Intentional Destruction Radio Detachment Equipment

National Archives of Canada


S.34-1-6 (D. OF S./RDF.2)

28th June, 1943.



Intentional Destruction Radio Detachment Equipment

1. In case of enemy attempt to capture secret equipment used at Radio Detachments, it is necessary to provide means to quickly destroy certain items of equipment.

2. For this purpose, it is requested that the following items be supplied for each Radio Detachment:


Axes, 5 lbs. pickhead

ea. 1


Holder, Handle

ea. 1



ea. 1

3. May arrangements be made to deliver to the RDF section of No 17 Equipment Depot, a total quantity of 42 of each item listed above.

4. The cost of above items, complete, quantity 42, is $94.92.

5. This item, 21F/184, complete with holder and sheath is already supplied in quantity each one, to each Radio Detachment as part of the scale of issue of fire-fighting equipment in operations buildings.

6. The equipment which may have to be demolished is in two separate rooms, therefore two axes, complete, are required for instant use. By using the presently supplied Axe and the additional Axe herein requested, Radio Detachment personnel will be able to promptly carry out their intentional destruction orders.

7. May this matter be considered urgent, please.

(CJ Campbell) W/C
for AMAS

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