Grostenquin, France

G/C ME Pollard

Extracts from 2 Wing Historical Reports

The second Commanding Officer, Group Captain ME Pollard DSO DFC AFC CD, 32 of Montreal, PQ, became the Commanding Officer of RCAF Station Grostenquin on 28 Nov 1952, succeeding G/C JKF MacDonald.

G/C Pollard entered the Royal Air Force in October 1938 transferring to the RCAF in November 1944. While serving with the RAF, he flew Lysaders and Blenheim, Boston and Mosquito bombers, becoming Commanding Officer 107 Squadron RAF in 1943.  Transferring to the RCAF he was made Wing Commander Bomber Operations in 84 Bomber Group. During his wartime career he flew 2 1/2 operational tours consisting of 84 Bomber missions.

Returning to Canada early in 1946, he was assigned to the Directorate of Postings and Careers at AFHQ and in 1949 entered Staff College. In July 1950 he was appointed Officer Commanding 435 transport Squadron at Edmonton and in August 1952 he was assigned overseas as Director of Operations and Planning with 4th Allied Tactical Air Force.

G/C Pollard is married and has two children, a son age nine and a daughter age five. His wife and family are residing in Montreal.

27 Nov 52

Farewell party for G/C MacDonald and welcome to G/C Pollard was held in the Mess.

28 Nov 52

G/C Pollard assumed command of 2 (F) Wing RCAF.

22 May 53

CO held his regular weekly conference. Messrs. P Domenachak, R Blanc and J Petil of the French Civil Aeronautics Board, Paris, visited the unit and discussed operation procedures with the CO and W/C Flying. G/C ME Pollard was cleared off the unit prior to his posting to Air Division HQ, Metz, where he is to become Senior Air Staff Officer.

25 May 53

G/C ME Pollard departed from the unit on posting to Air Division HQ, Metz, where he will be employed as SASO. W/C EHM Walsh assumed temporary command of the unit pending the arrival of the new CO, G/C F Weiser, who is SOGT at Training Command HQ, Trenton. Prior to his departure, G/C Pollard made recommendations to Air Division HQ for four officers, 13 airmen and one airwoman for the Queen Elizabeth II Coronation Medal.

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