Grostenquin, France

Fire Hall

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  1. Extracts from 2 Wing Historical Reports pertaining to the Fire Hall.
    Courtesy National Archives of Canada.

  2. Vehicles parked in the Fire Hall - June 1963.
    Courtesy Earle Lindsay.

  3. Fire Hall personnel practicing their skills - July 1962.
    Courtesy Len Sturch.

  4. 2 Wing fire fighters hard at work - May 1959.
    Courtesy Ted Hackett.

  5. 2 Wing fire fighters on the job - May 1959.
    Courtesy Ted Hackett.

  6. Exercise Carte Blanche. (L-R) Cpl Red Sweeney, LACs George Cowan, Anson Savage and Eric Gallant - June 1955.
    Courtesy DND PL82278.

  7. View of the Fire Hall at 2 Wing Grostenquin - April 1955.
    Courtesy Garry Romano.

  8. Fire Fighters passing the time away. (L-R) Cpl Cam Jarvis, LAC Morgan, LAC Robinson, LAC Jim Lockhart - October 1953.
    Courtesy Ray Walker.

  9. Jim Lockhart with a large bottle obtained from a Cafe in Faulquemont - September 1953.
    Courtesy Ray Walker.

  10. Robinson and Pritchard with the bottle outside of the Fire Hall - September 1953.
    Courtesy Ray Walker.

  11. (L-R) Fire Fighters Pritchard and Jim Lockhart in barracks - September 1953.
    Courtesy Ray Walker.

  12. Fire Fighters sitting on the Fire Hall steps. (L-R) Cpl Cam Jarvis, LAC Robinson, LAC Cease Rowe, LAC Pritchard - August 1953.
    Courtesy Ray Walker.

  13. The Fire Hall (building with the double bay doors) - August 1953.
    Courtesy Paul Landry.

  14. 2 Wing Fire Fighters - May 1953.
    The rest of the story.
    Courtesy Ron Rockey.

  15. Unidentified French national with Gerry O'Keefe by the Fire Truck - November 1952.
    Courtesy Ray Walker.

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