Grostenquin, France

1954 – Historical Narrative – National Archives of Canada

Station Historical Record
2 (Fighter) Wing, RCAF
Grostenquin, Moselle, France
Period 1 Jun 54 – 30 Nov 54

1 Jun 54

Overcast, brief periods of sun. Nil flying except one or two as maintenance are busily engaged in completion of a major inspection of the new Mk Vs before they are allotted to the squadrons. Nearly all Mk IIs have been flown to Ringway, England, for major inspection before being allotted to Greece and Turkey. CO held his regular weekly conference. Mr. Waple of NATO HQ Information Services visited the unit as well as F/O AE Graham of Air Div HQ.

2 Jun 54

Weather cleared considerably, slight overcast. Nil flying as major inspections still underway. Regular barrack block inspection carried out. S/L N Hoye visited unit from Air Div HQ and conferred with CTechO on technical matters. Dr. JV Whitehead, civilian medical officer reported for duty from 3 Wing. He will replace Dr. Halford who is posted to 3 Wing. CO accompanied the AOC to Paris where they were guests at a reception given by M Leduc, Chef of the French Allied Mission. They returned the same night.

3 Jun 54

Clear and cool. Long periods of sunshine. Aircraft, i.e., new Mk V Sabres are being gradually accepted and put into flying duties. Long week end holiday on 7 Jun being cancelled until operational aircraft maintenance and acceptance tests are all completed. CO departed by air to attend reception being given by AOC, 1 Air Div for General Jouhaud, Commanding General French Air Forces in Germany.

4 Jun 54

Excellent weather, clear and cool, intermittent rain storms and thunder. Aircraft state improving and local routine flying executed. S/L N Hoye of Air Div reported in on technical matters and conferred with the CTechO. Camera crew from NATO HQ composed of Messrs Waple, Bayliss, Lilottier, Allain and Reuchet commenced shooting film on RCAF activities for a documentary picture. CO flew to England on business connected with the Station Store.

5 Jun 54

Cool, very dull and cloudy. 3 Wing ball teams invaded our camp along with the 3 Wing Soccer team. 2 Wing emerged victorious, winning the soccer game 2-1. The men’s fastball game was strictly one for the book with 3 Wing leading by a score of 16-2, 2 Wing won the game with a score of 21-16. Fantastic but true. An all ranks dance was held in #1 Hangar tonight, music was supplied by the Central Command Band from Ottawa, under the direction of S/L Kirkwood. A wonderful time was had by all. Visitors to the station from Air Div were S/L Rodgers.

6 Jun 54

Fastball was the order of the day. The first game was between the 2 Wing and 3 Wing girls. With the game going into overtime, 2 Wing girls squeezed in the winning run on an error by 3 Wing’s third base on an over-throw to home plate. The second game had somewhat disastrous results with 3 Wing men trouncing 2 Wing to the tune of 12-3. At approximately 1800 hours in St. Avold 49903 LAC KC Haskill, 416 (F) Squadron, was killed in a motorcycle accident. Central Command Band played at a band concert in St. Avold this evening.

7 Jun 54

Funeral arrangements being made for the late 49903 LAC KC Haskill. 2386 F/L WG Gallop, 416 (F) Squadron has been appointed OC Funeral Party and 130084 F/O JJ Stangroom, Wing HQ, appointed as OC Administrative Detail. F/L CM Campbell, Wing Adjutant, collapsed at noon today and was admitted to the Station Hospital; will be in hospital for a week or ten days for a good rest. 4042 F/O LG Boyle assumed duties of Acting Wing Adjutant. Central Command Band entertained in the Airmen’s Mess during the noon hour and at the supper hour in the Combined Mess. F/L R Fraser and F/Os Thorneycroft and St. Amand left for Wiesbaden for decompression chamber tests. (430 Squadron)

8 Jun 54

Weather warm and sunny. New pilot, F/O Hagarty, reported in on attachment to 416 Squadron. F/O CC Frew reported in on TD from Air Division to discuss hobby and recreation matters with F/O JJ Stangroom. 130134 F/L DO Evjen, 416 (F) Squadron, completed a successful bale-out over the Town of Tentling, aircraft a complete write-off. A Board of Inquiry is being convened to investigate circumstances surrounding the incident. F/Os Gagne, Hettrick and Robinson, 430 Squadron, left today for the Escape and Evasion course.

9 Jun 54

Wet and cold, rained continuously until nightfall. The funeral of the late 49903 LAC KC Haskill took place today. Chapel service in the Protestant Chapel at 0900 hours, interment in French Military Cemetery, Chambiere, Metz, at 1100 hours. LAC Haskill was tendered a fly past by pilots of his squadron. Board of Inquiry convened on accident to Sabre 23077.

10 Jun 54

Wet and cold, intermittent showers. Visitors in on TD included F/L C. Davies of Air Division. CO and Mrs. Weiser attended an informal party in the Little Theatre sponsored by the Telecom Section and Building 10 in farewell to two of their members leaving for Canada.

11 Jun 54

CO’s Parade held this morning, Wing ceremonial. This week end to be a long week end for a number of personnel of this Wing, personnel working this week end will be off next week end for three days. CO and Mrs. Weiser attended an informal farewell party in the Little Theatre tendered by the Supply Section.

12 Jun 54

Normal station routine.

13 Jun 54

Normal station routine.

14 Jun 54

Normal station routine.

15 Jun 54

Weather continues to be dull and very unpredictable. CO held his weekly conference. F/L Ray, 1 Air Division, reported in from Metz on TD regarding Personnel Postings and Careers – Officers.

16 Jun 54

Weather warm but dull. F/L A Inglis and W/C Griffiths reported in on TD from Air Division, also G/C Spruston.

17 Jun 54

Weather very warm. Trade Boards are being written today by a large number of unit personnel.

18 Jun 54

Very hot and humid. CO held his regular weekly parade, held a ceremonial which lasted one hour and 40 minutes. Nine personnel were forced to leave the parade due to the heat. Results of the F/O Qualifying Examinations came in today. Tonight two teams comprised of officers 30 and over, and senior NCOs, 30 and over, met at #1 diamond for a baseball game. The senior NCOs triumphed with a score of 11-9.

19 Jun 54

Very hot and humid. Men’s ball team went to Air Division and lost by a score of 9-8. Normal station routine. Mr. Lynch, correspondent from Canada reported in.

20 Jun 54

Extremely hot. Report received that 34770 LAC RE McConnell died as a result of a fall from a fourth storey hotel window in Luxembourg, Luxembourg. Once again the 2 Wing ball team invaded Metz and lost in an overtime game with a score 4-3. Some doubt exists as to the actual winning of the game as it was called as the result of a very unsportsmanlike attitude of the Air Division Coach.

21 Jun 54

Weather, clear and hot. local routine flying carried out be squadrons. F/L CM Campbell, Wing Adjutant, returned off sick leave. Details of funeral for late 48770 LAC RE McConnell being finalized. F/L W Jessop appointed OC of Funeral with F/O JJ Stangroom as OC of Administrative Detail. F/O JJ Doyle, OC of Escort Party. A fuel truck loaded with JP-4 fuel caught fire in the town of Faulquemont and caused a major conflagration insofar as damage to public property is concerned. No buildings were destroyed but extensive damage caused by fire control action. The vehicle was completely demolished by the fire.

22 Jun 54

Weather still remains warm and in the mid 70’s. However, a slight breeze was blowing which curtailed the dense heat evidenced recently. Local routine flying carried out which was concluded at 1700 hours so that the contractors making repairs to the runway could progress in their work. A/C M Hendricks, Chief of Communications, RCAF at AFHQ visited the unit. He was accompanied by W/C W Hill from Air Div HQ. Mr. J Brophy, Deputy Minister of Trade and Commerce, Ottawa, accompanied by Mr. R Roe from London, visited the unit on an official inspection. They arrived by CJS (L) Dakota, were met by A/V/M HL Campbell, AOC, 1 Air Division, and G/C W Weiser, Station Commander. After briefing by the CO they were conducted on a tour of the unit, later departing by air for 4 Wing at Baden-Soellingen. During their visit they were tendered a luncheon by the CO. Mr. A Deschamps of DDC (Paris), together with W/C J Griffiths and W/C FP Baker, visited the unit and discussed progress on married quarters being constructed in St. Avold. Lt. Col. PA O’Connor, Canadian Army HQ, Soest, Germany, was in attendance. Members of Air Division Board of Inquiry being conducted into the fire which occurred at Faulquemont on 21 Jun assembled and proceeded to gather evidence. This Board includes F/L J Reeves, President, F/O AE Graham, Air Division and F/O A Parrott, 2 (F) Wing as members and F/L J Simpson, Air Division as advisory member. F/L W Cozens paid an unofficial visit to the unit. Members of the 30 AMB Dramatic Club, Langar, presented "Arsenic and Old Lace" in the Station Theatre before a keen and enthusiastic audience. It was an excellent performance and the actors and actresses were thanked by the CO.

23 Jun 54

Clear, much cooler, long periods of sunshine, slight wind and very enjoyable. Major General D Smith, Army Member, CJS (L) paid an official visit to the unit. He was briefed by the CO, conducted on a tour of the station with emphasis on the domestic aspect and late departed by air for 4 Wing. General Smith is leaving Europe for re-assignment in Canada. 2 Wing girls travelled to Metz where they tangled with the Air Div girls ball team. The game went into overtime and 2 Wing girls won with a score of 21-16. The list of casualties was long. Funeral of LAC RE McConnell took place today. Chapel Service conducted by S/L JN Bracher in the Protestant Chapel, interment in the French Military Cemetery at Chambiere, Metz.

24 Jun 54

Clear, CAVU and very warm during early morning and afternoon. After 1600 hours cool wind evidenced but long light sunny periods continue. Commissioning Board from the Ranks, Senior and Junior Promotion Boards convened and eligible candidates recommended. Local routine flying carried out. Station recreation hall construction proceeding slowly. Repairs to runway proceeding satisfactorily. G/C W Weiser proceeded to Air Division on personnel matters. Unit section softball teams very active. Several officers from the squadrons proceeding to USAF Base in Wiesbaden on decompression tank test.

25 Jun 54

Warm and clear weather continues. Not hot like the previous days of the week but borderline and very pleasant. CO held his regular weekly parade and inspection. Following this came a period of flight drill. Members of the Junior Promotion Board were in conference reviewing all recommendations for promotion. CO paid a visit to Mayor Nagel of Faulquemont and discussed problems involved. CO departed on leave for seven days. Temporary command visited in 910 W/C WM Foster for period involved. Informal farewell receptions held in Officers Mess for F/L R Osborne and F/O D Prentice who are being repatriated to Canada. The Airmen’s Club staged a very successful party at which senior officers were present. Sabre 23134, Mk V, piloted by F/O J Volfing, crashed landed on the aerodrome. Pilot was uninjured and aircraft was a complete write-off "A" category. Board of Inquiry with F/L J Newsome as President, F/L W Jessop and F/O R Norton as Members, convened to investigate causes of damage.

26 Jun 54

Regular Saturday morning routine. This afternoon the American Army Ball Team invaded the unit and were beaten by the 2 Wing nine.

28 Jun 54

Excellent weather, moderately warm with no overcast, long sunny periods and a light cool wind. W/C WM Foster officially assumed duties of Acting Commanding Officer vice G/C Weiser who is on annual leave. Junior Officers Indoctrination lecture held. Three aircraft, two from 416 landed at Rhein-Main and one from 430 landed near Nancy. No damage sustained. Local routine flying carried out by three squadrons. CO discussed plans for Dominion Day Reception being held on 1 Jul 54 from 1700-1900 hours. No visitors – regular normal station routine. Notification received that following officers were promoted to Flight Lieutenant Rank, substantive, F/O RG Morgan, F/L MA Labrosse, F/O AG Miller, and F/O BO Mayne. F/O HE Brown and F/O CA Debenham are promoted tentatively pending their passing Qualifying Examination supps they are required to write next year.

29 Jun 54

Overcast and cool but very pleasant. Local routine flying carried out. S/LTJB Robinson and P/O R Nason of Air Division HQ visited the unit on matters pertaining to the Micro Wave Unit. The following people visited the unit and conferred with the CTechO on runway conditions. Colonel de Pierre Feu, AAFCE, FAF, Lieutenant Colonel Fortune, Infra-Structure, FAF, Major Hugh Farrell, NATO USAF, and M Rossard and M Levesque, Pont et Chaussees.

30 Jun 54

Overcast, cool and slight rain. CO held his regular weekly conference. Local routine flying carried out. Arrangements finalized for 1 July Dominion Day Reception.

1 Jul 54

Clear and cool, slightly overcast in late afternoon and light rain towards midnight. Today was Dominion Day and Sunday routine observed. Station Band personnel proceeded to Air Division HQ where they participated in a parade commanded by the AOC of Air Division, A/V/M HL Campbell. The Officers Mess had a reception at which local French civilians from the immediate area were invited to attend. It proved to be very successful. The attendance was good and all present commented on the success of the occasion. The Officers Mess was very appropriately decorated for the occasion. Later in the evening, the Cure of Lelling, Rev. Robin tendered an invitation to the Acting CO, W/C WM Foster to attend a blessing of the fire which he accepted. An excellent fireworks exhibit was given by unit personnel under supervision of F/L GC Whitaker, WArmO. An informal reception was held in the Cure’s residence for visiting officers who attended the fete.

2 Jul 54

Overcast, cool, light rain, no sunshine. Local routine flying. A/C KLB Hodson visited the unit and conducted a conference with NATO HQ, Ponts et Chausses officials and unit and Air Division representatives on the poor condition of runway deterioration.

3 Jul 54

Overcast, cool, heavy rain, clouds evident. Probabilities indicate showers which are urgently required. Routine squadron flying. Mr. Pagram of Muirhead & Co., England visited the unit and discussed technical telecom matters which CTechO and WTelO. F/L R Fee, (Aux) MO reported in from Canada on one months contact training. An informal reception was held in the Officers Mess. S/L JN Bracher reported to Air Division to officiate at funeral of airman from 4 Wing who suffered a fatality in an automobile accident. Farmers Frolic held in #1 hangar for Cpls. and below.

4 Jul 54

Dull and overcast all morning. 4 Wing ball teams arrived around noon but games were called on account of rain. Americans started arriving during the afternoon.

5 Jul 54

Overcast, clear and fine. G/C Weiser returned off annual leave and assumed command vice W/C WM Foster, who relinquishes temporary command and becomes Chief Operations Officer. Our week end weather was very rainy and cold. Air Division HQ scrambled the alert section on a sortie. 416 aircraft took off from Grostenquin on Operation Rotation, eight returned and refuelled and remaining four refuelled at Chamount. 1330 hours 12 aircraft proceeded to Hahn, two 40 passenger buses proceeded to Hahn with ground crew and ground handling equipment transported by semi trailer. Approximately 15 officers and 46 enlisted airmen of the USAF 417 (F) Squadron, Hahn, Germany, reported in on a weeks TD operation and affiliated flying with the RCAF. Enlisted airmen were briefed by W/C JC McCarthy and officers by G/C Weiser and W/C WM Foster. Work on construction of roadway and sidewalks is progressing very nicely. An informal "Welcome In" night was held in the Officers’ Mess for the American officers who will be with the unit for a week.

6 Jul 54

Overcast, rain and sunny periods after 1500 hours. Local routine flying carried out. CO paid a liaison visit to Air Division HQ. Sabre 23080 piloted by F/L WJ Marsh, 421 Squadron has a forced landing on the runway when it suffered a flame out and belly landed. Board of Inquiry being convened. P/O R Nason of 1 Air Division HQ visited the unit on the establishment of the Micro Wave Unit. Six pilots from 1 (F) Wing ferried aircraft in from North Luffenham and later departed by rail for Paris and BEA to London. Officers and airmen of 417 (F) Squadron, USAF all reported and have commenced operations. Similarly all officers and airmen of 416 (F) Squadron have departed for USAF base at Hahn, Germany. Mr. DC Robertson, Public Relations Officer of CPR visited the unit and gave a lecture on current events to the station personnel in the Little Theatre.

7 Jul 54

Cool, overcast, spasmodic showers all day, clearing in the evening. CO held his regular weekly conference. Mr. A Deschamps of DDC Branch in Paris visited the unit on matters relative to the aerodrome repairs. Later he departed for Paris. F/O R Van Sickle visited the unit from Air Division HQ on photographic matters. The OC of 417 Squadron, USAF and his personnel are fitting in nicely with the unit organization and close co-operation with our squadrons being maintained.

8 Jul 54

Excellent weather now prevails. Cold front has passed and long periods of bright warm sunshine. All squadrons actively engaged in flying. 417 (F) Squadron USAF, Hahn, Germany, working in conjunction with unit squadrons as per Operation "Rotation". A group of French officers from Army HQ, Metz, headed by Col. R Alix, Lt. Col J Audin, Capt Y Castenot, Capt P Delanda and Commandant G Bastion, Chief of the Battalion at St. Avold visited the unit. They were conducted on a tour of the unit, senior officers lunched with the CO and the group left for respective units. Visitors from 1 Wing were G/C R Somerville, CO, who arrived by Sabre en route to 1 Air Division HQ and F/L RE Olfin and F/L HE Venus of 1 Wing arrived with Mk II Sabres which are en route to Greece and Turkey. Mr. J Haire, Director of Caravan Services Ltd., London, visited the unit, inspected his company’s caravan units, conferred with Chairman of Unit Caravan Committee, F/O DJ MacLean and later departed. S/L BC Prudhomme and S/L DC Willis, AAFCE HQ, Fontainbleau paid an informal visit by air to the unit.

9 Jul 54

Excellent weather, much warmer, slight overcast but cold period has passed. All squadron actively engaged in flying operations. CO held his regular weekly inspection, after which the two squadrons as formed up proceeded on squadron drill movements. Messrs K Black, Montreal, R Henderson, Montreal and P Magher, Toronto, reported on an official visit as representatives of the Canadian Army for the commencement of a "Maple Leaf" Canteen. They were accompanied by F/L R Fallis of Air Division HQ. S/L J Elvis, AIB Representative, CJS, London, reported in on official duty. Col J Hackler, Lt. Col. R McGough and Major T Finler, USAF Base, Hahn, Germany, 50 Bomber Group, reported in and lunched with the CO. They were visiting Major T Smith, OC of 417 (F) Squadron who has been here on Rotation with 416 (F) Squadron.

10 Jul 54

Clear, slightly overcast, warm, brief sunny periods. 421 (F) Squadron alert section on duty for week end. Personnel of 417 (F) Squadron, USAF, Hahn, Germany, attached to 50 Bomber Group departed at conclusion of Operation "Rotation" for their parent unit. Personnel of 416 (F) Squadron who were on "Rotation" returned from Hahn. The Operation was considered a success from many angles. CO paid a visit to Saarbrucken, afterwards was tendered a luncheon by Commandant G. Bastion, Chef de Batallion, St. Avold. CO later opened a Sports Day for the Cubs which attended by Cub Packs from this unit, 3 (F) Wing and Air Division.

12 Jul 54

Clear and warm, slightly overcast after 1000 hours to 1500 hours. The regular Monday indoctrination lecture for Junior Officers of F/L rank and below was held in the Wing Operations Room. These lectures are proving very popular as well as interesting and the lecturers are paying special emphasis on explaining their topics to the fullest extent. All squadrons actively engaged in local routine flying. Visitors to the unit were F/O F Potvin from Air Division HQ who conferred with the COpsO on controlling aircraft aspects for Operation "Dividend". F/O Potvin is the RCAF liaison with the French Aircraft Control (CATC) in Metz. P/O RM Nason appointed OC of Micro Wave Unit. Seven personnel including P/O Nason have arrived and commenced operations. This unit will only be here as a lodger unit and eventually be located in the St. Avold area when all conditions and plans have been finalized. Station busily engaged in preparing for visit of AMP, A/V/M FG Wait, who arrives in 13 Jul on regular tour of inspection. A farewell party was tendered to F/O PV Robinson and F/O R Morgan who have been appointed as test pilots for CEPE at 1 (F) wing.

13 Jul 54

Clear in early morning, cloudy with intermittent periods of sunshine. Rather sultry at times, otherwise warm and pleasant. Squadrons actively engaged in routine flying. Since 1 Jan 54 herewith a resume of flying times for the squadrons based at this Wing.



416 (F)


421 (F)


430 (F)


A/V/M FG Wait, AMP/AFHQ accompanied by W/C R Thompson paid an official visit to the unit. The official party proceeded by GMT to Mondorf at the conclusion of the visit. The party arrived at 1000 hours and was accorded a Guard of Honour. The appended itinerary was followed during the period of their visit. G/C LR Randall, SPSO, 1 Air Division was in attendance. F/L R Huson, co-ordinator of the Air Division ME Roadeo and who is at 4 (F) Wing reported on TD and discussed the Roadeo with the CO and CTechO. Six pilots from 3 (F) Wing and one from 4 (F) Wing reported in on TD. They are assisting in the movement of Mark II Sabres to Greece and turkey. S/L PL Gibbs and S/L J Fiander of 2 and 3 (F) Wings respectively are OC and 2 i/c the Flight. They proceeded to Air Division on a briefing of the trip. F/L C Davies, Intelligence Officer at Air Division HQ visited the unit and briefed the airmen and NCO cadre who will proceed in advance of the aircraft to Rome on servicing duties. Professor J.R. Henderson of the University of London delivered an address on current events in the Little Theatre on the subject "Should Germany Be Re-Armed". A large attendance of unit personnel were present. As 14 July is a French National Holiday, Bastille Day, Sunday routine is being observed. Numerous personnel are leaving for holiday resorts in Continental Europe.

14 Jul 54

Weather remains unchanged. As this is a French National holiday, Independence or Bastille Day in France, Sunday routine is being observed. The alert section of 430 (F) Squadron were on duty. Bristol aircraft from 30 AMB reported in and departed with personnel on duty with aircraft en route to Greece and Turkey. Representatives from AAFCE, USAF and RCAF PRO branches were present and proceeded on the aircraft which stops at Rome. CO and Wing Adjutant attended official receptions at Saarlouis and Saarbrucken as guests of M Robert Grandval, French Ambasadore to the Saar. W/C WM Foster representing the CO, W/C JC McCarthy, CAdO and F/L MA Labrosse, WSO and F/L L Perusse, RC Chaplain, were guest of the Cure, Rev. J. Bur of Grostenquin at a dinner in honour of French Independence Day and in return for hospitality extended to him and members of his parish by the RCAF.

15 Jul 54

Clear and warm. Towards 1700 hours the wind changed and it became cool with light intermittent rains. Many station personnel took advantage of the long week end and visited their favourite holiday haunts in Europe. G/C JR Cellars, RAF Medical advisor to AAFCE, Paris, arrived on unit accompanied by W/C W Laughland, SOMS at Air Division. The party toured the unit, lunched with the CO and discussed medical and hospitalization matters. Mr. Andrew Cowan, CBC reporter in Paris, visited the unit and conferred with the CO, CAdO on the unit radio programmes etc. S/L PL Gibbs, plus 14 Sabre Mk II aircraft departed for Greece and Turkey. Pilots from 3 and 4 Wings as well as this Wing were engaged in the operation. Aircraft were first lot of Mark II Sabres en route to other NATO countries. There were 13 aircraft in the initial take off, one had to remain behind as it became unserviceable. En route to Rome, Campir Airport, one of the Sabres, piloted by F/O RW Fentiman suffered a crash landing. It was completely demolished but the pilot was uninjured. Squadrons flying on routine flight but most of the aircraft are being checked for serviceability for operation Dividend which commences at 0600 hours 17 Jul 54.

16 Jul 54

Clear and fine, warm, slight overcast and light rain showers. Squadrons busily engaged in preparing for Operation Dividend. Activities on the unit very quiet and normal station routine. F/L B Sheasby visited the unit from Air Division and conferred with the COpsO on aircraft matters. 28722 F/L RC Shannon, 430 Squadron was pilot of Sabre Mark V 23040 when at 1615 hours he suffered an engine failure on take off. Aircraft sustained an "A" category crash and pilot received a compression fracture to the 7th dorsal vertebrae. No board of inquiry being convened, causes obscure.

17 Jul 54

Overcast, heavy rain showers, very brief sunny periods. Operation Dividend went into effect at 0500 hours today. Weather in UK and NW Europe very poor, our aircraft able to fly but only locally. Later on they were scrambled and acting as the high level bombing forces penetrated the UK. Results of their exercise as yet not assessed. CO went Sabre flying.

18 Jul 54

Very heavy overcast, heavy rain and high winds. Pilots were all on duty at 0300 hours for briefing on Operations Dividend. As weather conditions all over Europe were poor the exercise was cancelled.

19 Jul 54

Cold and overcast. Operation Dividend has concluded Phase I. The final Phase II will commence 22 Jul 54, at which time this Wing will be required to give an all out effort. W/C We Edser, CAdO and S/L A Brown, SAO of 1 (F) Wing, North Luffenham passed through en route to 1 Air Division as members of Airmen’s Promotion Board. The first meeting of the NPF board of directors was held in the CO’s office. A lengthy agenda was tabled. A farewell party was held in the Little Theatre for S/L J MacKay, OC 416 (F) Squadron who is leaving the unit soon for re-assignment to RCAF Station Macdonald.

20 Jul 54

Cold spell has passed and excellent hot weather now prevails. CAVU and all squadron actively engaged in flying duties. CO held his regular weekly conference. The NPF Board of Directors reconvened and finalized the items of the agenda. Visitors from Air Div on TD were S/L N Hoye, who conferred with CTechO on maintenance matters, F/O F Potvin who conferred with COpsO on operations matters and then went on practise F86 flight, G/C E Sharpe, who conferred with unit SAO on financial matters and F/L E Herbertson on sports and recreation matters. A group of Boy Scouts from Air Div HQ Troop enplaned on Bristol for 30 AMB. F/L ES Trimbill, 30 AMB reported en route to Air Division HQ as a member on a Promotion Board. Swimming pool and Rec. hall are progressing slowly towards completion.

21 Jul 54

Excellent hot weather continues, CAVU. All squadrons actively engaged in routine flying. Last Phase of Operation Dividend commences 22 Jul and concludes on 25 Jul. Personnel of 421 Squadron preparing for Operations Weapons Fire at Rabat. They are scheduled to leave on 28 Jul. Two T33s and three F86 Sabre Mk V’s piloted by pilots of 1 OFU arrived in from Canada and proceeded to 3 Wing to enplane by North Star on 22 Jul. S/L JE McClure visited unit on TD from Air Division and discussed ME matters relative to married quarters in St. Avold with CTechO. Commandant R Galvin, French Liaison Officer at Air Division visited the unit and conferred with the CO. He was accompanied by M Bringer, Chef Engineer of Ponts et Chausses and his unit representatives. F/L R Huson of 4 Wing, MEO visited unit and discussed ME Roadeo show with MEO and CTechO. CO flew F/O A Whyte to Bordeaux on AFEX matters.

22 Jul 54

Excellent weather, normal station routine. Sabre 23019 piloted by F/O JA Parrott, 416 (F) Squadron, suffered a crash when his aircraft wing dropped. Crash "D" category, pilot uninjured. Visitors from Air Division on duty were S/L J McClure on ME requirements for married quarters in St. Avold. F/O WJ Andrews conferred with the CTechO and OC Maintenance on aircraft maintenance matters. F/O J Eakins visited the unit on welfare matters and conducted interviews. F/O D Martin conferred with the CAdO and Ground Defence Officer, F/L BO Mayne on ground defence. F/O K Coleman reported in from Turkey and Greece where he had participated in the handing-over of Mark II Sabres to those countries. He reported the Greek Air Force is fairly well organized but his comments on the Turkish Air Force is fairly interesting from a standpoint of poor organization. Terrific heat wave in both countries. Operation Dividend again went into effect.

23 Jul 54

Excellent weather. AOC paid an 0300 hours visit to the station and proceeded to 3 Wing to witness the operation of Exercise Dividend. All pilots and crews alerted for duty at 0330 hours, take off at 0700 hours.

25 Jul 54

Excellent weather still continues. Exercise Dividend still in progress but will terminate at 1200 hours. Sabre aircraft piloted by F/O F Belliveau, 430 (F) Squadron caught fire on take off and was totally destroyed, "A" category. The pilot escaped injury. The Station Band participated at a Sports Day staged by the town of Morhange, Moselle in Parc Clemenceau. They performed in a commendable manner and drew a hearty applause of admiration from the civil populace present. The unit men’s softball team performed at this meet and defeated Air Division HQ in a strongly contested game.

26 Jul 54

Overcast, heavy rain and cold. Rapid change in weather from that recently encountered. All personnel of 416, 421 and 430 Squadrons were stood down as a result of their labour during Exercise Dividend. North Star 712 arrived in to transport 421 Squadron ground crew to Rabat Sale on Exercise Weapons Fire but due to inclement weather they will be delayed 24 hours. All things being favourable the move will commence on 27 Jul and aircraft leaving on 28 Jul. Visitors to station were F/L R Cressman, Air Division HQ who accompanied Mr. A Deschamps, DCL in Paris, on a tour of the married quarters in St. Avold. F/O LG Boyle has been appointed Unit Housing Officer and is organizing the operation prior to the dependents moving in which will be some time in late 1954. F/L ET Williams reported in from 1 (F) Wing en route to 1 Air Division. A farewell party was tendered S/L J MacKay OC 416 (F) Squadron on his posting to RCAF Station MacDonald.

27 Jul 54

Very overcast all morning, high winds and spasmodic deluges of rain. This weather continued until approximately 1500 hours when it cleared and clear and cool weather persisted. Squadron flying was curtailed somewhat as weather conditions not favourable. However, at approximately 1430 hours aircraft from 416 Squadron took off on routine flying operations. A Sabre Mark V, piloted by F/O DA Smith, 416 (F) Squadron landed cross wind and ran off the runway, nil damage to the aircraft or pilot. A slight fire was caused in fire alarm box number 6 when it released automatically through faulty wiring and caught fire. No damage, no board of inquiry necessary. CO held his regular weekly conference of section heads and squadron commander. Through bad weather, 421 Aircraft were delayed en route to Rabat on Operation "Weapons Fire". The Captain of the North Star 915 was admitted to hospital and F/O R McBride, Captain of North Star ex North Luffenham is en route to this unit to pilot the groundcrew personnel to Rabat. If weather conditions improve the exodus is expected around 0500 hours 28 Jul. They will be attached to the RCAF Detachment at Rabat Sale, Morocco, under command of W/C RPT Davidson. Visitors to the unit were S/L Sansoucy, OC of newly formed Air Division Micro-Wave Unit and his assistant F/O J Cartwright. Temporary command of the unit has been under P/O Nason with ten service men on strength. They conferred with the CO in the organization and functions of the unit. Commandant E. Galvin, FAF FLO at Air Division HQ visited the unit and lunched with the CO and later with the CO, S/L WG Scott, SAO, F/L S Woods, Acting CAdO, F/O A Whyte, Canteen Officer and Sgt M Reynolds, Civilian Personnel Officer, conferred on wage scales for French labour employed on the base. W/C JC McCarthy, CAdO still confined to hospital with a sciatic condition in his back muscles. S/L C Lamont, SMO of 4 (F) Wing reported in on TD as a relief MO pending return of S/L AM Beach. F/L FEE, Auxiliary Force, 406 Squadron MO in Saskatoon returned to Canada whilst P/O LaCroix, URTP (MO) proceeded on TD to Rabat to administer to personnel of 421 Squadron who are en route. Mr. J Harnett of Radio Station CJON, St. Johns, Newfoundland, visited the unit and took tape recordings of personal messages for Newfoundlanders and Maritime Provinces personnel.

28 Jul 54

Clear, slight overcast, high winds, but sunny and warm. Pilots of 421 (F) Squadron departed at 0600 hours for Rabat Sale. They put "full throttle" on as they roared over the sleeping barracks. Mr. Ben Dwarkin, correspondent of the Ottawa Citizen visited the unit, conferred with the CO and toured the unit. Mr Dwarkin is interviewing Ottawans on the base for articles in his newspaper. S/L S Evans, AFHQ and F/L D Pope, Air Division HQ, visited the unit on airwomen personnel matters. They conferred with the CO and discussed problems with OC of Airwomen at this unit, F/O E Cox. A quiet day in camp, little flying carried out. North Star arrived in from Rabat with RCAF personnel en route back to 3 (F) Wing, a quick turn around and return with 2 (F) Wing groundcrew personnel for Rabat.

29 Jul 54

Cold and overcast, high winds, light sprinkling of rain. All of 421 (F) Squadron departed by service aircraft, North Star, for Rabat Sale, Morocco. Pilots have all departed by Sabre as well. G/C LA Costello, Principal RC Chaplain (DRS) AFHQ, officially visited the unit. He was accompanied by S/L N Gallagher, Air Division Chaplain (RC). They conferred with the CO who tendered them a luncheon. Later they departed for 3 (F) Wing. Capt GR Turner and P/O RT Hnatyshyn from Air Division reported on legal and investigational matters. S/L Evans and F/O D Pope having concluded their official visit on airwomen’s matters departed for 3 (F) Wing. Normal station routine.

1 Aug 54

Excellent weather, Sunday routine. Extremely bad accident occurred at Rimsdorf, Moselle, when two aircraft from 3 (F) Wing collided and crashed into a village, killing three civilians in a house and doing considerable damage to the homes in the immediate area.

2 Aug 54

Excellent weather still continues. Sunday routine observed, station stand down although 430 (F) Squadron on stand-by and participated in Exercise "Week-End Duel". 4 Wing ball teams invaded our camp. The men won the first game but were defeated in the second. The girls lost their game by a score of 10-9. It was the first game the girls have lost this season. Now the hard work of practising begins in earnest for the play-offs which start next week end.

3 Aug 54

A heat wave struck the Moselle. Average temperature is around 70º at 0800 hours and maximum high was 90º at 1200 hours. All France especially in the Moselle is very hot. Captain G Turner of Air Division HQ visited the unit on legal matters. S/L Sansoucy and F/O J Cartwright of 1 Air Division Micro Wave unit visited the unit and conferred with the CO and CTechO. F/O F Potvin reported in on GCA and flying control matters from TACCHQ in Metz where he is attached to the French Air Force (Flying Control). Local routine flying carried out except for 430 (F) Squadron who had one trip on Exercise "Widdlesham". CO was to proceed to Rabat by air but runway as Istres is closed to jet aircraft.

4 Aug 54

Hot weather still continues. In early morning around 0300 hours a fresh cool wind was blowing which would seem that heat lightning and rain would provoke a cool spell. However, this passed and heat continues. Sgt HK Fincher, US Army Aircent, Paris, Public Relations visited the unit and interviewed the CO for an article for his accredited Service newspaper. G/C L Burchall and G/C G Newsome, NATO HQ Paris, visited the unit and conferred with the CO and later departed by air for 4 Wing. These senior officers are visiting the Wings on a familiarization visit.

5 Aug 54

Weather still continues very hot. Indications of rain evident but apparently we may expect and no doubt will receive it on the week end. Visitors from RAF Staff College ex RCAF were W/C EL Kenny, MR McMillan and M Woolfenden. Seven aircraft, new Sabre Mark Vs arrived in from Canada on regular Operation "Random". Pilots departed following morning for 3 Wing en route to RCAF Station St. Hubert. An informal farewell reception was tendered F/O L Sparrow, F/L J Newsome and F/O J Gagne and S/L AM Beach who are being repatriated on posting back to Canada.

6 Aug 54

Hot weather still continues. Light wind blowing and very humid and close. Thunder clouds in the distance and with wind blowing in direction it now is, we should have rain which is sorely needed. Grassy areas around the camp are very bleached. Unit Fire Section testing hose lines nightly and thus providing some precipitation for dry ground. W/C Tustin, new CAdO replacing W/C JC McCarthy arrived and conferred with the CO and CAdO. CO held his weekly parade and inspection. Wing ceremonial drill carried out. Marked improvement noted in the carriage of personnel and marching form and style. F/O N Ross of 1 (F) Wing passed through en route to 1 Air Division to attend airwomen officers conference. F/O E Cox and P/O HC Ferguson of this unit also attended.

7 Aug 54

Heavy torrential rains with thunder and lightning during night and early morning. Heat wave has disappeared and cool weather exists. Overcast with brief sunny periods with cool wind. F/O N Ross departed by air for 30 AMB. 3 (F) Wing ball teams invaded our camp. The girls game was called off in the afternoon in the bottom half of the third inning on account of rain. Later the men’s game was called for the same reason.

9 Aug 54

High winds, heavy overcast and intermittent heavy showers. Very cold and miserable. Rapid change of weather from last week when unit was sweltering. Hospital is receiving many patients for colds caused by the rapid weather change. S/L P Gibbs returned from 3 (F) Wing where he was a member of a Board of Inquiry re Sabres which crashed into the village of Rimsdorf (Bas Rhin), causing death to two pilots, three civilians and considerable property damage. Tentative estimate of property damage assessed at 15,000,000 Francs. W/C ER Emond (AFHQ) AMB Directorate visited the unit with Mr. J Sanderson, Financial Adviser to DM of National Defence. They conferred with the CO, were tendered a luncheon and departed by air for site of 1 (F) Wing in Europe, Marville. Local routine flying. F/L G Patterson has assumed temporary command of 416 (F) Squadron. S/L AM Beach departed by road and sea on repatriation for Canada. He is being admitted into the University of BC for a post graduate course in psychiatry.

10 Aug 54

Weather still remains unchanged. Cool, windy intermittent rain and brief sunny periods. This atmospheric condition extends all over Western Europe and en toto in the UK. CO held his regular weekly staff conference. Air Chief Marshal Sir Basil Embry, KCB, KBE, DSO, DFC, AFC, Commander Allied Air Forces Central Europe, paid an official visit to the unit. He was accompanied by A/V/M HL Campbell, AOC, 1 Air Division, and their respective aides. The programme as attached was carried out. Due to inclement weather the air display was very poorly presented, although through no fault of the participating pilots. Visitors to the unit were S/L ER Austin, AFHQ, who inspected Flying Control and GCA facilities. F/O K Coleman from Air Division HQ on PRO matters re Sir Basil Embry’s visit. S/L J Bonner and F/L NB Hull of Air Division HQ also visited the unit on official accounting matters. The NPF Board of Directors held their monthly meeting.

11 Aug 54

Weather much clearer but cool with high winds. Rain clouds and heavy overcast. Local routine flying carried out. S/L JWR Sansoucy and F/O J Cartwright reported to the unit on posting. They are OC and 2 i/c of 1 Tel SU which will be a lodger unit at this Wing. F/L G Nichols of Air Division HQ paid an unofficial visit. Information received from OC RCAF Detachment at Rabat Sale, Morocco that 41182 LAC James Alfred Taylor, M&W Tech with 421 (F) Squadron suffered a severe accident. Details of accident are not known but it is rumoured that he lost the sight of his eye in the accident. 416 (F) Squadron suffered a fatality when 44718 F/O GL Beaulac in Sabre 23119 crashed 1¼ miles NE of Creutzwald, Moselle. The aircraft struck a mine slagheap and was buried in about 28 feet of soil and rock. Only small particles of the aircraft could be found. The body of the pilot could not be found. The accident occurred at 1215 hours at it wasn’t until 1630 that his body was located in the dense woods near Falk. Search party of 100 airmen from unit, plus civilian personnel under F/L BO Mayne combed the woods. Search and Rescue Group of US Air Force at Kaiserslautern provided assistance with helicopters and amphibian aircraft. The body was located by a civilian. Details are meagre and not complete. Pilot found in aircraft ejection seat, parachute partly opened. Body removed from wooded area and brought to station hospital for funeral direction from Metz. Deceased was 19 years old and a native of Neelin, Manitoba. He was unmarried. Members of the Kamloops High School band from Kamloops, BC, gave a splendid concert in the Station Theatre before a large and enthusiastic audience.

Additional comments by Donald Norrie: - I can elaborate a bit on the entry (above) that applies to Taylor. One of the pastimes of some Armourers was to make salt and pepper shakers out of .50 caliber ammunition. Taylor was one of these individuals. Normally non explosive ball ammunition was used for these shakers, as it was necessary to drill a hole in the "slug" for the condiment to come out. For some unknown reason Taylor attempted to drill out an "Armour Piercing Incendiary (API) slug" with disastrous results - it exploded like it was designed to do when impacting a target. These rounds were identified by a painted silver tip, whereas the ball ammo was unpainted. The ammo belts we used in the Wing fighters, comprised of 4 ball rounds followed by 1 API round for a total 200 rounds per gun. Taylor was indeed blinded in his right eye - as I recall - and finished out his tour working in the Armament Tool Crib. This folly terminated his RCAF career.

12 Aug 54

Weather still remains cold and overcast. Strong winds, intermittent showers and heavy clouds, no repeat no sunshine. Methinks it is finished for the month. The old expression "Sunny France" is a misnomer in this area of the country. The fair and hot days have been few and far between. Messrs McMurchie and Harrison of the Kamloops High School Band visited the CO. W/C F Bowler and W/C A Baker, Air Division HQ, visited the CTechO on display which the RCAF is using as a float in the forthcoming fete de Mirabelle in Metz next week. Members of the Board of Inquiry convened re Sabre 23119, piloted by the late 44718 F/O GL Beaulac, reported in and commenced the taking of evidence. They are S/L DR Cuthbertson, President – 1 (F) Wing, OC 441 Squadron, F/L A Sutherland, Tech/AE from 3 Wing, S/L CA Lamont, Med/MO from 3 Wing and F/O G Hunter, pilot of 444 Squadron from 4 Wing. Committee of Adjustment appointed locally with F/L DO Evjen as President and F/O DA Gillis and F/O J Robins as members. Copy of the Order of the Day covering the funeral being distributed and copies being passed to all officiating parties. CO flew to 3 Wing to attend luncheon given by CO of 3 Wing in honour of the Honorable George Drew, Leader of the Progressive Conservative Party in Canada. Personnel of 430 (F) Squadron engaged in making preparation for their move to Rabat on Operation "Weapons Fire".

13 Aug 54

Heavy rains, overcast with high winds. CO’s Parade cancelled due to inclement weather. Visitors to the unit were S/L CC Graham from 30 AMB, S/L A Fisher and F/L D Myles from 1 (F) Wing, Capt. G turner of 1 Air Division HQ accompanied by P/O AD Lane of this unit and Captain R de Malglaive visited Rimsdorf and Strasbourg re claim of damages to private property caused by crashed aircraft from 3 Wing. A farewell party was held in the Officers Mess for W/C JC McCarthy, CAdO who is being repatriated to Canada and is being replaced by W/C AWC Tustin. A stag squadron party was held in the Little Theatre by officers and airmen from 430 (F) Squadron.

14 Aug 54

Much rain, still intermittent sunny periods and cold and damp. Squadrons stood down for week end except alert squadron. Funeral service held for late F/O G Beaulac in RC Chapel. Officiating chaplain was assisted by Rev E Robin, Cure of Lelling and members of his congregation who assisted in the choral portions of the requiem high mass. Aircraft of 416 (F) Squadron participated in a fly past as interment was made in Chambiere Cemetery in Metz. No other flying carried except that of 109 Comm Flight.

16 Aug 54

Weather conditions have improved. 416 (F) Squadron engaged on local routine flying. Favourable flying conditions but brief periods of sunshine and overcast. Visitors to the unit from Air Division were W/C K Walton and W/C JA Gordon. 430 (F) Squadron preparing to move off to Rabat.

17 Aug 54

Weather continues unchanged. Visitors to the unit from Air Division were Mr. AC Ritter, Superintendent of Service Schools in France and Germany. W/C W Laughland, SOMS, F/L DL Thompson, Division Matron, S/L N McArthur, SOMS/Matron, S/L D Stewart MED/MO Hygiene visited the unit and conferred with the CO. W/C J Gervais, S/L EP Wood and F/L K Lett arrived from 3 Wing to discuss deployment problems of 413 Squadron and IRF from 3 Wing. First echelon ground party of 430 Squadron departed by air for Rabat.

18 Aug 54

Weather continues unchanged in morning much rain late in the afternoon, followed by clearing and warm. F/O FG Robins of 416 (F) Squadron was killed when he crashed in a Sabre near Baumholder, Germany in the Kaiserslautern area. This is the second fatality for this squadron in the current month.

19 Aug 54

Weather remains unchanged. Normal station routine. 421 (F) Squadron returned off detached duty at Rabat. Funeral arrangements for the late F/O FG Robins being completed. Mr. Alex Ross, Associate Deputy Minister of National Defence in London, England, visited the unit and conferred with the CO.

20 Aug 54

Normal station routine. Weather remains unchanged.

21 Aug 54

Weather cold and wet, windy and unpleasant. Funeral of late F/O FG Robins 416 (F) Squadron held in Station Protestant Chapel. S/L JN Bracher officiated as well as the father of the deceased, Rev. G Robins, who came over from the UK where he was visiting to attend the ceremony. Interment was made in Chambiere Military Cemetery.

23 Aug 54

Weather cold, wet and windy. Intermittent periods of clearing and heavy downpour of rain. Very unpleasant weather. Junior Officers Development Programme lecture held. W/C WM Foster departed for Spangdahlem USAF Base on TD reference Operation "Falling Leaf". Visitors from Air Division HQ were F/O W Ford on Telecom matters; from 1 (F) Wing, F/O G Moore on Ground Defence matters and F/L R Fox on Intelligence matters. 421 (F) Squadron now back on unit and preparing for flying training operations. Advance party of Royal Netherlands Air Force Squadron from Vackel, Holland, came in on a familiarization flight and later departed.

24 Aug 54

Weather is miserable, cold and much rain, the sun never appears for periods longer than 1 – 2 hours per day. The expression "Sunny France" is a misnomer especially for the Department of Moselle in this particular area. Squadrons carrying out local routine flying operations. CO held his weekly CO’s conference. Visitors to the unit this date were G/C A Spruston – STSO, Air Division HQ who was here on ME matters. He conferred with the CO and CTechO on matters concerned. F/O BA Wood, Telecom from Air Division HQ visited on Crypto matters and conferred with WTelO, F/L GA Jones. Mr. Goldsmith of RAF Cinema Corporation at 2 ATAF HQ, Buckeberg, Germany, visited the unit on routine inspection of cinema centre. He conferred with CO and later departed.

25 Aug 54

Weather has improved but only slightly. Early a.m. up to noon was cold with cold driving rain and wind. Afternoon cleared slightly and at 1700 hours was very enjoyable. Heavy overcast appeared broken in patches. Afternoon weather permitted Local routine flying. Two Sabre aircraft landed and blew tires on landing impact. Personnel of 303 Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron, USAF, who are using our aerodrome on an exercise are now in position. Squadron is part of 66th Tactical Wing and is commanded by Major J Shannon. This exercise is one in which the US Squadron is using the base as a deserted airfield. They are all housed in tents in the SW corner of the airfield. They are a self contained unit; have no connection with the RCAF other than airfield facilities which we are providing. At no time are they seen on the base other than when their water tender comes over for water refill. All the aircraft of the Wing are being prepared for Operation "Falling Leaf" which starts at 0300 hours on 26 Aug. American unit is not participating in this operation but will use same airfield facilities. US Squadron members 25 officers and 80 enlisted men. Visitors to the unit were less than usual, the only one being Mr. J Dufour of Radio Station CKCH, Hull, PQ. He toured the unit, conferred with CO and interviewed French and English speaking personnel of the unit from Hull and surrounding area.

26 Aug 54

Clear weather has at long last made its appearance. Doubtful as to how long it will remain but any change for the better will be most acceptable to what has been evidenced. Operation "Falling Leaf" got off to a good start with fine weather. First aircraft were off at approximately 0445 hours a total of 18 sorties were made. A pilot of the lodger American Squadron, 303 TAC Reconnaissance Squadron was killed. Pilot took off from this base and crashed in Germany. Operation continues until 27 Aug. The base is crawling with new personnel reporting in and with the exercise security services are really tight and cautious. F/L DC Montgomery, Air Division HQ reported in to discuss the provisions of ADI 01/3 with the CO, COpsO and Squadron OsC. F/O F Potvin, Air Division, attached to TACC/FAF/HQ Metz to witness the operation in effect accompanied by Lieut. R. Simon and Lieut. L Rivest of TACC/FAF/HQ. A live show sponsored by an American Army Entertainment Group put on a show in the Astra Theatre for all personnel.

27 Aug 54

Excellent weather has at last made its appearance. CAVU. Temperature averages 73ºF. All aircraft from 416 and 421 Squadrons that were serviceable engaged in Operation "Falling Leaf" which concluded at 2030 hours. From all reports it was an exercise of some considerable importance but the evaluation of same must be evolved and a true picture ascertained at a later day. Weather conditions for both the opposing and engaging forces were deterrent factors and reduced the exercise considerably. A group of 17 school teachers arrived from Canada. They were met by F/O E Cox who acted as their conducting officer, usual reporting in formalities accommodation and welcome address by CO. A large draft of 20 airmen and airwomen reported in as replacements from Canada. S/L AA Smith (Res Educ O) RCAF Stn Rockcliffe reported in and assisted in co-ordinating details concerning the personnel and equipment required for the opening of the Dependents School which will be on 13 Sep 54. Capt G Turner of AJAG Branch, Air Division reported in on matters relevant to a DCM that is being Air Division HQ on 31 Aug. S/L EP Wood and members of Board of Inquiry concluded their official investigation into fatal accident of 416 Squadron pilot, F/O FG Robins, killed in crash of Sabre 23113. Mr. J Freidman of University of Toronto delivered a very interesting lecture on current events in the Little Theatre to all ranks. A farewell party was tendered the officers, NCOs and enlisted ORs of 303 Tac Rec Squadron (USAF) who having completed their period of manoeuvres at this unit depart tomorrow for their parent unit located in France.

28 Aug 54

Excellent weather still continues. 303 Tac Rec American Squadron departed at 1100 hours after a weeks tour of duty. H Lows of DNHQ, Mr. AC Ritter, Supt of Dependents’ School and F/L AB Crabbe AFHQ visited the unit and conferred with W/C AWC Tustin, CAdO, met and conferred with the newly arrived school teachers and later departed by road for 4 (F) Wing. 3 (F) Wing ball teams, male and female invaded the station but left defeated on both counts. The games played were the first in the two-out-of-three semi-finals.

29 Aug 54

2 (F) Wing ball teams took to the road with colours flying and came home victorious. Both the men’s and girls teams won the semi-final series in two straight games against 3 (F) Wing. Next stop, Air Division for the finals.

30 Aug 54

Excellent weather exists. All aircraft that are serviceable are busily engaged in flying operations. The Royal Netherlands Air Force Squadron, 312, commanded by Major v.d. A Akker reported in from Vockel, Holland, for a week’s duty. Personnel of IRF under F/L K Lett have all reported in and have commenced operation. Visitors to the unit were P/O GW Gawryluk, CJS(L) who is doing a PRO job on a stay of the URTP/ROTP personnel. Seven officers and OR crew on North Star 983 from 4 OTU, Trenton reported in on a familiarization flight. They were under command of F/L A Roane. Civilian representatives of an English firm installing a unit tanoy system reported in and discussed subject matter with CTechO. CO proceeded to Air Division on a liaison visit. A unit wide welcome was extended to RNAF personnel, all messes and institutes held welcoming parties for all officers, Sr. NCOs, Cpl and airmen.

31 Aug 54

Excellent weather, very warm and hot sun. CO held his weekly staff conference. Standard routine for station all day. Local routine flying carried out. Officers and enlisted men of 312 Squadron RNAF have all reported in, fitting in well with our routine and demonstrating an excellent spirit. Visitors were Mr. J Langelier of DDR/Air Division HQ who visited the unit and conferred with CO and Mr. V Bonzon, customs export representative of Thomas Meadows & Co. of Paris. Airmen’s Fastball Team beat Air Division team in first game of finals.

1 Sep 54

Excellent weather still continues. Squadron OsC and COpsO on a familiarization tour of TACC/FAF/HQ Metz. Routine flying. Visitors were F/L J Oliver, Air Division and F/L W Bliss of 1 (F) Wing and G/C AC Hull, CO, 3 (F) Wing. Once again the 2 (F) Wing men’s team triumphed over Air Division in the second game of the finals.

2 Sep 54

The weather still remains hot and sunny, CAVU all day. However, around 1700 hours considerable clouds appeared that gave rise to inclement weather and ensuring showers which were confirmed at 2200 hours, following a mild thunder storm. Cooler weather envisaged. All squadrons actively engaged in flying operations. Members of the RNAF Squadron have demonstrated excellent airmanship and training. Reports indicate they are good pilots, keen, efficient and very commendable insofar as discipline and appearance are concerned. W/C V Stewart, SOOrg from Air Division reported in and conferred with the CO and CAdO on establishment and future constructions matters. The men’s softball team went to Air Division for the third of the best of five series. It was a hair raising game and after a lot of argument and changing of decisions by Air Division umpires, the game went into overtime and Air Division eventually won by a score of 6-4. Usual routine for games played at Air Division, a lot of hard feelings due to the umpires being swayed in their decisions by people on the benches. The unit has enjoyed an excellent standing and showing for its sports events, especially fastball and their showmanship and style have been commendable. A large crowd of supporting fans journeyed to Air Division to witness the game. A farewell party was held in the Officers Mess for F/O HE Brown of 109 Comm Flight and F/O LN Marshall of 416 Squadron who are being repatriated to Canada on posting. Summer Dress No. 6 is optional now, new working hours as per ADI are also in effect. Both are being well received and no adverse comments have been officially aired.

3 Sep 54

Excellent clear weather continues. Hot and brilliant sun all day. At 1110 hours an F84 aircraft piloted by 2nd Lieut. MR Wijbenga of the RNAF suffered a crash landing on the aerodrome. No casualties. Personnel of the RNAF arrived in to conduct an investigation into the accident. CO held his weekly inspection of personnel. No drill carried out due to lack of space caused by T33 aircraft of IRF. New course entrants arrived for IRF Course No. 18. CO held NPF Board of Directors Meeting. S/L A Rabnett of 3 (F) Wing reported in on TD to discuss Met matters. G/C K Burchall NATO HQ Paris reported in en route by air to UK. CO 1 (F) Wing, G/C R Somerville reported in en route to Air Div HQ. Members of RNAF were tendered a farewell party in the Sgts. Mess.

4 Sep 54

Excellent weather still continues. W/C WM Foster assumed Acting CO of the unit vice G/C W Weiser who is off duty. Mr. J Ignatieff of the Department of External Affairs reported in on a tour of the unit. He was briefed on the organization of the unit; lunched with the CO and later departed by air for Munich en route to Salzberg. The AOC accompanied by F/L MF Doyle also visited the unit and were luncheon guests. Personnel of the RNAF Squadron 312 were busily engaged in clearing up their equipment prior to leaving for their parent unit in Vockel, Holland on 7 Sep 54. Their visit was very welcome and the cordiality extended was most gratifying. The Dutch were high in praise of the rations and quarters received, which apparently in Dutch units is considerably below the Canadian standards.

6 Sep 54

Overcast and hazy. Cool and rain in the offing. North Star aircraft of 426 (T) Squadron departed for Rabat to return personnel of 430 Squadron and take advance party of 416 Squadron. Two Dutch Engineering Officers reported from Vockel, Holland, to prepare their damaged F84 for transport back to Holland. RNAF 312 Squadron departed 1100 hours in masse on return to their parent unit in Vockel. Advance party of 413 Squadron arrived from Vockel for tour of displace duty here. Canadian Labour Day holiday. Sunday routine. Very quiet.

7 Sep 54

Clear and fine, slight rain after 1700 hours but generally favourable weather all day. CO held his regular weekly staff conference. Advance party of 416 (F) Squadron took off for Operations Weapons Fire in Rabat. Advance return party of 430 Squadron returned by Bristol aircraft from Rabat. All pilots and aircraft personnel due back within next two days. W/C RTP Davidson, OC RCAF Detachment at Rabat visited the unit, conferred with the CO and later departed by air for the SBAC Show at Farnborough, England. He was accompanied by W/C AN LeCheminant, CTechO this unit. All personnel of the RNAF 312 Squadron have departed except rear party engaged in salvaging and loading operations of damaged F84. All will be departing on 8 Sep 54. Advance party of 413 (F) Squadron which was deployed to Vockel, Holland have reported in. Balance of pilots, aircraft and groundcrew due in within next two days.

8 Sep 54

Overcast and heavy fog, clearing at noon and very pleasant all day. Considerable clouds after 1700 hours. Autumn is en route very slowly and then the miserable and gloomy weather associated with that evident in the Moselle. 430 (F) Squadron returned from Operations "Weapons Fire" in Rabat where they did an excellent job. 416 (F) Squadron have all departed and are settling in to do their tour. 421 (F) Squadron actively engaged in local routine flying. The last rear guard party of 312 RNAF Squadron consisting of Engineering Officer and Salvage Officer departed for Vockel. Visitors from Air Division were G/C A Spruston, F/L WS Harvey and F/L J Reeves. F/L Reeves conducted an inspection of the unit ME Section. Men’s Fastball team journeyed to Air Division for fourth game of best of five and came home victorious with a 6-0 victory. Party held in Beer Garden of Sgts. Mess for the victors.

9 Sep 54

Excellent weather – CAVU – light wind. Nearly all of 430 (F) Squadron have now returned from Rabat; balance due in on 10 Sep. All of 416 (F) Squadron have now departed for Rabat for Operation "Weapons Fire". On their return all squadrons this Wing will have completed their second tour at Rabat. CAdO conducted a meeting of the executive of unit Women’s Auxiliary at which coming events were discussed. CO went flying and paid a visit to 4 (F) Wing and conferred with the CO. F/O AE Graham from 1 Air Division HQ visited the unit and conferred with CEO on fire fighting equipment. W/C LC Scott, Air Division Chap/P reported in on chaplain duties and conferred with the CO and his subordinate, S/L JN Bracher. F/L E Williams in from 1 (F) Wing en route to Marsaille. F/O J Eakins, Air Division HQ reported in on welfare consultations with personnel from this unit. Mr. Vic Caswell (ex S/L) Tech Rep of Canadair paid an informal visit to the unit. A live show was held in the Station Theatre which largely attended and appreciated by unit personnel. An aircraft of 416 (F) Squadron in Rabat had an accident with a drogue. Only minor damage to the aircraft and no personnel casualties.

10 Sep 54

Overcast, light rain, clearing to fine then to showers and clear and fine with bright moon. 421 (F) Squadron engaged in flying, 430 (F) Squadron stood down till 13 Sep and 416 (F) Squadron in Rabat. Two minor aircraft accidents sustained at Rabat, pilots F/O J Volfing and F/L DJ Enman uninjured. "D" Category crashes. Today a real Hegira was made on 2 (F) Wing by visitors from afar. G/Cs JB Harvey and J Dunlop of CJS (L) paid an informal air trip to unit. They dropped off Mr. A Finlay, Dominion Commissioner of Boy Scouts who conferred with CO. S/L Bracher, and toured the unit. Later a representation of Senior Commissioners of the Girl Guides visited the unit and were conducted around the unit. Mr. Alphonse Fiegel of Saarguemines who is a Judge of the local area visited the unit with Capt J George of the Saarguemines constabulary and lunched with the CO. Colonels Schultz and MacMillan of the US Army visited the unit and toured the unit caravan site, they were accompanied by four Majors. A farewell party was held in the Officers Mess for F/O J Kupkee of 109 Comm Flight.

11 Sep 54

Overcast and cloudy, brief sunny periods, slight rain, intermittent sunny periods and heavy rain from 1800 hours on spasmodically. Light local routine flying in the squadron. Alert section in readiness. CO flew to Rabat to ascertain if possible reason for two successive accidents in 416 (F) Squadron. Acting command vested in W/C Wm Foster, COpsO. S/L JR Johnson, OC 421 (F) Squadron will be absent for about 12 weeks. Command of 421 (F) Squadron will be given to F/L L Skaalen. S/L Johnson departed for CLS (L) by rail en route afterwards to a Day Fighter Leader’s Course at West Raynham, England. Girls Fastball team went to Air Division for the first game of the finals but was rained out in the bottom of the second inning. Normal station routine. Mr. A Finlay, Executive Commissioner of the Boy Scouts Association HQ in Ottawa reported in overnight from 3 (F) Wing. He is leaving by Dakota on the following morning for the UK.

12 Sep 54

Overcast, hazy, considerable overcast, light showers and after 1300 hours clearing and considerable wind. Normal Sunday station routine. CO returned by Sabre after a brief visit to Rabat. 43043 F/O JHP Volfing, 416 (F) Squadron was killed as the result of a flying accident when his aircraft stalled on take-off during his participation in Operation "Weapons Fire" at Rabat. Next-of-kin notified through Chief of Police in Copenhagen, Denmark, where they reside. Funeral arrangements being made.

13 Sep 54

Overcast, clearing to fine and cool. Cool autumn weather is now evident and the summer, which according to weather statistics in France was been appalling, has now come to a close. CO and W/C WM Foster reported on TD to Air Division to attend the 5th CO’s Conference. F/O J Hough and F/O EW Snyder of 421 (F) Squadron appeared before the AOC on a summary trial. Unit engrossed in clearing details involving the return of the body of late 43043 F/O JHP Volfing, 416 (F) Squadron who was killed on take off during Operation "Weapons Fire" at Rabat on 12 Sep. Deceased is of Danish origin and his next-of-kin reside in Copenhagen, Denmark. Approval given to have the body taken to Copenhagen for final interment. Bristol freighter arrived at 2200 hours en route to Rabat with AOG Spares and bier, returning 15 or 16 Sep with body of deceased. Tentative date of chapel funeral service this unit 1500 hours 16 Sep 54 in Protestant Chapel. Visitors to the unit were light, P/O H Claxton from 3 (F) Wing. A group of Americans headed by Lt. D Marken, USAF from Fontainbleau arrived on the station re positioning of Micro Wave towers.

14 Sep 54

Overcast, heavy rains and cool. Light routine flying by 430 and 421 (F) Squadrons due to bad weather conditions. Funeral arrangements have been completed for funeral of late 43043 F/O JHP Volfing. Bristol freighter departed at 0800 hours for Rabat with S/L J Elvis, AIB/CJS(L) also bier for F/O Volfing’s body. Anticipate its return on 15 Sep. F/O FP Wagner acting as escort for remains to 2 (F) Wing. Body will be taken to Copenhagen, Denmark by Dakota 975. CO and COpsO still attending 5th CO’s Conference at Air Division which concludes today. CO and COpsO attended a reception tendered by the AOC for A/M and Mrs. WA Curtis, ex CAS, who are visiting the Wings on an informal visit. F/L TR Axcell, Air Division and Capt. DG Crosbie with the Canadian Army Fastball Team from Soest, Germany, arrived but due to bad weather were unable to stage the ball game. Lt D Markin (USAF) at Fontainbleau arrived and commenced work on installation of Micro Wave towers for 1 Tel SU. CAdO conducted a staff meeting to discuss organization problems of his staff.

15 Sep 54

Overcast in early morning but after 1000 hours it cleared and was excellent weather all day. 421 and 430 (F) Squadrons, plus 413 and IRF from 3 (F) Wing were engaged in local routine flying and training. No. 5 blues for all officers and airmen become compulsory today. A/M WA Curtis, retired Chief of the Air Staff, RCAF, paid an informal visit to the unit. The agenda of his visit is attached. Capt. G. Turner, Air Division AJAG office paid a visit re a legal matter into an ME accident. W/C W Young, Med/MO visited by air and left for Air Division HQ. F/L NT Taylor, Met from 3 (F) Wing reported on TD to give lectures and conduct Met examinations for IRF students. A practise for the funeral parade scheduled for 16 Sep for the late 43043 F/O JHP Volfing was conducted under F/L W Jessop, OC of Funeral. CO appointed W/C AWC Tustin unit CAdO to be OC of 975 for Copenhagen. Detail for the funeral have been finalized. Civilian funeral service being arranged by F/O Volfing’s parents in Copenhagen on 17 Sep.

16 Sep 54

Weather overcast, showery, windy and cool. Routine local flying carried out by 421 and 430 (F) Squadrons. The remains of the later 43043 F/O JHP Volfing were tendered a service in the Protestant chapel at which S/L JN Bracher officiated. The floral tributes in particular from the squadrons, French Commanding General of the region, American Squadrons in Rabat and unit were particularly impressive. Order of the Day covering proceedings is attached. Final service tribute was tendered at No. 1 hangar when the bier was placed on 109 Comm Flight Dakota 975 and flown to Copenhagen. Canadian embassy officials at Copenhagen have co-ordinated with the next-of-kin and made all final arrangements for interment. The bier was accompanied by 14 officers under command of W/C AWC Tustin, CD, CAdO of 2 (F) Wing. Interment being made in Copenhagen on 17 Sep at 1400 hours. Girls Fastball team journeyed to Air Division to try once again to play the first game of the finals. Air Division girls triumphed, making it the second game our girls have lost all season.

17 Sep 54

Rain, clear and fine, overcast and cool. Routine local flying. All personnel and aircraft of IRF and 413 (F) Squadron departed for 3 (F) Wing on completion of runway repairs at the unit. CO held his regular weekly parade and inspection of airmen. Capt. MG McSweeny USAF, Fontainbleau reported in to 1 Tel SU on Telecom and Micro Wave matters. W/C HL Taylor AMCHQ, Ottawa reported in on Supply matters en route to Air Division HQ. The Air Division girls fastball team visited the unit for the second game of the final series, our girls proving victorious.

18 Sep 54

Heavy overcast, heavy rains, cold and windy. Normal week and routine. Alert stand by Squadron 430. Dakota 975 returned from Copenhagen, Denmark after participating in the final burial rites accorded the last 43043 F/O JHP Volfing of 416 (F) Squadron who was fatally injured in an aircraft accident at Rabat.

19 Sep 54

Heavy overcast, cold wind, intermittent sunny periods. French autumn is rapidly making its advent. Battle of Britain Parade held at which the CO took the salute. Personnel paraded to their respective chapels. Normal Sunday routine.

20 Sep 54

Overcast, cold rain and later clearing but only for short periods. Only during the afternoon were Squadrons able to engage in flying operations. A very interesting lecture was given by WO1 D Lefebvre, WO i/c Fire Hall, on Fire Prevention. A large group of officers were in attendance. Visitors to the unit included F/L R Hanson 4 (F) Wing who is co-ordinating details for the Roadeo. F/L J Reeves, Air Division HQ who is also on Roadeo matters. F/L V Swanberg expected in from Air Division to assume Acting CEO pending discharge from hospital of F/O A Tuplin. F/O AB Stirling expected in from Air Division on camouflage matters. Officers Mess meeting held in the Officers Mess. Once again the 2 (F) Wing girls fastball team journeyed to Air Division for the third and what proved to the final game of the best of three series. 2 (F) Wing girls won the game and the Championship.

21 Sep 54

Excellent weather prevails, cool but clear, light showers in early morning but clearing and very pleasant. All squadron on strength actively engaged in flying operations locally. Arrangements have been concluded for Operation "Shooting Star" which commences 23 Sep 54. 2/Lt CG Payatakes, Royal Hellenic Air Force arrived as advance officer. The Greek Squadron is due to arrive on 22 Sep 54. F/O S Telford is acting as our liaison officer. Approximately 36 officers and 36 airmen are anticipated in the party. CO held his regular weekly conference at 0900 hours. W/C R Ganderton, Air Staff Officer at Canadian Army College, Kingston, reported in to observe operations on the unit. He later departed by air for Kaiserslautern to observe operation "Battle Royal". W/C HL Taylor AMCHQ, reported in on Supply and Technical matters. He conferred with the CTechO. G/C ME Pollard, SASO, 1 Air Division HQ reported in to witness camouflage of Sabre aircraft which was being demonstrated on the airfield by authorized civilian firm. Messrs A Goldsmith and T Johnson of the RAF Cinema Corporation visited the unit and conferred with the CO. The Officers Promotion Board was convened by the CO and conducted their findings in the CO’s office.

22 Sep 54

Excellent weather all day, clear and CAVU, after 1600 hours it became overcast and intermittent showers were experienced. All squadrons were actively engaged in local and routine flying. All Wing operations personnel were busily engaged in receiving last minute instructions re Operation "Shooting Star" which commences tomorrow. Officers and airmen of 336 Squadron, Royal Hellenic Air Force in Greece arrived in F84 aircraft, and Dakota aircraft. The Squadron was commanded by Capt. C Pandalides and 2/Lt Pagiatakis was liaison officer with our liaison officer, F/O S Telford. A number of officers from the Greek Air Ministry in Athens also accompanied the squadrons as observers. F/O Axcell, PRO Air Division reported in on TD to ensure the arrival and news events of the Greek squadron. A/C WR Clements new Chief of Staff replacing A/C Hodson from 1 Air Division reported in with W/C E Cuthbertson and discussed the forthcoming visit of the Hon. Ralph Campney, Minister of National Defence and party. Also the visit of 15 NATO generals was discussed and a conference on planning was held in the CO’s office. This week has seen a considerable influx of visitors from Canada and elsewhere. An official welcoming party for the officers of the RHAF was held in the Officers Mess at which the OC of 336 Squadron present a very lovely souvenir gift to the CO who was very touched and warmly welcomed the officers and men of the RHAF.

23 Sep 54

Excellent weather prevailed all day. Operation "Shooting Star" went into effect with the squadrons of this Wing plus 336 Fighter Bomber Squadron RHAF participating with us. G/C Domedentirs of RHAF arrived in C47 (Dakota) aircraft to observe the operation. Visitors to the unit were F/L G Taylor Tech/AE and Mr. NM Nerriere of AV Roe. CO to lecture pilots and groundcrew on the functions of the Orenda engine in Mark V Sabres. A/C D Blaine D/AMTS/AFHQ and Messrs Roberts and Dnais of the Treasury Board reported in. They were briefed on the unit, toured the unit and conferred with the CO on technical and constructional aspects. G/C McKenna, CO, RCAF Station Chatham arrived on a visit to the unit. He conferred with the CO and COpsO on the training of pilots, pilot problems and other allied subjects connected with flying training. Arrangements being finalized for the visit of 15 NATO Generals who are visiting this unit on 24 Sep 54.

24 Sep 54

Fair and cool, intermittent showers. All squadrons actively engaged in Exercise "Shooting Stars". Visitors to the unit were A/C W Clements from Air Division HQ to review action proposed on Minister of Defence’s visit, F/L R Montgomery to unit from Air Division on similar matters connected with Minister’s visit. W/C WE Edow in en route to 1 (F) Wing. S/L J Lawrence, President of Board on Sabre 23157 involving death of late 43043 F/O JHP Volfing in Rabat. He was accompanied by F/L W Peterson of 4 (F) Wing. S/L AA Fallis (AAFCE/CE Officer) reported in on passing through the unit. He was not on any official duty. A delegation of V/VIPs from AAFCE and NATO reported in for a routine visit. They included (see attached list). These senior officers were conducted under escort around the unit and given a brief summary of the organization etc of the unit.

25 Sep 54

Overcast, much rain and cold. Exercise "Shooting Star" held up due to inclement weather. Gas bowser this unit backed into and struck RHAF Dakota parked on roadway by fuel farm. Considerable damage done to the aircraft which will delay the departure of RHAF personnel at conclusion of exercise. W/C M Fransceska RHAF 2 i/c Greek Air Academy, Athens, will be required to remain at this unit until aircraft returns from Holland after repaired. G/C R Parissis, RHAF, and Major T Pessaris, US Army, Aircent HQ South in Naples, reported in on observer duties connected with Operation "Shooting Star". They conferred with CO and were tendered lunch. Commandant E Galvin, FLO at Air Division paid an informal visit to the unit.

27 Sep 54

Overcast, much rain and cold. Operation "Shooting Star" concluded and personnel of RHAF preparing to depart for their parent unit in Greece. Final preparations have now been completed for the Minister of National Defence’s visit on 28 Sep 54. The visits of VIPs now appear to be coming to a close for a time. Visitors to the unit were S/L JA Brown and F/O WJ fellows from 1 (F) Wing who were passing to Air Division. F/O A Stirling, Air Division paid a visit to observe the Sabre aircraft decoy. A meeting of the NPF board of Directors was held.

28 Sep 54

Overcast, heavy rain and cold. Pilots of 336 Squadron, RHAF departed for Italy en route to Greece at 0900 hours. Dakota 975 left with groundcrew personnel also en route to Greece. F/O E Cox this unit who is on leave proceeded on leave to Greece. Dakota 637 of RHAF being flow to Holland for extensive repairs to main plane which was damaged on this unit on 24 Sep. W/C M Fransceska and crew of five of the RHAF Dakota remaining until damaged aircraft repaired. Honorable Ralph Campney, Minister of National Defence and entourage arrived in C-5. See appendix for itinerary. The Minister reported he was very impressed with the unit. He departed at 1330 hours for Metz by road. Excellent work was performed by all personnel of the unit which added to the success of his visit. A live show was held in the theatre, very well attended. Advance party of 414 (F) Squadron returned at 1714 hours.

Pinetree Line note - The Canadair C-5 was a one-of-a-kind hybrid between a DC-4 and DC-6. It entered service in 1950 and was the RCAF's premier VIP transport Aircraft.

29 Sep 54

Overcast and much rain all day and in the evening. A brief sunny period was evident after 1000 hours until 1145 hours but quickly vanished. CO completing preparations prior to his departure on annual leave to Parma, Mayorca, Spain. W/C WM Foster will be Acting CO in his absence. All Greek Squadron personnel have departed except Dakota 637 which the RCAF damaged. Visitors to the unit were F/O E Dewsnap, 30 AMB. Personnel and aircraft of 416 (F) Squadron returned off Operation "Weapons Fire" at Rabat. This is the second tour for the squadrons at this unit. A/C D Blaine D/AMTS reported in, remained overnight and left the following morning for Air Division HQ.

30 Sep 54

Wet, cold weather, no sun. Four aircraft and pilots of 416 (F) Squadron still in Rabat awaiting arrival of spare parts. CO departed on leave to Spain. Acting CO W/C WM Foster. Final preparations being completed by Roadeo Co-ordinator F/L R Huson of 4 (F) Wing for the opening event on 1 Oct. The AOC is expected in. All ME officers, contestants and representative officers have reported in from the Wings. They are F/O AG Morden, 3 (F) Wing, F/O ER Eggenberger and F/O MJ Marriott 3 (F) Wing, F/O DA Fowler, F/O DA Ryan from 1 (F) Wing and F/O RW Huson and F/O We Tatarchuk 4 (F) Wing. Promotions for 2 (F) Wing were announced today and we received a total of 80 promotions. All messes and institutes will celebrate their upgrading of personnel and admission of new members tonight. Heavy rain and cold all evening. The French summer has gone and a long cold winter and fall seem en route in fact its a reality to face. Mr. BA Miller, representative of the Auditor’s General’s Board AFHQ and Mr. JO Hussey from Chief Treasury Office visited the unit to discuss Treasury Board procedures. They departed by service aircraft in the afternoon.

1 Oct 54

Overcast weather, heavy rains and cold. Regular CO’s weekly parade and inspection. AOC visited the unit and performed opening ceremony for the Roadeo. Heavy rain impaired the Roadeo but despite this a good showing was made by all. Cpl Murchie of 3 (F) Wing, LAC Gardner and Cpl Smith each from 4 (F) Wing were the successful winners of the Roadeo. Cups and prizes were presented by G/C TA Spruston, STSO at Air Division HQ. Visitors to the unit from Air Division were W/C F Hill, F/O TR Axcell, W/C F Bowler, F/L J Reeves, F/O A Graham, F/O B Smiley, W/C MS Strange. From other units attending the Roadeo were F/L M Fellows, 1 (F) Wing, F/O M Fikowski, 1 (F) Wing, F/O RJ Stamison, 4 (F) Wing, F/O DA Ryan, 1 (F) Wing, F/O D Fowler, 1 (F) Wing, F/O MJ Herriott 3 (F) Wing, W/C CW McNab , 3 (F) Wing and F/O ER Eggenberger 3 (F) Wing. Squadron parties by 421 and 430 squadrons were held in the Little Theatre and Tetting respectively.

2 Oct 54

Overcast in early a.m. but after 1200 hours it cleared and was very enjoyable. No special occurrence, regular Saturday routine. Nil local routine flying.

3 Oct 54

Men’s Fastball team flew by Bristol to Soest to meet Army team.

4 Oct 54

Excellent weather, CAVU all day, light breeze, very enjoyable weather for past two days. All squadrons, including 416 have now returned from second session at Rabat and are actively engaged in routine local flying. Random IX from Canada commanded by S/L RW Middlemiss, OC, 1 OFU, St. Hubert reported in with 21 Sabre Mk Vs. A North Star followed later with support ground crew personnel. The usual informal reception was tendered the new arrivals, who are departing by North Star on 5 Oct. F/O L Cheek, Tech/AE from 4 (F) Wing reported in on technical matters. G/C JA Sproule, DFC, CO of Tri-Service Station Rivers, Manitoba, reported in on an informal visit. He toured the unit with Acting CO, W/C WM Foster. S/L MC McArthur and S/L W Pacholka reported in from Air Division HQ on medical and intelligence matters respectively. F/O TD Nelson, 4 (F) Wing and F/O N Baker, 30 AMB reported in to attend Rifle Shoot being held here on 6 – 8 Oct. A total of 15 officers plus 65 airmen are expected to participate. F/O K Hanson, 1 (F) Wing arrived to take command of advance visiting party en route to 1 (F) Wing next site at Marville. A party of 6 NCOs (SP) plus equipment and ME are leaving on 5 Oct for Marville to assume control of security. A noticeable fall off in VIP visits noted for this week. It is hoped the "snows" come soon to GT to permit us a period of recovery from the past deluge of VIPs just departed.

5 Oct 54

Overcast, light showers, brief sunny periods and cool. All squadrons actively engaged in routine flying when weather conditions permit. Quiet routine day. Visitors from 3 (F) Wing were S/L R Metcalfe, F/O C Scott and F/O AJ Watson who are attending the Rifle Shoot commencing 6 Oct. F/L H Vinish from 4 (F) Wing reported in en route by Bristol to UK to attend course at the University of London. G/C JA Sproule departed by S/A Bristol for UK. F/L J Jackson and F/O L Boyle departed by air for Munich, Germany, to purchase equipment for the Officers’ Mess. Mr. WH Knight from England reported in with his men regarding Magneta installation.

6 Oct 54

Overcast, light showers, brief sunny periods and chilly. Station Adjutant, F/L CM Campbell departed for Paris on TD as Draft Conductor, Acting Adjutant F/O LG Boyle. Visitors to the unit – S/L Muir 30 AMB.

7 Oct 54

Overcast, light showers, brief sunny periods and chilly. Station routine normal. Visitors to the unit F/O RGW King, 3 (F) Wing. Dr. Abrams and Dr. Leggatt, Operation Research Specialists arrived on the unit from Air Division 1200 hours, departed 1500 hours. They met and conferred with the Acting CO, W/C WM Foster and were shown around the unit.

8 Oct 54

Overcast, brief sunny periods. Normal station routine. Draft of personnel arrived from Canada.

9 Oct 54

Very cool, overcast, brief sunny periods. No flying carried out except alert squadron on duty. Majority of station personnel on a conducted tour in France and Germany. Normal station routine.

12 Oct 54

Overcast and heavy fog and rain. All aircraft in Air Division Wings have been grounded for defective fuel pumps and complete inspection of all fuel systems. After Thanksgiving week end usual routine. Nothing of importance occurred. Visitors to the unit were Mr. W Soutar, Canada, Mr. R Havard, Paris, W/C WM Smith and F/L AK Kennedy from Air Division HQ who reported on furniture allotment for PMQs. Reports indicate that furniture received from French contractor has been found to be very acceptable and of good quality. W/C J Sanderson from SHAPE HQ reported in for check out on T33 and Beechcraft aircraft. W/C SB Murphy from RCAF Station Rockcliffe reported in on medical matters. New tile floor laid in CO’s office and new PA system installed. New tile floors also being completed in Officer’s Mess.

13 Oct 54

Heavy fog all morning until 1200 hours when it cleared and beautiful clear cool weather continued all day devoid of overcast, CAVU. No flying by squadrons pending completion of fuel pump inspections. 109 Comm Flight doing all the flying in and out on transport duties. W/C AL Bocking, Director of Ground Defence (AFHQ) visited the unit on A-B-C Methods and Passive Defence matters. He was accompanied by Captain JC Gatlin, USAF, attached to AFHQ and F/L A Greensward of Air Division HQ. W/C F Bowler and S/L R Kerr from Air Division visited the unit and conferred with the CTechO on recent fuel pump failures and technical inspections in Sabre aircraft. W/C J Griffiths of Air Division HQ visited the unit on CE matters. Present unit CE Officer, F/O AH Tuplin has been on non-effective strength for past two months and is confined at present in US Army Hospital at Landstuhl. W/C SB Murphy of RCAF Station Rockcliffe hospital conducting an eye clinic and examination of all aircrew officers.

14 Oct 54

Heavy fog, clearing at noon and very pleasant all day. No flying by the squadrons of any of the Wings pending conclusion of investigation into fuel pumps on Sabre Mk Vs. Regular pay parade for all unit personnel. Mr. R Roberts of Montreal Star visited unit and was given a tour of the unit. He was conducted around by F/O J Gatto, 416 (F) Squadron. Nothing of importance. Normal station routine.

15 Oct 54

Excellent weather still continues. Nil flying being carried out by squadrons in the Air Division. CO’s parade and inspection held after which Wing and ceremonial drill was carried out. W/C SB Murphy, Med/MO, RCAF Station Rockcliffe, Opthalmologist completed his survey of unit personnel for optical corrections. General condition was reported good, only one or two pilots borderline but they are still within the acceptable area. S/L R Kerr, Air Division appointed President of the Board of Inquiry to investigate into alleged contamination of jet fuel. He was accompanied by F/L J Reeves ME expert from Air Division who conducted a survey of the fuel tenders. F/L S Mathews (RAF) 2 TAF Germany reported in to review repair scheme being done on Bristol aircraft. Normal station routine, very quiet, orderly and morale good.

16 Oct 54

Excellent weather, no flying as yet. Board of Inquiry continues, President S/L R Kerr, Air Division, Members F/L MA Labrosse, 2 (F) Wing, F/O L Cheeck, 4 (F) Wing and F/O R McCombe, 3 (F) Wing. Greek Dakota 637 arrived from Prestwick after repairs being completed. Being checked for return flight to Athens.

17 Oct 54

Excellent weather still continues. No flying except that being performed by 109 Comm Flight. Greek Dakota commanded by W/C M Frangeskos departed at 1015 hours for Rome, Italy, and Athens.

18 Oct 54

Lovely clear, cool weather. Back home we’d call it Indian Summer but undoubtedly in France L’Ete de St. Martin, would be a misnomer to the locals. With such excellent weather conditions it is regrettable that no flying can be executed. Pilots of all squadrons are engaged in bus trips to Strasbourg, lectures, refresher courses in T33 and Sabre Mk V characteristics, skeet shooting and pistol range. G/C W Weiser returned off annual leave today and assumed command from W/C WM Foster. A lecture for all personnel was held in the Station Theatre at 1600 hours given by Dr. Ernest Newman and the topic was "France’s Opposition to a Re-Armed Germany, Good or Not?"

19 Oct 54

Indian summer or L’été de St. Martin, as it is called in France would appear to be over. Overcast, rainy and not cool but edging close. Squadrons still grounded. Messrs S Bradshaw and K Hardiman of AV Roe Company, England and Mr. I Jacks of Lucas Engineering Co. England paid a visit to the unit to discuss matters associated with fuel and fuel pump systems that has grounded all Sabre Vs of this unit with the CTechO, Squadron OsC and members of the Board of Inquiry. CO’s conference held, first since CO returned off leave. Many things discussed and preparations in effect for the long cold, drizzly winter ahead. Dakota 975 took two officers and airmen to Fayid, Egypt, to attend the unveiling of the El Alemain Memorial. F/L A Sinclair of 3 (F) Wing, OC of party with F/O JJ Doyle of 2 (F) Wing as 2 i/c. They will be absent for approximately one week. Visitors to the unit were Dr. E Mewman of the University of London, England, who delivered a lecture in current events in the Astra Theatre to all unit personnel. Mr. EA Glover and F/L BW Sheasby of 1 Air Division HQ paid a visit on operation matters. A general meeting was held in the Officers Mess. G/C McCormack, CO of 30 AMB Langar, arrived in by aircraft from UK and proceeded by ME to Air Division HQ. F/O Hurley, 416 (F) Squadron proceeded on an Escape and Evasion course.

20 Oct 54

Clear, cool and very pleasant, slight overcast late afternoon with light drizzle and wind. Squadrons still stood down. Pilots taken on a tour of the Maginot Line near Thionville that had been reactivated; others improved their accuracy on the skeet range. Visitors to the unit were W/C J Griffiths and S/L N Paylor who conferred with the CO on CE matters. Medical Board done on F/O AH Tuplin who is in hospital at Landstuhl and who is being posted to non-effective strength. Regular monthly meeting of the NPF board of Directors held in CO’s office at 1400 hours.

21 Oct 54

Overcast and cool, genesis of winter en route. Normal station routine except pilots not flying. All Sabres grounded due to defective fuel dispensing facilities. Board of Inquiry on subject concluded its findings. Pilots engaged in lectures, briefings, etc. Visitors were W/C LA Hillgartner and F/L W Harvey. They conferred with COpsO and Met O on specific matters. Both visitors from Air Division HQ. Large draft of 78 airmen and airwomen reported in from Canada.

22 Oct 54

Clear, sunny periods, overcast with rain showers in late evening. Squadrons still grounded. Complete new installation required of all fuel pumps. Fuel facilities require considerable revision in their dispensing of fuel action. Another large draft of 53 airmen arrived in from Canada. Over this present week end approximately 156 airmen and airwomen replacements will arrive at this unit. Visitors to the unit were W/C H Smith and Comdt E Galvin from Air Division, who with Comdt J. Drucke and Mr. P Landabetcher of the Intendant’s Office in Metz conferred with the CO on French civilian personnel matters. A formal Mess Dinner was held in the Officers Mess.

25 Oct 54

Overcast, cooler, intermittent showers and brief sunny periods, cooling. Still no active flying among the squadrons. Fuel facilities require a thorough clearing and riddance from water. Considerable work is involved before squadrons will be air borne again. The French autumn has about finished, autumn colours are fleeing and the symptoms of the cold and dreary French winter are imminent. Over the weekend F/L JW Hough and F/O RH Curran, pilots of 421 (F) Squadron were involved in an automobile accident. F/O Hough suffered only minor cuts and lacerations around the face and hands. F/O RH Curran severely injured, fractured femur and ruptured liver and internal injuries. Accident occurred near Wiesbaden and both are interned in 495 US Army Hospital, Wiesbaden. Blood transfusions given to F/O Curran who is on the critically injured list. A volunteer group of blood donors from the unit leaving on 26 Oct to replace blood from American blood bank. Visitors to the unit were F/O TH Everson from 30 AMB on medical equipment, F/O BW Wood from Air Division HQ on Crypto matters, CO of 1 (F) Wing, G/C Somerville arrived by Sabre and departed by GMT for 1 Air Division. A farewell party was held in the Officers Mess for F/L CA Debenham, 430 (F) Squadron who is repatriated to RCAF Station MacDonald.

26 Oct 54

Clear, warm and very pleasant. All squadrons still grounded, work proceeding to clean and re-install new filters in fuel farm installations. It is hoped by next week that all work will be completed. CO held his regular staff conference. Later CO flew to Paris on a flight with 109 Comm Flight. Official word received from 7100 USAF Hospital, Wiesbaden that 204945 F/O Roland Henry Curran, 421 (F) Squadron, succumbed as a result of injuries he received in a car accident with F/O JW Hough, 421 (F) Squadron, operator of the vehicle. A group of 20 blood donors departed by GMT for Wiesbaden, Germany, to replace blood bank donations given to the late F/O RH Curran. Visitors to the unit were S/L N Drolet AFHQ and W/C WM McLean of AFHQ who conferred with CO and CTechO on photographic matters. Arrangements being completed re the return of the body of F/O RH Curran with F/O PV Whitehead as its escort. Mr. R Heine of Canadian Montreal reported in and conferred on technical matters with the CTechO.

27 Oct 54

Overcast, heavy rains and fog. No flying carried out except that of 109 Comm Flight. Visitors to the unit from AFHQ were G/C M Doyle, W/C J Knight, Mr. W Loynes, Mr. NJ Smith and W/C C Baker from Air Division HQ. This group is a follow up visit paid recently by A/C D Blaine. They visited the PMQs at St. Avold and conferred with the CO on accommodation, buildings, and messes and institutes. Later they dined with the CO. the regular CO’s parade and inspection was cancelled due to inclement weather. The body of F/O RH Curran was being prepared for shipment to unit. F/O PV Whitehead appointed escort officer and co-ordinating all details. Two North Star aircraft arrived and departed with passengers and freight for Canada. AOC’s Dakota 975 arrived back with crew and airmen who campaigned in Egypt and who were guests of the Crown at the unveiling of the El Alamein monument in Egypt. Their verbal reports were not considered worthy of inclusion in this record.

28 Oct 54

Overcast and rain showers in early a.m., clearing around 1000 hours and very enjoyable. Clear and fine – warm. Cleaning operations still continue in fuel farm, new filters being installed and complete overhaul being made. 416 (F) Squadron had four aircraft serviceable and 430 Squadron had two aircraft serviceable. Local routine flying. Body of late F/O RH Curran arrived from Wiesbaden, escorted by F/O PV Whitehead who did an excellent job in completing all arrangements required. Funeral orders all completed, funeral party had practise and F/L BR Patience, OC Administrative Detail visited Choloy Military Cemetery to inspect the site and action any problems. F/L R Cressman visited the unit from Air Division HQ on PMQ matters. He conferred with the CAdO and CO. A live show was held in the Station Theatre.

29 Oct 54

Clear and warm, excellent weather. The funeral of the late F/O RH Curran was held in the Station Protestant Chapel. Interment was made in the Armed Forces Military Cemetery (Canadian Section) at Choloy, near Toul. The Order of the Day attached covers. F/O J Hurley, 416 (F) Squadron returned from the Escape and Evasion course.

30 Oct 54

Heavy rains, overcast and cold. Normal station routine.

1 Nov 54

Heavy fog in early morning, clearing at 0900 hours and CAVU all day. Excellent weather. Aircraft serviceability improving and three squadrons actively engaged on routine flying operations after a shut down in flying for over three weeks. Repair and installation of new fuel pumps progressing and when aircraft have been test flown are being absorbed into the squadron. Personnel who were fortunate enough to go to Lucas Air Works in Coventry, England returned after a very pleasant and interesting tour of the factory. Mr. L Deschamp, DCL head in Paris and F/L R Cressman arrived and conferred with the CTechO and CO on the St. Avold housing project.

2 Nov 54

Overcast as on 1 Nov in early a.m., clearing and fine all day. 416 – 3 aircraft, 421 – 2 aircraft and 430 – 4 aircraft serviceable. Local routine flying carried out. CO held his regular weekly staff conference. Capt. G. Turner and F/L JP Lettellier of 1 Air Division HQ legal branch visited the unit and discussed legal problems with unit personnel.

3 Nov 54

Excellent weather. Aircraft serviceability in squadrons slowly improving and where possible all squadrons are engaged in local routine flying. CO held his weekly parade and inspection, followed by Junior Officers Development lectures. Trade advancement lectures for airmen and weekly barrack block inspections. CO accompanied by F/L L Pond, Air Division HQ SOCE branch paid a visit to the PMQ project at St. Avold. F/L WS Harvey from 1 Air Division HQ reported in for practice flight.

4 Nov 54

Excellent weather still continues. All squadrons engaged in local routine flying only, they are not up to full strength on aircraft serviceability. G/C R Somerville and W/C R Edser of 1 (F) Wing reported in en route to 1 Air Division. CO held a special meeting on pay and allowances in France after which he prepared a special submission for 1 Air Division on the subject.

5 Nov 54

Excellent weather still continues. Cool and clear with light breeze. Squadrons engaged in routine flying. CO paid an unofficial visit to 1 Air Division HQ and conferred with AOC.

8 Nov 54

Overcast, heavy clouds, visibility 5 – 7 miles, cool and sharp tingle of frost in the air. Squadron serviceability improving and all aircraft available are on local routine flying. Normal station routine. W/C J Sanderson and W/C H Budges, AAFCE HQ Paris, reported in on passing through. Bristol aircraft arrived with new personnel from Canada.

9 Nov 54

Slight overcast, rain and clearing after 1500 hours. All aircraft that were serviceable were flying on local routine flying. CO held his weekly staff conference. CO convened flight safety forum in Wing Ops Bldg which he chaired. Flight safety measures were discussed by G/C RF Davis, Director of Flying Safety, AFHQ. He was accompanied by S/L J Elviss and F/L E Glover from 1 Air Division HQ and F/L L Pond and S/L IV Murphy from 1 Air Division reported on the unit together with French engineers from 1 (F) Wing site in Marville where they discussed messing equipment. A special meeting of the NPF Board of Directors was held in the CO’s office, at 2230 hours. Much colder, no wind, heavy low fog but very clear and sharp.

10 Nov 54

Clear, cool and sharp. CO’s parade at which AOC, 1 Air Division was present and presented trophies to men’s and women’s Fastball Championship Teams at this unit. AOC complimented all members of the teams after which he inspected the unit personnel on parade. Following inspection he made an unofficial tour of inspection of the unit with the CO.

11 Nov 54

Overcast, clearing and rain. Regular Armistice Parade held at which two flights paraded to respective Chapels for divine service. Salute taken by W/C AWC Tustin. S/L K Lett, OC 416 (F) Squadron and F/L CM Campbell attended War Veterans Banquet at Hotel Metz in St. Avold.

12 Nov 54

Overcast, cold and rain, light showers fell all day. Local routine flying. Normal station routine.

15 Nov 54

Clear and excellent weather. All squadrons with their maximum permissible serviceability all engaged in local flying operations. F/L R Mason reported in from 1 (F) Wing with officers en route to 1 (F) Wing. Messrs Ford and Whittam of Alkit Ltd., paid a business trip to the unit.

16 Nov 54

Excellent weather, considerable frost during the night. CO held his regular weekly conference. Mr. Colin Jackson, Army Directorate of Education, CJS London, reported in and gave a lecture on current events to unit personnel. A/C F Carpenter from AFHQ reported in on an official visit. F/L W Montgomery, Air Division HQ, reported in to liaise on duties connected with Ground Defence Training in collaboration with French Army at Sceux. F/O R Steward, 3 (F) Wing, reported in as President of Board of Inquiry re F/O JJ Doyle who was injured at 3 Wing when he met with a non-service accident. F/O JJ Doyle returned from 3 Wing to Wing Hospital.

17 Nov 54

Overcast, clearing, overcast and rain. Local routine flying when conditions permitted. A/C FS Carpenter reported from AFHQ and conferred with the CO and COpsO on training matters. Mr. J Chisholm from DM office AFHQ reported and conferred with CO and CTechO on ME matters. F/L J Reeves from Air Division HQ accompanied Mr. Chisholm. Regular CO’s parade held at which inspection was conducted. G/C JB Harvey reported in on an unofficial visit and conferred with the CO.

18 Nov 54

Overcast, clear and cool. Light rain showers. Light routine flying carried out. A/C W Clements visited the unit and reviewed the itinerary of the Senior US and French officers visit scheduled on 19 Nov. He was accompanied by W/C ET Atherton. AC R Carscallen reported in by aircraft from CJS London and proceeded to Air Division HQ. A formal mess dinner was held at which the AOC, A/V/M HL Campbell and S/L M Doyle attended as guests of honour. The AOC gave an address at which he presented the Queens Commendation Insignia to F/L GC Whitaker.

19 Nov 54

Clear and fine, slight overcast and cool. Considerable land fog but clear and starry overhead after dark. Serviceability of squadrons has greatly improved and local routine flying being resumed daily as well as increased now that fuel facilities have been rectified. A group of Senior French and American officers paid an official visit to the unit. Those present were listed on the appendix; the itinerary also is as attached. The AOC, Air Division, A/V/M HL Campbell and A/C W Clements, Chief of Staff, also visited as did Commandant E Galvin, 1 Air Division French Liaison Officer. The CO and Mrs. Weiser attended a reception and dinner at 1 Air Division HQ in the evening.

22 Nov 54

Overcast, clearing, slight sunshine and fogging in. All squadrons actively engaged in flying operations. CO flew to AFEX HQ with F/O A Whyte and F/L R Fallis of 1 Air Division HQ on matters connected with purchasing of supplies from the PX. Visitors to the unit were F/L R Fallis and F/L EA Glover from 1 Air Division HQ. S/L RF Epps and W/C SC Wickett from Institute of Aviation Medicine, Toronto, reported in on Flight Safety Equipment. Regular monthly meeting of Officers Mess was held.

23 Nov 54

Overcast and slight showers. Clearing around noon. Light routine flying. 80258 F/O FG Hannah, 430 (F) Squadron had a slight aircraft accident when he ran off the runway, no injury to pilot and slight damage to aircraft. A group of 26 persons on a NATO Public Information Course arrived by C-46 aircraft from Paris. The itinerary as followed is appended and includes a nominal roll of personnel who were present.

24 Nov 54

Overcast and rain, clearing after 0830 hours and excellent weather all day. CO’s weekly parade and inspection cancelled due to inclement weather. CO held his regular weekly CO’s conference at 1300 hours. All squadrons actively engaged in night flying programme. This is the first occasion that night flying has been carried out. Mr. WJ Smith from Paris visited the unit today and conferred with CO and CTechO on mess matters. Mr. E Volfing and son arrived from Copenhagen to accept certain items remaining at unit of late F/O JPE Volfing. A PMC was included in the estate and delivery taken. Visitors from 1 Air Division HQ were G/C ME Pollard, S/L W Gill, F/L Greensward and F/O M Zaharia. They conferred with their opposite numbers on Service matters.

25 Nov 54

Clear and fine, excellent weather. All squadrons actively engaged in flying operations. Bristol aircraft reported in from UK with passengers and freight. F/O W Mulcahy, Med/Nur was married by F/L L Perusse, RC Chaplain in RC Chapel to Mr. KJ O’Brien, Tech Rep for GCA unit. A reception was held in the Airmen’s Mess at which a large number attended. The CO proposed the toast to the bride and groom.

26 Nov 54

Overcast, clearing, heavy clouds and cool, followed by rain. Weather permitted squadrons to fly at varied periods due to squally weather. CO left for week end at Wiesbaden, Germany. F/O RA Smith suffered a slight Sabre accident when he ran off the runway.

28 Nov 54

Heavy rain and overcast all day. Alert section 421 (F) Squadron on duty. The ceremony commemorating the liberation of St. Avold by the American Forces under General Patton was held. Formal ceremony and wreath laying at the war memorial carried out by S/L JR Johnson. Inclement weather prevented the scheduled flypast. However the ceremony in Lorraine Cemetery, US War Graves Commission held St. Avold, W/O WM Foster represented the CO. Those in attendance F/L CM Campbell, Captain R de Malglaive and F/O W Hough as OC Guard of Honour. After the ceremony a vin d’honneur was held in the City Hall, St. Avold. The parade was commanded by Commandant G. Bastien, Chef du Battalion de St. Avold.

29 Nov 54

Overcast and rain most of the day. Heavy clouds, nil flying carried out. F/L J Simpson and Capt. G Turner from AJAG Office at Air Division HQ visited the unit on legal matters and conferred with branch heads and squadron commanders on the framing of charges etc. F/O J Gatto, pilot 416 (F) Squadron commenced double banking with Stn Adjutant who is leaving on repatriation.

30 Nov 54

Overcast all day with rain until noon. Little flying due to inclement weather. F/L Curtin from 4 (F) Wing and F/O Gildner from Air Division reported in on TD to investigate a loss of fuel. F/L B Ray arrived from Air Division on TD to commence preparations for the CO’s Conference to convene 2 (F) Wing 1 Dec 54.

(W. Weiser) G/C
CO, 2 (F) Wing, RCAF,
Grostenquin, Moselle, France.