Radar Stations in Canada
During World War II

The following personnel were employed at the radar stations in Canada during World War II and they have communicated with our web site providing their email address.

Surname First Name Military Location Tour E-Mail Address (none Confirmed)
Irvine Jim RCAF # 77 RU Cape Ray 1944-1945 prujji@magma.ca
Newbegin Jack RCAF # 1 RU Preston 1945-1945 j.newbegin@sympatico.ca
Onstad Duane RCAF # 10 RU Cape Scott 1945-1945 d_onstead@shaw.ca
Stevens Mickey RCAF #5 RU Queensport 1942-1945 (250) 727-3625
Todd Jack RCAF #27 RU Marble Island 1943-1944 jhtodd@shaw.ca

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Updated: November 19, 2004