Grostenquin, France

Laundry and Dry Cleaning

The following detail has been extracted from a 1957 copy of the "Be a Good Canadian Overseas" booklet.

Dry cleaning may be done through French sources, but generally personnel use the modern dry cleaning and laundry plant located on the station where the quality of workmanship is good. Your clothes must be delivered to the laundy with a coat hangar.

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  1. Extracts from 2 Wing Historical Reports pertaining to the Laundry.
    Courtesy National Archives of Canada.

  2. FS H Dore looks at a stain on a uniform at the Station Laundry - 18 February 1961.
    Courtesy Canadian Forces Joint Imagery Centre PL-134110.

  3. Exterior view of the 2 Wing Station Laundry and Dry Cleaning building - 4 March 1960.
    Courtesy Canadian Forces Joint Imagery Centre PL-134111.

  4. Laundry building after a light snowfall - 11 December 1952.
    Courtesy Tom Wylie.

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