


25 sets

5 per month

Further supplies of these and later types of equipment will be required as training expands and as new types are brought into production.

4. The US Navy and Army have already been offered the use of No 31 RDF School for the joint training, with the RCAF, of RDF mechanics but this offer was not accepted as they already had sufficient accommodation to meet their training requirements. It would however, greatly hasten the achievement of uniformity of training if, as the result of a request to the US members of the combined committee for air training in North America, the delivery of the above mentioned equipment to No 31 RDF School could be hastened. Supply of equipment listed in para 3 was demanded through the ordinary channels in early May.

5. Submitted for the agenda of the meeting of the Combined Committee on Air Training in North America to be held at RCAF Station, Trenton.

(EAD Hutton) W/C

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