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Pinetree Progress Reports
Report No. 19
Dated 15 February 1954

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Primary radar is in use on sites at Mont Apica, Lac St. Denis, Foymount, Edgar, Chatham, Parent, Senneterre and Falconbridge (Sites 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, and 9). Holberg (site 18) primary radar completion has been delayed to 31 Mar 54, due to weather conditions. Communications completion is now set for Sep 54. Temporary facilities may be installed. Inside telephone plant (NE-611) has been shipped and installation is scheduled for Apr 54. Flight trials are tentatively planned for 15 Mar 54. AN/FPS-502 radars at Comox and Tofino (Sites 35 and 36) still have an estimated completion date set for the third quarter of 1955. AN/TPS-502 facilities on these two sites are scheduled for completion in Dec 54.

2. RADAR EXTENSION PLAN - Interior of Canada


Sites C-10 (Ramore), C-14 (Pagwa), C-15 (Armstrong), C-16 (Sioux Lookout), C-17 (Beausejour), C-19 (Puntzi Mountain), C-20 (Baldy Hughes) and C-21 (Saskatoon Mountain).

Equipment on these sites is capable of normal operation. Clean-up of minor deficiencies is progressing at most sites. A board is at present inspecting these sites in preparation for acceptance of communications facilities.


Sites R6 (Ste. Marie), R11 (Halifax), R33 (Moisie), R34 (Sydney)

Ste. Marie (Site 6) - Main radar tower completed with exception of radome which is scheduled for erection 27 Feb 54. Cabling is practically completed and all main radar equipment installed with limited operation date scheduled for 15 Mar 54. Work is progressing slowly in communications with completion scheduled for 1 Jun 54. Temporary communications facilities will be available in time to meet radar limited operation date. Work on the inside and outside telephone plant is progressing.

Halifax (Site 11) - Main tower completion scheduled for 15 Feb 54 with the exception of the radome. Some cabling has been carried out and some equipment placed. A number of deficiencies in the main tower have still to be remedied by the construction contractor. Radar limited operation date is scheduled for Apr 54. Communications contractor has placed orders for items supplied by him. All other equipment is on the site and communications completion is estimated for Jun 54. Temporary communications facilities will be necessary to meet radar limited operations date. Work was commenced on inside and outside telephone plant.

Moisie (Clarke City) (Site 33) and Sydney (Site 34) are capable of normal operations. Minor deficiencies are being completed. Outside and inside telephone plants are both completed at Moisie and the inside plant is completed at Sydney.

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3. RADAR EXTENSON PLAN - NEAC AREA (Sites N-22 to N-31 incl.)

N-22 - St. Johnís - Limited operation date has been set back to approximately 5 May 54 due to weather conditions (extreme cold, 100 mph winds, etc.) resulting in approximately only two work days per week. Some minor deficiencies in electronic equipment have also been partially responsible for delay but these are expected to be remedied shortly. It may be possible to be ready for limited operation in one or two weeks before 5 May 54, depending on weather conditions.

N-23 - Stephenville - Much the same remarks can be applied to N-23 but limited operation date is not expected to be better than Apr 54. Tower erection was completed 6 Feb 54. Heating and lighting installation in tower has commenced. Tower electronic installation is expected to start 15 Feb 54. Communications installation progress has been slow due to breakdown of heating in buildings. However, major portion of equipment has been set up in receiver and transmitter buildings and wiring is in progress. The major portion of the antenna farms still remains to be completed.

N-24 - Goose Bay - Limited operation date for this site has been set back to approximately 1 Mar 54. This delay is due in part to late receipt of radome erection gear and pressure equipment plus a manufacturing error which resulted in mis-alignment of antenna sails which gave faulty height indication.

N-25 - Gander, N-27 - Cartwright, N-28 - Hopedale, N-29 - Saglek and N-31 - Frobisher

Essentially completed and capable of normal operations.

N-26 - St. Anthony - Winds of extremely high velocity resulted in undetermined damage to this site. Until such time as an accurate report on damage is received and re-supply of damaged equipment reviewed no limited operations date can be estimated.

N-30 - Resolution Island - Electronic installation is dependent on construction progress (see below). Estimated date of construction completion is 31 Aug 54.


Percent Completion

Estimated Date Complete

Operations Buildings


31 Aug 54

Tower #1


30 Jun 54

Tower #2


30 Jun 54

Tower #3


30 Jun 54

Transmitter Building


30 Jun 54

Receiver Building


31 Aug 54

Central Heating


31 Aug 54

Power Plant


31 Aug 54

Barracks and Mess


15 Aug 54

Supply Buildings


30 Jun 54



15 Aug 54

Water Supply


31 Jul 54



31 Jul 54



15 Aug 54

F : foundation - no steel erected.

E : percent of tower erected - foundation complete

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a - Tail Cables - Construction and splicing at the three locations, St. Johnís, Harmon and Gander, is progressing but slowly due to bad weather conditions.

b - Carrier System - Canadian National Telegraph Company has selected Northern Electric type "ON" carrier for installation. Their evaluation report is being reviewed for approval by Department of Defence Production (Canada). Engineering is progressing satisfactorily and if orders can be placed by the end of Feb 54, delivery is expected approximately for Sep 54 with installation to follow immediately. Partial carrier facilities are expected to be available by Dec 54.

c - Microwave System

Final contract with Bell Telephone Company of Canada has been signed. Pinetree Project Office and the management contractor have made preliminary study of the microwave system with a view to reducing construction to a minimum without prejudice to the Sep 55 target date, and a full report and recommendation will be made available early in February.

Construction - Site 118 is expected to be complete by 15 Feb 54.

Site 117 is expected to be complete in early March 54, except for the tower which due to extremely severe weather conditions is only 90 feet at present. However this will provide adequate height for testing. The top portion of the tower will be placed this spring.

Equipment - Satisfactory progress is being made on equipment co-ordination and component standardization.

d - Tropospheric Scatter

Broad specifications have been completed for the supply of equipment from R.E.L. and antenna from D.S. Kennedy Co., and the necessary letters of intent have been issued.

Preliminary siting studies are underway from topographic and other data available for the radar sites. A field party is being set up to complete final details as soon as conditions are favorable. Letters of intent have been issued to cover the supply of Cummins diesels for the required power supply. The design of ancillary equipment such as RF Feeders, Antenna feed horns, switching equipment, multiplex, etc., is under way.

Expediting meetings have been held with Western Electric Company and much useful information obtained.

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a - Main Equipments

AN/CPS-6B - Major portion of electronic equipment delivered to all five sites. Some minor critical items have not yet been supplied but are receiving special attention. Third sail modification kits are nearing completion and will be covered under Phase II of the Pinetree Master Packaging List. Shipments expected to start 5 Feb 54 and to be completed 19 Apr 54.

AN/FPS-3 - Deliveries completed with exception of minor test equipments.

AN/TPS-502 - Prototype accepted by design authority. Expect delivery of two production units in Feb 54. Delivery rate four per month thereafter. Delivery estimated completed Aug 54.

AN/FPS-502 - Production schedule remains same as noted in the Dec 53 report. Oct 54 - 2 units; Nov 54 - 4 units; Dec 54 - 6 units; Jan 55 - 6 units; Feb 55 - 4 units.

AN/GPA (?) - Video Mapping Units - Recent information from USAF HQ indicates further delays in delivery. Prototype tests scheduled Apr 54 and delivery to start Aug 54 with first twelve production units for Pinetree and the remainder allocated 50-50 between Canada and USA.

AN/GPX(502) - Allocation of portion to be furnished by USAF has been confirmed. Delivery expected April 54.

Radomes - 50 Foot - Twenty-two delivered with main radars. Spares being shipped to depots.

22 Foot - A new modified 22 foot radome has been designed for use with the AN/FPS-502 radar. The modified unit is suitable for both AN/TPS-502 and AN/FPS-502 radars. The original 22 foot radome can be used with AN/TPS-502 only. Production of the modified unit will commence on completion of the twenty-second 22 foot original design radome. Seventeen of the original design will be completed by 2 Mar 54. Delivery of the modified units will commence 9 Ma5 54 at rate of one per week.

ADCC Telephone Plant (NE-618) - Shipment will commence fourth week in Feb 54. Completion of shipments expected by Apr 54. Installation to start 1 Mar 54 and expected complete May 54.

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Recorders - Procurement directive issued by USAF to cover ten recorders in accordance with RCAF requirements as approved by Pinetree Office. Contract action should follow immediately.

Type 30 Tower De-Icing Equipment (Lamp Banks) - Contractual action completed by Department of Defence Production. Delivery forecast for Jun 54.

b - Spares - Operating and Depot

Status is similar to that published in last monthís report (No. 18 dated 15 Jan 54), with satisfactory progress being made in shipment of outstanding items.

c - Manuals(Under "Quality" W: Weston RCAF Depot - R: Rome USAF Depot)



Type of Manual Required

Quantity to Sites

Quantity to Depots




USAF T.O. with revisions applicable to Canadian manufactured equipment

2 each basic T.O. shipped with equipment

Reproducible revision data only required.


Canadian manufacturer supplying information for revisions to USAF manuals for both 6B and FPS-3 radars.


(same as above)










30 copies preliminary E.O. available Mar 54. Availability of final E.O. not known.






Expected available Oct 54.

IFF Equipment

(AN/GPX-6, GPX-7, GPX-(502), manuals supplied by USAF





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