Grostenquin, France

Wing Armament Section

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  1. Wing Armament section personnel - January 1963.
    Courtesy Ken Toews.

  2. F/O Ken Toews, Armament Officer - January 1963.
    Courtesy Al Kennerley.

  3. Wing Armament Christmas party held in the Social Room of the Wing Theatre - December 1956.
    (L-R) - "Granny" Pierce, "Sonny" Erickson, Ruby Jackson (red dress), Glenn Goodman, Moe Ewing, unknown.
    Courtesy Don Norrie.

  4. Front entrance to the Wing Armament building - May 1956.
    Courtesy Don Norrie.

  5. The sign on the Wing Armament building - May 1956.
    Courtesy Don Norrie.

  6. Wing Armament Section as seen from Cpl Bill Hay's barracks - October 1954.
    Courtesy Heather Hay.

  7. Cpl Bill Hay and two unidentified local "grass cutters" - October 1954.
    The rest of the story.
    Courtesy Heather Hay.

  8. View from the back door of the Armament Section - October 1954.
    This old barn and farmhouse were on the station property and were used as a storehouse.
    Courtesy Heather Hay.

  9. Hard at work in the Armament section - April 1953.
    Courtesy Ted Frost.

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