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Extracts from 2 Wing Historical Reports Pertaining to Decimomannu, Sardinia

9 Jul 57

430 took over Zulu from 421 in order that 421 could have time to prepare their aircraft for Sardinia.

10 Jul 57

Four F-86s of 421 Squadron with S/L Bourgue leading went down to Decimomannu on a liaison visit.

16 Jul 57

421 getting ready to go to Sardinia tomorrow for air firing.

17 Jul 57

421 Squadron left for Sardinia. 18 aircraft took off for Sardinia. One CF-100 preceded them as a weather check aircraft.

18 Jul 57

One T-33 flew down to Decimomannu with a generator for a unserviceable C-47 there.

22 Jul 57

CO off to Sardinia late afternoon.

23 Jul 57

G/C Searle returned in afternoon from Sardinia.

27 Jul 57

Non-Zulu weekend, no flying except 421 in Sardinia.

7 Aug 57

421 arrived back from Sardinia.

26 Aug 57

One T-33 went to Sardinia.

27 Aug 57

One T-33 returned from Sardinia despite bad weather.

16 Sep 57

At 1824Z two Bristols and five Dakotas were ordered to 1 Wing on Exercise Weaponfire in conjunction with Counterpunch. They were to preposition at 1 Wing during the afternoon of 16 Sept for take off the next morning to move 441 Squadron down to Sardinia and bring 422 back. The weather at Marville was two hundred overcast one and one half in light rain, light drizzle and fog so they decided to give it a try first thing in the morning, which they did.

1 Oct 57

430 getting ready for Decimomannu so did very little flying.

2 Oct 57

430 off to Decimomannu at 1400 hours local.

12 Oct 57

One T-33 went to Sardinia and back.

15 Oct 57

One F-86 went to Sardinia.

16 Oct 57

One T-33 went to Sardinia in afternoon.

17 Oct 57

The T-33 and the F-86 returned from Sardinia.

19 Oct 57

430 returned from Sardinia.

13 Nov 57

One F-86, one CF-100 and one T-33 going to Sardinia.

30 Nov 57

One T-33 flew to Decimomannu with AOG parts.

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