Tusket, NS

[Tusket, NS]

Looking at this map. Exit #33 west. Turn right onto highway 308. The map shows a road turning left and leading to the river. Before reaching this road on the right side is the Industrial Park. Before you reach the fenced in compound of the Department of Fisheries building a paved circular road makes a loop and returns almost to where the access road to #103 is. Off this loop a small sign on your right side indicates that the narrow rough private road is called Camp Montebello. This road leads up hill to where the former site was located.

The problem I see with the map is that this area has undergone considerable change since this map was made. I did not see the road as indicated towards the river as shown on the map. Possibly this was a trail or other type of right of way to the river. Another problem is all the highway markers are in kilometres and the descriptions to find sites are in miles. Perhaps we here in Nova Scotia are either behind the times or ahead of them as very few people speak of distances in miles any more.

Tusket has been the easiest site to find so far. Turn right off #103 west, go past the Department of Fisheries, and turn right on Camp Montabello road.

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Updated: October 15, 2004