Grostenquin, France

Wing Supply Section

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  1. Extracts from 2 Wing Historical Reports pertaining to the Wing Supply Section.
    Courtesy National Archives of Canada.

  2. Supply Staff at 2 Wing Grostenquin - April 1963.
    Fourth row (L-R) - LAC Lee, LAC Arnold, LAC Dubreuil, LAC Fitzpatrick, Cpl Bechamp, LAC Helmkay, LAC McLaughlin, LAC Addison, LAC John Gaynes, LAC Johnson, LAC Leonard, LAC Perry, Mr Klein, Mr Muller, Mr L Grandjean, Mr Dudot. Third row (L-R) - Mr H Grandjean, Mr Ritz, Mr Zimmer, LAW Best, LAW Ingras, Mrs Milotte, Mrs Collier, Mrs Morin, Mrs Lee, LAW Ducharme, Mrs Stavert, Mrs McEachern, Mr Braune, Mr Vecho, Mr Schreiner, Mr Ewart. Second row (L-R) - Sgt Coallier, Sgt Jones, Sgt Clow, Sgt Clergy, FS Groulx, WO2 Desbiens, F/L Wilson, S/L Racine, F/L Cummings, F/O Ralph, FS Devereaux, Sgt Bustin, Sgt Brown, Sgt Morin, Cpl Patterson, Cpl Stalvert, Cpl McCaully. Front row (L-R) LAC Aitken, LAC Lalonde, LAC Boyles, LAC Hilton, Cpl Cahill, LAC Tarrant, LAC McMillan, Cpl Kelly, LAC Bowes, Cpl Giles, Cpl Deziel, Cpl Sturgeon, Cpl Poulin, Cpl White. Missing from photo: Cpl Lowther, Cpl Fielding, Cpl Harms, Cpl Lafferty, Cpl Richardson, LAC Cousins, LAC Levesque, LAC Savoie, LAC Simon, Mr Hamedi, Mr Lang.
    Courtesy John Gaynes.

  3. Larger image of the Supply Staff at 2 Wing Grostenquin - April 1963.
    Courtesy John Gaynes.

  4. F/C P Poulin checking "airspeed" indicator in the Supply Section - 11 July 1960.
    Courtesy Canadian Forces Joint Imagery Centre PL-127869.

  5. S/L Lemon with an unidentified Supply Sgt and some Algerians - March 1953.
    Courtesy Gerry Cann.

  6. The Algerians (Arabs) got on well with the RCAF. There was no great friendship between the French and the Algerians at the time - March 1953.
    Courtesy Gerry Cann.

  7. More Algerians employed at the Supply Section - March 1953.
    Courtesy Gerry Cann.

  8. S/L Lemon of Supply (back row 2nd left), with personnel from the Supply Section and a couple of Algerians - March 1953.
    Courtesy Gerry Cann.

  9. Incoming supplies. The paper work got lost for this shipment and we had no idea what was in the crates - March 1953.
    Courtesy Gerry Cann.

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