Pinetree Line Progress Reports

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Pinetree Progress Reports
Report No. 30
Dated 15 January 1955

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a - Eastern Sites (Nos. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, and 9)

Complete except for permanent back-up height-finder and back-up search radar facilities which will be installed as available.

b - Western Sites (Nos. 18, 35 and 36)

Holberg (C-18) - Primary radar facility operating. Communications is essentially completed. Installation on height-finder is dependant on tower roof repairs.

Comox and Tofino (C-35 and C-36) Installation of temporary radar AN/CPS-5D is progressing satisfactorily. Permanent radar (AN/FPS-502) not available until last quarter 1955. Installation of height-finders (AN/TPS-502) now scheduled for Feb 1955. Communications substantially completed, final completion Comox for March 1955 and Tofino May 1955.

2. RADAR EXTENSION PLAN - Interior of Canada


Sites C-10 (Ramore), C-14 (Pagwa), C-15 (Armstrong), C-16 (Sioux Lookout), C-17 (Beausejour), C-19 (Puntzi Mountain), C-20 (Baldy Hughes) and C-21 (Saskatoon Mountain).

All eight sites are operational and all electronic and communications equipments have been installed with the exception of the AN/TPS-502 back-up height finder; AN/FPS-502 back-up search radar, and AN/GPA-30 video mapping equipments. The AN/TPS-502 has been installed and accepted at Sites C-14, C-17 and C-19; and installed and scheduled for acceptance at Sites C-15 and C-16. The TPS-502 at site C-10 is scheduled for completion in February 1955, and the TPS-502 will be installed at C-20 and C-21 upon completion of repairs to the tower roof and modification of the power plants. Installation of the AN/FPS-502 will commence at the ADC sites during the month of January and the program will be completed by April 1955. Video mapping was scheduled for installation concurrently with the AN/FPS-502; however, production slippage’s may interfere with this schedule..

b - RCAF Manned Sites R6 (Ste. Marie), R11 (Halifax), R33 (Moisie), R34 (Sydney)

All sites are operational.

Ste. Marie - (R-6) - AN/CPS-6B third sail (early warning) modification installation scheduled for last week January 1955. Back-ups (AN/FPS-502) and (AN/FPS-502) scheduled for February and March 55.

Halifax - (R-11) - Third sail and back-up (AN/TPS-502) now installed. Back-up (AN/FPS-502) scheduled for March 1955.

Moisie - (Clarke City) - (R-33) and Sydney – (R-34) - Back-up (AN/FPS-502) scheduled for late February 55. Installation of AN/GPA-30 video mapping units dependent on factory delivery.

3 - RADAR EXTENSON PLAN - Newfoundland and Labrador Sites - (Nos.22 to 31 inclusive)

All sites are operating and all Electronic and Communications equipments have been installed with the exception of the AN/TPS-502 at site N-30 (Resolution Island), and the AN/FPS-502 search radar equipment and AN/GPA-30 video mapping equipments at all sites. It is expected that. The AN/TPS-502 at N-30 (Resolution Island) will be completed during the month of April 1955. Installation of the AN/FPS-502 equipments is scheduled to begin during the month of February 1955 and be completed by May 1955. The AN/GPA-30 video equipment was originally scheduled for installation concurrently with the AN/FPS-502, but installation may be delayed due to recent production slippage’s. Acceptance of the LF radio facilities at Sites N-24 (Goose Bay) and N-26 (St. Anthony) through N-31 (Frobisher Bay) is scheduled for the month of February


AN/CPS-6B - Complete except for approximately 5% spares. Final shipment Deport & Operating spares scheduled for 15 Feb 55.

AN/TPS-502 - Depot spares 90% completed.

AN/FPS-502 - Two units delivered in Dec 54. Balance scheduled for delivery by end of March 55.

AN/GPA-30 - Factory delivery forecast calls for two units in Feb., ten units in Mar and ten units April 55.

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IFF - AS/295-UP antennas for 6B third sail IFF and AN/GPX-501 components delivered to CAL Dec 54 and will be shipped with main equipments (AN/FPS-502).

Recorders - Expect order will be placed by end Jan 55. Delivery schedule to follow.


"ON" CARRIER - Delivery of power units for unattended repeater stations scheduled to commence Feb 55 with completion of first carrier system mid Mar 55. Terminal Power equipment scheduled for completion end of April with completion remainder of carrier system by end of May 55.

POLE VAULT - Construction on the six northern sites is almost complete from an operational standpoint. Minor incompleted items will be gradually cleared up by a small construction clean-up force at each site. The four southern sites are rapidly approaching completion. Equipment testing is well under way and the overall system tests are expected to be completed by about February 15th. During month of December, two-way communications on the order wire circuit was established between sites N-24 (Goose Bay) and N-27 (Cartwright), N-24 (Goose Bay) and
N-28 (Hopedale), N-27(Cartwright) through N-24 (Goose Bay) to N-28 (Hopedale) and one way communication from N-31 (Frobisher Bay) towards N-30 (Resolution Island). The supplier of diesel spare parts will replace at his expense, the parts received in damaged condition due to improper packing.

MICROWAVE - A report of the management contractor, indicating costs and schedules involved in closing-out this contract at the prototype stage, is in the process of preparation and will be forwarded by mid-January 55.

PROTOTYPE TEST LINK - Installation work is progressing on the test link. Prodelin transmission lines have been installed at both Montreal and Chambly and have been pressurized at both locations. Antennas have been installed at the Chambly site and those in Montreal are in transit. Two partially-equipped sub-carrier racks have been received from CGE. The remainder of the panels for these racks are scheduled for delivery by the end of January. Three harnesses and terminal strips for these partially-equipped racks are on hand. Two duplexer racks and one sub-carrier rack are in transit from CGE. The Canadian Marconi Company is shipping two local order wire and diversity control racks. Five fault alarm racks are scheduled for delivery about January 17th. This will complete delivery of equipment under contract with Canadian Marconi Company. Westinghouse have completed breadboard stage and equipment is undergoing tests. Changes in design revealed by tests are being made. At the Montreal site, all multiplex equipment is in place with exception of the patch bay. Cabling is about 80% completed. The patch bay was scheduled to arrive from Standard Telephone and Cables. Certain panels of speech multiplex equipment have been removed from the test link and shipped to site N-29 (Saglek) to replace a shipment shortage there. Replacements are being provided from the General Electric Company in England. The installation has progressed sufficiently to permit testing of the multiplex equipment immediately on receipt of GE test equipment in January.
Most of the power equipment for the microwave system is now on hand in Montreal. All the battery driven dc motor-ac alternator sets have been received from the manufacturer with the exception of one which was retained for a final test. Shipments of ventilating equipment has begun. The prototype lubricating oil tank was rejected by DND/IS, and has now been redesigned and modification is under way. The first of a group of twenty-four selenium-type rectifiers which was received for testing has been referred back to the manufacturer for a modification which will improve its charging characteristics.

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Pole Vault (Scatter System) Progress Chart showing construction progress at radar sites.

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Chart showing relative progress of sites and their capability of operating in a limited capacity.

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Chart showing Equipment Requirements Covered by USAF Contracts.