Grostenquin, France

Wing Operations
Weather Office and Switchboard

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  1. Extracts from 2 Wing Historical Reports pertaining to Wing Operations.
    Courtesy National Archives of Canada.

  2. The main entrance to the Wing Operations building - May 1962.
    This building housed the weather office, the station switchboard, Flight Safety and Wing Operations and was located across the street from the Wing Headquarters building.
    Courtesy Ren L'Ecuyer.

  3. Sgt Ray Redford was the Meteorology section head - August 1961.
    Courtesy Han VanLeeuwen.

  4. LAC Ren L'Ecuyer working in Wing Operations - October 1960.
    Courtesy Ren L'Ecuyer.

  5. Unidentified switchboard operator - July 1960.
    Courtesy Donald Hodgson.

  6. A/C Gilchrist tours the Wing Headquarters bunker - 11 February 1960.
    Courtesy National Archives of Canada.

  7. General Norstad from AAFCE visits Wing Operations - 24 September 1954.
    Courtesy National Archives of Canada.

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