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Emergence of Air Transportation - Assorted Sources

Emergence of Air Transportation

During the 1950s, the vast majority of RCAF personnel and their dependants made use of Cruise Ships when travelling to and from Europe. To many - this mode of transportation was considered to be a vacation trip on its own. A smaller number of service personnel found themselves making use of the "North Star" as their means of transport to Europe - while an even smaller number (like myself) were fortunate to travel on an RCAF "Comet". All of this more or less came to an end on 31 August 1961 when "Student Juliet" and "Student Kilo", 1 (F) Wing Zulu aircraft, were scrambled for Yellowjack (61 AC&W Squadron at Metz France) to escort the first CC-106 (callsign - 930) enroute Trenton to Marville. The intercept was completed at 1124Z in EE 3515 and the escort was carried out to 1 (F) Wing) with the arrival of the first CC-106 Yukon.

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  1. Assorted detail and photos of the RCAF Comet.
    Courtesy Assorted Sources.

  2. Assorted detail and photos of the RCAF Yukon.
    Courtesy Assorted Sources.

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