Pinetree Progress Reports

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Pinetree Progress Reports
Report No. 29
Dated 8 December 1954

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a - Eastern Sites (Nos. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, and 9)

Main radar and communications have been operational for more than a year Permanent back-up height-finder and back-up search radar facilities will be installed as available.

b - Western Sites (Nos. 18, 35 and 36)

Holberg (C-18) - Primary radar facility is operating. Communications is essentially completed. Installation on height-finder is dependant on tower roof repairs.

Comox and Tofino (C-35 and C-36) will not have permanent main search radar (AN/FPS-502) available until the third quarter of 1955 but a temporary AN/CPS-5D radar, loaned by USAF, has been delivered to each site and installation is well under way. Height-finders (AN/TPS-502) are scheduled for installation before the end of this year. Communications are substantially completed except permanent outside plant at Tofino which will not be completed until Mar 55.

2. RADAR EXTENSION PLAN - Interior of Canada


Sites C-10 (Ramore), C-14 (Pagwa), C-15 (Armstrong), C-16 (Sioux Lookout), C-17 (Beausejour), C-19 (Puntzi Mountain), C-20 (Baldy Hughes) and C-21 (Saskatoon Mountain).

All eight sites are in operation. Height-finders (AN/TPS-502) are now in operation at sites C-14 (Pagwa) and C-17 (Beausejour). Installation of the remaining height-finders will follow completion of repairs to tower roofs scheduled for completion during December 54 and January 55. Back-up search facilities are scheduled for installation early in 1955. Electronic installation at these sites will be complete to the authorized scale when the AN/GPA-30 video mapping units have been installed.

b - RCAF Manned Sites R6 (Ste. Marie), R11 (Halifax), R33 (Moisie), R34 (Sydney)

All sites are engaged in limited operations. Main radars and communications are complete.

Ste. Marie - (R-6) - AN/CPS-6B third sail (early warning) modification installation scheduled for Jan 55. Back-up search radar (AN/FPS-502) is scheduled for February and March 55.

Halifax - (R-11) - Third sail and back-up height-finder (AN/TPS-502) installation should be completed by 15 Dec 54. Back-up search facility (AN/FPS-502) is now scheduled for delivery in Feb 55.

Moisie - (Clarke City) - (R-33) and Sydney - R-34) - Back-up search radars (AN/FPS-502) are scheduled for delivery in late February 55. Height-finders (AN/TPS-502) are installed. Electronic installation at these sites will be complete to the authorized scale when the AN/GPA-30 video mapping units have been installed.

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3 - RADAR EXTENSON PLAN - Newfoundland and Labrador Sites - (Nos.22 to 31 inclusive)

All ten stations are operating. The balance of the back-up search equipments for sites N-29 (Saglek), N-31 (Frobisher Bay), N-26 (St. Anthony), N-27 (Cartwright), N-30 (Resolution Island) and N-28 (Hopedale) are scheduled for delivery from the manufacturer during Dec 54 and Jan 55 and N-24 (Goose Bay) in March 55 in this order. Arrangements have been made to air lift this equipment into these sites. The equipment for N-25 (Gander) is scheduled for delivery in Feb 55 and o sites N-22 (St. Johnís and N-23 (Stephenville) in Mar 55. Parts of AN/FPS-502 antenna and pressurizing equipment for both AN/FPS-502and AN/TPS-502 equipment were delivered to the sites during the summer of 54/ Third sail modification (early warning) kits have been installed and accepted at N-23 (Stephenville), N-24 (Goose Bay) and N-22 (St. Johnís) during the last reporting period. Electronic installation at these sites will be complete to the authorized scale when the AN/GPA-30 video mapping units have been installed.

4. REP TELECOMMUNICATION EQUIPMENT Ė STATUS - (Outstanding equipment only. All others delivered).

AN/CPS-6B - Main equipment is complete at sites R-6 (Ste. Marie) and R-11 (Halifax) Major spares now complete at R-11 (Halifax) with the exception of one box. Major spares still to be shipped to R-6 (Ste. Marie)

AN/TPS-502 - Completed except for depot spares due in Dec 54.

AN/FPS-502 - Four units in Dec 54, five units in Jan 55, seven in Feb 55, and six units in March 55.

AN/GPA-30 - Video Mapping Unit - Delivery forecast calls for two units in Jan 55, ten units in Feb 55, ten in March.

IFF - AS/295-UP antennas for AN/CPS-6B third sail IFF and AN/GPX-501 (AN/FPS-502 IFF) equipments; delivery to be completed from USAF sources by mid-Dec 54.

Recorders - Order for this equipment will be placed 20 Dec 54. Delay due to non-acceptance of prototype. Firm delivery dates are being obtained and will be notified when received.


"ON" CARRIER - Delivery of power units for unattended repeater stations have been delayed due to non-receipt of contractor relays from Struthers-Dunn USA. Relays from Struthers-Dunn also affect terminal power equipment although this would not affect completion of first system. DDP is making every effort to expedite in order that program completion dates may be met.

STANDARD MICROWAVE PROGRAM - All further action except equipment prototype and testing has been placed in abeyance. Information necessary to terminate contract is being assembled.

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POLE VAULT - All major equipment for Pole Vault system is on site at all locations. Minor transit damage to equipments has been encountered necessitating the replacement of a few items. Improper packing of some of the Diesel spares has resulted in a loss of about 50% of these spares and their replacement is underway. Negotiations to settle this problem are proceeding with the supplier.

Progress of the work at each site is shown on the chart forming page 4 of this report. It now appears that sites N-24 (Goose Bay) N-26 (St. Anthony), N-27 (Cartwright, N-28 (Hopedale) N-29 (Saglek) and N-31 (Frobisher Bay) will be complete on schedule. Some slippage has occurred at N-30 (Resolution Island) but every effort is being put forward to meet the schedule date. Installation has just started at site N-25 (Gander) and all possible measures are being taken to speed completion. It does not appear possible, however, to complete before mid-January, 1955. Because of this concentration of effort on N-25 (Gander) it may mean that completion at N-22 (St. Johnís) and N-23 (Stephenville) north even to the point of adversely affecting sites N-22 (St. Johnís) and N-23 (Stephenville).

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