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Welcome to the 2 (F) Wing Grostenquin France !

The Background and Political Climate

The Physical Locations:

  • RCAF Station Grostenquin

    This is the index page for RCAF Station Grostenquin. You will find a number of options in this area such as photos, area map, history, crests, database, nominal roll and an internal message area with a number of headings. Not all the detail is complete. If you have information that can fill in the gaps please consider contributing to this site.

  • Assorted photos and detail specific to "Buildings and Sections" at 2 Wing

    This area makes use of buildings (as they existed circa 1958) and provides a combination of photos and detail specific to "Buildings and Sections" at 2 Wing, Grostenquin France.

  • Aerial maps, diagrams and photos of 2 Wing Grostenquin

    Check out this assortment of material to see what once existed at Grostenquin. We have cross referenced buildings with associated photos in this area.

  • 1 Air Division, Metz France

    Metz France was the location of a number of lodger units as 1 Air Division HQ, Support Unit (SU) Metz, 61 AC&W Squadron, and 601 Telecom Squadron to name a few.

  • RCAF Military Cemetery - Choloy

    We take great pride in the detail which is available for the RCAF Military Cemetery located at Choloy. We have obtained photos of all the grave markers of Canadian military and civilian personnel that were buried at Choloy between 1953 and the close of the Air Division.


  • Miscellaneous

    This section serves a gathering place for an assortment of items that are intended to bring back memories.




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