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Pinetree Progress Reports
Report No. 25
Dated 15 August 1954

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a - Eastern Sites (Nos. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, and 9)

Main radar, IFF, internal telephone, air/ground/air and ground communications have been in operational use for some time. Back-up height-finder and back-up search radar facilities are to be installed as available, Temporary radio communications are being used at Site 5 (Chatham) until permanent facilities are completed in Nov 54.

b - Western Sites (Nos. 18, 35 and 36)

Of these three sites only Holberg (C-18) is operating (less the main radar IFF). Temporary radio communications are in use until completion of the permanent radio installation, now scheduled for Sep 54. The internal telephone plant is expected to be complete by 31 Aug 54. The height-finder (AN/TPS-502) has been shipped and installation is scheduled for completion by 15 Sep 54. Comox and Tofino (C-35 and C-36) will not have permanent main search facilities (AN/FPS-502) available until the third quarter of 1955 but temporary AN/CPS-5D search radars are scheduled for installation in Sep 54. The height-finder (AN/TPS-502) at each site is scheduled for installation the last quarter of this year. Radio communications are scheduled for completion 1 Oct 54 and internal telephone plant at Comox scheduled for Sep 54 and at Tofino for Oct 54.

2. RADAR EXTENSION PLAN - Interior of Canada


Sites C-10 (Ramore), C-14 (Pagwa), C-15 (Armstrong), C-16 (Sioux Lookout), C-17 (Beausejour), C-19 (Puntzi Mountain), C-20 (Baldy Hughes) and C-21 (Saskatoon Mountain).

All eight of these sites are in operation, with the exception of height-finders and back-up search radars. Installation of the height-finders (AN/TPS-502) are pending completion of tower roof repairs this summer. Back-up search facilities (AN/FPS-502) are scheduled for installation early in 1955.

b - RCAF Manned

Sites R6 (Ste. Marie), R11 (Halifax), R33 (Moisie), R34 (Sydney)

All sites are engaged in limited operations. Ste. Marie - (R-6) - Main radar (AN/CPS-6B) operating. Early warning (third sail) modification kit installation is to begin Jan 55. Back-up search radar (AN/FPS-502) is scheduled r delivery in Feb 55 and back-up height-finder (AN/TPS-502) installation should start Sep 54. Permanent radio and telephone communications are now installed. Halifax - (R-11) - The main radar (AN/CPS-6B) is operating and its third sail installation is to begin the latter part of Oct 54. The back-up height-finder (AN/TPS-502) will be installed at the same time. The back-up search facility (AN/FPS-502) will be available in Feb 55. Permanent radio and telephone facilities are now installed. Moisie - (Clarke City) - (R-33) and Sydney - R-34) - are substantially complete except for the height-finder and back-up search radar at Moisie and the back-up search radar at Sydney. Height-finder (AN/TPS-502) installation at Moisie will be completed as soon as the tower roof is repaired. The back-up search facility (AN/FPS-502) at both sites is due for delivery in Jan 55.

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3. RADAR EXTENSON PLAN - Newfoundland and Labrador Sites - (Nos.22 to 31 inclusive)

Nine of these ten Pinetree sites are in operation. The exception, Site N-30 (Resolution Island) is still in the construction stage and is scheduled for building completion by Nov 54. Electronic installation there is proceeding concurrent with building construction and limited operations may be possible 30 Sep 54, depending on building availability.

Back-up search radars (AN/FPS-502) are scheduled for delivery to six far northern sites during Oct-Nov 54. Delivery to N-25 (Gander) is set for Dec 54 and to N-22 (St. Johnís), N-23 (Stephenville), and N-24(Goose Bay) during Feb 55. Antennas for isolated sites N-26 (St. Anthony) through N-31 (Frobisher Bay) are being shipped by sea this summer.

All height-finders (AN/TPS-502) have been shipped to these sites and are now installed at sites N-27 (Cartwright) and N-28 (Hopedale) The schedule calls for all of them except N-22 (St. Johnís) to be installed by Nov 54. The latter is scheduled for early 1955.

The low frequency radio program status is as follows:


St. Johnís

Estimated complete Sep 54



Estimated complete 15 Aug 54.


Goose Bay

Estimated complete 15 Aug 54.


St. Anthony

Installation complete.



Installation complete.



Installation complete.



Completion date not yet known.


Resolution Island

Estimated complete mid-Oct 54.


Frobisher Bay

Estimated complete latter part of Aug 54.

At sites N-26 (St. Anthony) to N-31 (Frobisher Bay) inclusive, extreme weather conditions have necessitated re-designing and re-working of both power lines and outside telephone plant. At both N-29 (Saglek) and N-30 (Resolution Island) severe storm damage has been suffered by power lines and antennas. At N-29 (Saglek) the main radar, IFF, and inside telephone plant are operating. The HF, VHF and UHF radio communications were installed but fierce storms have repeatedly damaged power lines and antennas. At N-30 (resolution Island) the main radar is 35% installed (completed in Operations rooms and maintenance room) and should be ready for testing by 15 Sep 54. The radio communication facilities are not yet installed since the related buildings have just been completed. Some units of the inside telephone plant have been placed. The outside plant was about 75% complete then badly damaged by storms and is now being re-built.

4. REP TELECOMMUNICATION EQUIPMENT Ė STATUS (Outstanding equipment only. All others delivered).

AN/CPS-6B - Shipments to all five sites are now completed. Practically all of operating spares are delivered. Approximately 80% of depot spares have been delivered. The supplier advises that third sail modification kits have been shipped for progressive installation Aug 54 to Jan 55 to N-24 (Goose Bay), N-23 (Stephenville), R-11 (Halifax), N-22 (St. Johnís). Shipment to site R-6 (Ste. Marie) will follow later.

AN/TPS-502 - All twenty-two equipments will have been shipped to sites by fourth week of Aug 54. Ninety-five percent of operating spares are being shipped with main equipments: Remaining 5% will be shipped when available. Depot spares should be shipped by Dec 54.

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AN/FPS-502 - The production schedule is being maintained with no indication of delay. Schedule calls for two units in Oct 54, four in Nov 54, six in Dec 54, six in Jan 55 and four in Feb 55. Operating spares will be delivered concurrent with main equipments. Evaluation tests are to be carried out on the RCAF prototype at site C-4 (Edgar) during August.

AN/GPA-30 - Video Mapping Unit - Prototype approval expected by 30 Sep 54. Delivery at rate of 5 per month expected starting first of Feb 55. First 12 units are for Pinetree with remainder allocated 50-50 between Canada and USA.


(i) - AN/GPX-6 for AN/CPS-6B - Equipment delivered (including AN/UPX-6 with spares). Spares for AN/GPX-6 will be shipped Aug 54.

(ii) - IFF for AN/CPS-6B "third tail" modification - UPX-6, motor and capacitor, and modification kit CY-1312/UPX shipped to R-6 (Ste. Marie), R-11 (Halifax) and three NEAC sites. No information on availability of AS-295/UP until USAF requirement and supply survey completed.

(iii) - AN-GPX-7 for AN/FPS-3 - Equipment delivered (including AN/UPX-6 with spares). AN/GPX-7 spares will be shipped during Aug 54.

(iv) - AN/GPX-(502) for AN/FPS-502 - Twenty-two AN/UPX-6 units, and code co-ordinators KY-54 shipped to Canadian Arsenals Ltd. for incorporation in AN/FPS-502. Antennae AS-295/UP may possibly be available in Oct 54 but slippage is possible. One for prototype already shipped to Canadian Arsenals Ltd.

Recorders - USAF contract with Canadian Commercial Corporation now signed and requisition passed to Department of Defence Production (Canada). Procurement delayed with RCAF prototype approved.

Type 30 Tower Equipment

(i) - Junction boxes have been delivered and floodlights scheduled for delivery approximately 1 Sep 54..

(ii) - Lamp banks for de-icing - shipments to far northern sites made. Balance for ADC sites etc. are to follow shortly.


a - Tail Cables

Tail cables at St. Johnís (N-22) , Stephenville (N-23) and Gander N-25) are completed except for minor deficiencies and the cable to the microwave terminal at Gander.

b - Carrier System

Carrier and associated equipment - Procurement action has been taken to cover most of the "ON" carrier equipment. Approval has been given for the interconnecting equipment between "ON" cable carrier and other systems at the three terminal stations.

Power Plants - Procurement action has also been taken to cover most of the power equipment. Tenders for terminal switch gear have been received and are being evaluated. Approval has been given for additions to existing power plants at attended offices and orders are being processed. Drawings for the power distribution panels and alarm units at terminal stations are being prepared.

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Building Construction - Erection of new small buildings is 60% completed and large, unattended, powered stations are 75% complete. Building plans for Gander (N-25) have been approved and a bid is being awaited. All building construction is scheduled for completion in Sep 54.

Installation - Alarm and carrier specifications for the six existing repeater stations are now complete. Operational aspects of initial splicing work and transfer of working circuits to clear quad cables have been discussed by Pinetree Project Office, Canadian National Telegraphs and NEAC Headquarters.

Transmission - Work has started to determine condition of existing quad for the first "ON" system. Test specifications for initial splicing are complete and those for equipment placement tests and overall line-up are still in progress.

Outside Plant - Initial splicing began 9 Aug 54 at St. Johnís and Whitbourne. Another crew has started from Millertown Jct. Job specifications for splicing are now complete.

c - Microwave System

Equipment - It has been agreed between PPO and USAF Headquarters that construction on microwave sites 114, 115 and 116 will not go ahead this year. This is on the basis outlined in the June 22nd meeting in Ottawa, i.e., that the overall service date for the project would be extended to December 1955. On that basis Bell indicated that they would not require to commence construction until the Spring of 1955.

Sites 117 and 118 - A review of sites 117 and 118 shows the following: - To make the sites complete the living quarters would have to be erected at both sites and the tower completed at 117. Alternatively, if the sites are not to be used they should be made secure and possibly some of the materials should be salvaged. It was agreed that the Bell would prepare for PPO a brief report showing the following: 1. Status of material on site. 2. Cost of making secure, i.e. storing material and erecting security fencing. This cost should be compared with the continuing cost of guarding the sites. 3. Cost of completing sites. The work to be done, time factors, etc.

Status - Bell have been requested by PPO to examine the situation with respect to microwave. Further construction on additional microwave sites has been postponed until 1955. It is urgent however that conclusions be reached as to action with respect to equipment procurement. It was agreed that Bell would make a report to Pinetree as soon as possible covering the following items:

  1. Work involved and time schedule of providing microwave equipment to prototype stage. What equipment will be proved on the systemís link this fall and when will this approval process be completed?
  2. What is a realistic view on delivery and on cost of the production items.

On the assumption that the "Pole Vault" equipment is now expected to provide facilities to fill the present requirements, the USAF must decide whether to discontinue further work beyond prototype proving on the microwave equipment or to continue the procurement on the basis that it will be useful in the NEAC portion of Mongoose. The latter would involve some redirection of engineering. In the opinion of Dr. VonBaeyer, who has prepared a report on the subject, the equipment might well prove suitable for the Mongoose requirement when this becomes known. Bell has agreed to provide the above report as early as possible.

It is expected that all equipment being developed by C.G.E. and Canadian Marconi Company will be made available to the test link during September and October. Systemís tests will be actively pursued and as equipment is proven to the satisfaction of Bell Engineers and the Design Authority the associated design drawings will be signed off by the Design Authority. It is expected that if no major faults appear in the equipment these systems tests should reach the point where equipment could be approved except for minor modification by about December 1st.

d - Tropospheric Scatter System - Pole Vault

All "Scatter" sites are now fixed and have been incorporated in construction plans. Test equipment engineered by R.E.L for noise loading testing of radio system performance proved very effective and arrangements were made for R.E.L. to provide this type of

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equipment as standard station test equipment at each "Pole Vault" site. Bell Engineers assisted the Inspection Services representatives in the inspection of equipment at R.E.L. Despite the fact that Inspection Services were shorthanded, equipment was cleared in time to meet shipments satisfactorily. All equipment for the top 3 sites had been received at Hingham from R.E.L. shortly after July 15th and partial shipments for other sites had been made from New York. R.E.L. delivery schedules look very satisfactory. Equipment from Andrews Corporation, Russel-Hipwell, Cummins Engines Company, Eseco and Federal Electric is being received on time and no difficulty is anticipated in meetings schedules. Canadian General Electric are trying to improve deliveries on multiplex equipment for the lower sites which at present will not be all in Montreal until September 25th. However this should not interfere with the installation schedule.

With respect to D.S. Kennedy, deliveries are late. Full antenna equipment has been shipped to site 151 and partial equipment for 142 and 133 (N-30 Resolution Island and N-29 Saglek). but Kennedy are behind hand in completion if supporting structures. This was in part due to structural design difficulties mentioned in previous report and in part to the fact that a 40,000 lbs. Shipment of aluminum tubing from their supplier had to be rejected. Our engineers and those of MIT are endeavoring to co-operate fully with the Kennedy Company but there is still considerable reservation in our minds as to how satisfactory the antennae structures will prove on site. Every effort will be made to expedite deliveries.

During the month Bell Engineers co-operated with D.N.D.-I.S. in setting up inspection procedures for antenna feed horns. Studies and tests were made in co-operation with National Research Council with respect to developing an adequate de-icing arrangement for the feed-horn. A satisfactory design has not been found and the decision was taken that during initial operation any de-icing would have to be performed by the field forces. National Research Council is preparing a report on the tests and this will be reviewed thoroughly in an effort to evolve as simple an arrangement for de-icing as possible. A number of meetings and discussions were held with the Design Authority to settle outstanding problems resulting in circuit layout and co-ordination with the ON Carrier circuits. Agreement was reached as to circuit layout procedures and record and the preparation of circuit orders is underway. Installation specifications for 4 sites have been completed and the remainder are now being carried to completion. Drawings are being issued as fast as possible. It has been found necessary to take on additional draughting help to keep up with the work load.

The training courses mentioned in previous reports have progressed very satisfactorily. The first course was wound up on August 6th and the men are now on vacation or in some cases back assisting in equipment engineering work prior to being sent on site with the installers. The second course which started on July 19th is scheduled for completion September 3rd. We are pleased to not that the USAF personnel, particularly those assigned to the course have proven very satisfactory. As indicated previously, Major F. Riddell of the Canadian Army has given lectures on arctic survival to both courses.

Training on actual equipment has been given both at the R.E.L. Plant and at Canadian General Electric Plant. With regards installation, the Northern Electric Company are working closely with Bell Engineers in planning installation work. This includes visits to some of the manufacturers. Northern have now assured us that they expect to be able to have installation completed at all sites by December 15th on the basis of the presently scheduled building ready dates. Northern will have installation teams available for 3 stations September 1st and the necessary installation tools are being shipped with Bell equipment. Arrangements have been made for checking equipment on receipt at the sites to determine whether there was any damage on route. Current reports are that all equipment for site 151 has been received in satisfactory condition.


Contractors were selected for two groups of 3 sites. The contractor for sites N-31 (Frobisher Bay), N-29 (Saglek) and N-28 (Hopedale) is AF Byers Company, and for N-27 (Cartwright), N-26 (St. Anthony) and N-24 (Goose Bay) the TDK Rooney Company. Contractors were selected after careful review of tenders submitted from 6 contractors in one case, and 5 in the other. As indicated in previous reports, it is thought advisable to consider placing the contract for N-30 (Resolution Island) with Drake-Merritt Company on a firm price basis since they were already committed to the major project at that site. A quotation was received from Drake-Merritt which was not satisfactory to this Company. Considerable discussion ensued early in August with the Drake-Merritt Company with the result that agreement was reached at a lower figure at a meeting in Montreal on August 6th. Drake-Merritt will therefore be Contractor for N-30 (Resolution Island). Tenders for the 3 southern sites will be called for within the next few days. There has been a minor delay in completion of these tenders due to a change from wood post construction for the smaller buildings and corridors to concrete construction. Estimates of cost to provide sleeping quarters at sites N-24 (Goose Bay), N-26 (St. Anthony) to N-31 (Frobisher Bay) and complete living accommodation at N-25 (Gander) were submitted to P.P.O.

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Site N-31 (Frobisher Bay) - Contractor - Byers Construction Company. Siting Engineering and Inspector on site July 7th, existing construction camp turned over to Bell. Minor rehabilitation completed and camp in operation. Crawley McCracken is catering and arrangements will be made to billet and mess Drake-Merritt personnel. A labor force of 35 is now on site. A small amount of cement was on site but all other construction materials were shipped from Montreal and reached site August 14th. US Corps of Engineersí heavy equipment has been checked and found satisfactory.

The Field Supervision Office was established at Goose Bay during the month in quarters leased from the RCAF and reconditioned under contract with TDK Rooney. Supervising Engineer, together with Headquarters Staff, was established at Goose Bay with supervision over all six northern sites, i.e. N-31 Frobisher Bay, N-30 Resolution Island, N-29 Saglek, N-28 Hopedale, N-27 Cartwright and N-24 Goose Bay.

Site N-30 (Resolution Island) - Contract being negotiated with Drake-Merritt as previously noted. Site Engineer and Inspector on site July 21st. No left-over material. Posts and sills had been delivered to site and additional shipments of construction equipment coming in during week of August 15th.

Site N-29 (Saglek) - Contractor - Byers Construction Company. Siting Engineers and Inspector on site July 7th. Construction camp operative July 27th for billeting. Messing being supplied by 826th E.A.B. Battalion with Bell supplying kitchen. Labor force of 27 now on site. Materials for sills and joints are on site together with small amount of cement and posts. Balance of construction material and equipment being shipped from Boston and Montreal. US Corps of Engineers heavy machinery has now been repaired ready for service.

Site N-28 (Hopedale) - Contractor - Byers Construction Company. Siting Engineers and Inspector on site July 7th. Construction reconditioning was required on construction camp. Camp has been operative since July 27th with Crawley McCracken as caterer. Plans under way to billet and mess Drake-Merritt personnel. A labor force of approximately 20 is now on site. Construction material is in transit via SS Placentia. Extensive repairs required on construction equipment and a further 40 man days estimated as being required as of August 5th.

Site N-27 (Cartwright) - Contractor - TDK Rooney. Siting Engineer and Inspector on site July 28th. Advance party to prepare construction camp on site August 6th. Crawley McCracken to cater. Planning to billet and mess Drake-Merritt personnel. Clements panels have arrived on site and balance of construction material is in transit. Electronic equipment to be shipped September 1st. Inspection of construction equipment had not started as of August 5th.

Site N-26 (St. Anthony) - Status the same as N-27 (Cartwright) except that electronic equipment will be shipped approximately October 1st.

Site N-24 (Goose Bay) - Contractor - TDK Rooney. Field Supervisory staff on site July 27th . Investigations are underway with respect to construction camp to ensure that arrangements will be satisfactory. Clements panels are on site with remainder of construction material in transit. Electronic equipment, diesel and antennae, to be shipped from Boston September 1st. Contractor has men at Goose Bay available for transfer to this job or to N-26 (St. Anthony) and N-27 (Cartwright).

Sites N-22 (St. Johnís), N-23 (Stephenville) and N-25 (Gander) - Supervising Field Office established at Gander. Engineers and Inspectors are on sites and preliminary arrangements underway to establish camps.

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