Ground Radar - Operational Report - April 17/45

National Archives of Canada

File: S334-24 (S/RAD.2)


Halifax, NS, April 17/45


CO, No 1 RU, Preston
CO, No 2 RU, Bell Lake
CO, No 3 RU, Tusket
CO, No 4 RU, Brooklyn
CO, No 5 RU, Cole Harbour
CO, No 6 RU, Louisburg
CO, No 14 RU, Torbay
CO, No 16 RU, Eastern Passage
CO, No 19 RU, Gander
CO, No 20 RU, Sydney
CO, No 22 RU, Fort Dufferin
CO, No 24 RU, Tignish
CO, No 25 RU, St. Georges de Malbaie
CO, No 29 RU, Goose Bay
CO, No 32 RU, Port Aux Basques
CO, No 37 RU, Brig Harbour
CO, No 40 RU, Allan Island
CO, No 41 RU, St. Bride's
CO, No 42 RU, Cape Spear
CO, No 43 RU, Elliston
CO, No 44 RU, Fogo Island
CO, No 1 TSU, Debert
AOC, No 1 Group HQ, St. Johns, N'fld.

Ground Radar - Operational Report
Unit Performance - March

1. General Comment.
General increase in number of tracks noted.

The old CHL arrays at No.'s 3, 4, 5, and 6 R.U.'s have all been replaced with steel type CHL/GCI. Phasing is nearing completion and calibration flights will be carried out in the near future.

It is desirable that units such as 14, 19, 32, 40, 43 and 44 do their utmost to have reports forwarded as soon as possible in order that this report may be compiled at an early date each month.

2. No 1 RU Operations temporarily at a standstill while equipment is being changed over to CHL. Changeover progressing favourably in spite of spring road conditions between Preston and Bell Lake.

No 2 RU Unit being disbanded. Equipment for the most part being moved to Preston.

No 3 RU Very active during month. Good ranges obtained. 1230 mile track is record for unit to date.

No. 4 R.U. Abnormal maintenance due to phasing of new array. Mechanics kept busy by a succession of faults.

No 5 RU Cole Harbour had difficulty on replacement tubes 6SH7 in IFF RX. Tubes would not function. It was found there was no internal connection between pins 3 and 5 (suppressor grid to cathode) No 1 TSU to investigate.

No 6 RU. Nothing outstanding to report although operations were good.

No 14 RU. Nothing outstanding to report except plenty of wind. Operations satisfactory.

No 16 RU Developoment work on controlled approach system continuing. 48 successful controlled approaches carried out during month. A/C landing at Dartmouth express confidence in system by requesting to be brought in by it.

No 19 RU Several distressed A/C plotted to base, one assist. Increased operational activity reported.

No 20 RU Some good ranges recorded. Equipment operating satisfactorily.

No 22 RU Serviceability and performance good. 178 mile range and 973 mile track are encouraging indications of keen performance of new unit. Phasing of array in progress.

No. 24 R.U. Record number of tracks for CHL's by Tignish for month. IFF unserviceability was due to delay in delivery of replacement transformer.

No 25 RU St. Georges also very active. Considerable ingenuity displayed by technical staff when TX blower motor burned out. Replaced it with Frigidaire motor from canteen as temporary measure.

No 29 RU Goose Bay GCI reports 182 mile range. If more calipips were available greater range could have been had as echo was still near saturation. (How about E42 action) Seriously though this is exceptional and must be due to abnormal propagation. Most tracks for month recorded.

No 32 RU. Increased activity and improved operational result reported. Wide Mesh screens to be installed during quarterly overhaul.

No 37 RU Excellent range of 228 miles obtained. Good going fellows. "And the wind blew -" and then some.

No 40 RU Fuel shortage restricted operations. The French Navy came to the rescue by supplying diesel oil.

No 41 RU Operations normal.

No 42 RU Operations resumed 16 March after conversion to type SCR-271-BB.

No. 43 R.U. Plots obtained on weather balloon at 77 miles. Performance exceptional with WAM range of 135 miles or better for month.

No 44 RU Operations ceased 6 March with main plate transformer unserviceable. Unit off the air awaiting replacement. Temporary repair has since been made.

(BE Leighton) F/L
for AOC-in-C-EAC.

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