Marville, France

Historical Narrative 1 June 1955 to 30 November 1955
National Archives of Canada

1 June 1955 to 30 November 1955

JUNE 1955


3 Jun 55W/C LA HillgartnerAir Div
6 Jun 55W/C WW GilmourRCAF Staff College
8 Jun 55Major General RM Lee4 ATAF
8 Jun 55S/L JA EloissAir Div
16 Jun 55S/L B DaleAFHQ
19 Jun 55A/L BR Simpson3 (F) Wing
19 Jun 55S/L Sansoucy2 (F) Wing


OfficersOther Ranks


Professor JA Gibson of Carleton College gave a lecture on "Canada's Foreign Policy" to officers and airmen 16 Jun 55.

16 Jun 55 -Quarterly trade examinations were held. 198 candidates wrote.


20 - 27 Jun - Operation "Carte Blanche" was carried out in conjunction with the USAF, RAF, FAF, and ---


7 Jun 55 - 205148 F/O SR Easson was injured in a Sabre Jet crash.

23 Jun 55 - 44104 F/O JH Johnson received minor injuries on a crash landing of a Sabre Jet.


25 Jun 55 - 48364 F/O AG McCallum was killed in a Sabre Jet crash while participating in operation "Carte Blanche".

28 Jun 55 - Funeral was held for F/O AG McCallum at the Station Chapel.


26 Jun 55 - The Station Pipe Band participated in parade at Verdun.

JULY 1955


5 Jul 55S/L GF McLaughlinAMCHQ
12 Jul 55W Harold Young,
United Church
12 Jul 55Bishop Ivor Brandon, Anglican ChurchCanada
14 Jul 55S/L HerbertsonAir Div
25 Jul 55S/L GraysonAir Div
27 Jul 55Right Reverend Bishop TA NorrisCanada
27 Jul 55Reverend John G Murdock, Cdn Presbyterian ChurchCanada
27 Jul 55Reverend WH Young,
Cdn United Church
27 Jul 55G/C McLean, DRA (P)Ottawa
28 Jul 55W/C Scott, SORA (P)Air Div
28 Jul 55S/L B Gilmour, SOTelAir Div
28 Jul 55S/L Greensword Air Div
28 Jul 55W/C JA GordonAir Div
29 Jul 55Parliamentary GroupOttawa
29 Jul 55W/C W Smith, SOSupAir Div


Effective 18 Jul 55 - S/L JLA Roussell transferred from Air Div to 1 (F) Wing.

Effective 9 Jul 55 - S/L D Warren (COpsO) posted to Staff College, Toronto from 1 (F) Wing.


OfficersOther Ranks


30 Jul 55 - G/C MacLean, Ottawa, officiated at the opening services of the Protestant Chapel.


29 Jul 55 - 1 (F) Wing was visited by 21 members of Parliament. A complete tour of the station and historic spots in the surrounding area was arranged. Mess dinner was held in the Officers' Mess at 1900 hrs.



OfficersOther Ranks


9 Aug 55W Dean Kaye & George Bawden These visitors were from CFCF, Montreal. They made records of personnel at 1 (F) Wing for rebroadcast in Montreal
9 Aug 55A/V/M HB Goodwin1 Air Div
9 Aug 55F/L K LewisEA
18 Aug 55S/L RA StubbsCJS (L)


28 Aug 55 - No. 1 Fighter Sqn, Belgian Air Force arrived from Florrenes, Belgium. 441 Sqn departed on the same date for aerodrome de et Florrenes, Belgium


5 Aug 55 - S/L McLaren and F/O Turner from AFHQ visited this wing to lecture on safe driving.

8 Aug 55 - Dr. Newman, lecturer from the University of London gave a current events lecture in the Station Theatre

27 Aug 55 - FS Simpson reported in to the section to undertake the work as Trade Advancement Co-ordinator.


19 Aug 55 - 12516 LAC E Willocks killed in an automobile accident.

23 Aug 55 - Service Funeral held in Stn. Chapel (P).


1 Aug - S/L L Hodgson, SAO, transferred in from Staff College

5 Aug - F/O J Morris, Welfare Officer, arrived from AMCHQ

10 Aug - F/O FA Isaacs, Pilot, transferred from OTU Chatham

16 Aug - S/L Blake-Knox, SMO, transferred from 4 (F) Wing.

27 Aug - F/O CV McCaffery, Pers/Adm, transferred from Stn Lac St Denis to take up duties as A/CAdO

31 Aug - S/L Bullock transferred from 3 Wing as Deputy OC 439 Sqn.



13 Sep 55 - F/O A Gunn, AS/GDef, from Trenton
16 Sep 55 - F/L JV Bisset, MO, from North Bay
16 Sep 55 - F/L R Charbonneau, Pers/Mess, from St. Johns
30 Sep 55 - F/O J Shaw, Sup, from Air Div


7 Sep 55S/L StewartAir Div

"BATTLE OF BRITAIN" Sunday Service was held at 1 (F) Wing on 18 Sep 55

30 Sep 55 - Air Div Golf Tournament was held in Luxembourg. Members of 1 (F) Wing were the winners of the Golf Trophy.


15 Sep 55 - The Quarterly Trade Examinations were held in the Recreation Hall with 233 candidates writing.

20 Sep 55 - F/L Fine reported in to the Section and was briefed in the duties of WEdO - the position he is filling during the absence of F/L Brunton.

27 Sep 55 - F/L Brunton departed by air for Canada to attend a course at the Officers' School at London, Ontario.

30 Sep 55 - A total of 65 copies of Cpl/FS Qualifying Precis were despatched to 1 Air Divison, Metz and an additional 150 copies were also sent to each of the Wings.


During the period 16 Aug - 10 Sep 55, No. 1 (F) Wing was hit by a virulent attack of poliomyelitis. During the two weeks, there were 2 cases per week and after that the cases came more rapidly to reach a peak of four cases in one day. After this the epidemic subsided as rapidly and mysteriously as it had originated. The hospital staff was fortunate in having the facilities of the 7100th USAF Hospital at Weisbaden Germany. The first ten cases were transferred there to be cared for in the isolation unit. The first four cases were all children under the age of ten and these children were all the cases of that age group affected. It may be noted that no children that had Salk Vaccine developed polio. Precautionary measures were taken at station level and these included the closing of the swimming pool, restricting the theatre to adults and postponing the opening of school - other measures of an intercommand nature were originated at No. 1 Air Division Headaquarters.

4000 5cc vials of gamma globulin were requested from the DGMS (Air ) Ottawa and the full consignment arrived within four days of the demand. Consequently it was possible to innoculate all service personnel, their dependents and civilians from the age of one year upwards. Close on 2000 people were given injections in a total time of approximately 9 hours.

Twenty seven cases, and of these, in all there were some eleven had paralysis (including 2 cases of bulbar polio) and in two the paralysis was only transient. Six adults - five service personnel and one dependent - have had to be repatriated to Canada. Two of these, were airlifted in "iron lungs" to Vancouver, B.C. This was carried out by a special USAF team who flew from the USA in suitably equipped aircraft.

In retrospect, it may be said that the morale of 1 (F) Wing was magnicificent. There was no panic and this was largely due to an excellent leaflet prepared and distributed by the HQ staff. The hospital was most fortunate in having utter and complete co-operation from everyone concerned.

(JD Somerville)G/C,
CO, 1 (F) Wing, RCAF.



F/O JE Shaw, Sup, from Air Div
F/O RD McKelvie, AS/FC, from Stn Centralia
F/O JE McCann, Air/P, from 1 (F) OTU Chatham
F/O DL Redmond, Air/P, from 1 (F) OTU Chatham
F/O JWE Crane, AS/FC, from Stn Torbay.


F/L RG Morgan, Air/P, to FIS Trenton
F/L EL Fine, Air/P, to FIS Trenton
F/O JB Steward, Air/P, to Stn Rockcliffe
F/O RE Beer, AS/FC, to Stn Torbay
F/O GR Howson, Spec/Sec, to Stn Torbay
F/O DG Hackett, Air/P, to 442 Sqn Vancouver
F/O SR Easson, Air/P, to Stn Toronto
F/O JCAV Chartrand, Sup, to Stn Bagotville.

3 Oct 55

DND School opened in Longuyon.

5 Oct 55

AOC Conference was held at 1 (F) Wing - people attending were:

A/V/M GodwinAOC (F/L EA Lewis)
A/C ClementsCStaffO
G/C CowanCO 30 AMB
G/C TurnbullSASO
G/C RandallSPSO
G/C HullCO 3 (F) Wing
G/C ChristmasCO 4 (F) Wing
W/C CurrieCO 2 (F) Wing
W/C StewartSOOrg
W/C AthertonCC AU Air Div
W/C McNabCTechO 3 (F) Wing
W/C Stabler4 (F) Wing
S/L McKenzieSOAF
S/L Lett416 Sqn 2 (F) Wing
S/L DicksonLangar
W/C LewisAir Div
F/L FallisAir Div

After the conference a Mess Dinner was held for the attending officers.

6 Oct 55

Officers were the winners of the "Hale" Softball Trophy.

7 Oct 55

Brigadier General Bazillon, French Army, Commanding Officer of the Sub Division of Nancy, visited 1 (F) Wing.

10 Oct 55

Statutory Holiday - Thanksgiving.

10 Oct 55

Cpt Truscott, RADC, arrived on TD from 30 AMB to replace Major Jackson while on annual leave.

14 Oct 55

Air Commodore Blaine - DMTS
Mr. RG McNeill - Treasury
Mr. HA Davies - Deputy Minister Staff
visited re construction plans and dependents housing facilities.

17 Oct 55

Mr. Colin Jackson, lecturer from the University of London, gave a current affairs lecture on "Asia in 1955" in the Station Theatre.

18 Oct 55

W/C Bright, MO, and S/L Stewart, MO arrived on TD from Air Div.

20 Oct 55

Mr. Harry Low, Director of Education for DND Schools overseas paid a visit to 1 (F) Wing also including a visit to the new Longuyon School.

28 Oct 55

W/C Muir and S/L Neff of Training Command, S/L Fair of AFHQ, S/L Evans of Air Division, F/L Farrel of Aylmer and F/L Lloyd of Trenton visited the Education Office to discuss trade advancement, trade tests and current affairs programmes. They gave a lecture in the station theatre to officers and airmen of 1 (F) Wing on "Training Command and How They Arrange Trade Examinations".



F/O WM Watkins, Pers/Sec, from Stn Torbay
F/L HM Lepard, Air/P, from 1 (F) OTU, Chatham
F/O WG Hollingshead, Air/P, from 1 (F) OTU, Chatham.


F/O DD Mills, Air/P, to FIS Trenton
F/O GK Casselman, Sup, AMCHQ, to Rockcliffe
F/L JT West, Sup, to AMCHQ, Rockcliffe


7 Nov 55F/L CroftenAir Div
8 Nov 55F/L CurtinAir Div
8 Nov 55A/V/M KM GuthrieNational President, RCAF Association visited on a liaison visit. He was guest of honour at an Officers' Mess Dinner
14 Nov 55F/L French Air Div
18 Nov 55Mr. RV DoddsDPR/RCAF - public relations visit
18 Nov 55F/L Walkerpublic relations visit
21 Nov 55F/O AE GrahamAir Div
21 Nov 55S/L WA McCallumAFHQ
21 Nov 55G/C Stepheson,SASO, TCHQ
21 Nov 55G/C MartynCStaffO, CJS, London
23 Nov 55F/O JH LeCompteAir Div


A Wing Parade was held on Armistice day, with services held in their respective churches. The Pipe Band lead the parade with a detachment of the French Army following.

1 (F) Wing was also represented in the Remembrance Day Parade in the Town of Montmedy.


On 11 November, 1955, during the Remembrance Day parade, Cpl Jacques Prior, GCA Operator, was presented with the French "Medaille Militaire".

This airman as Sgt/Chief Navigator served with th French Air Force during 1939-45. He was attached to the Free French "LORRAINE" Bomber group in Great Britain where he participated in a large number of operations for which he was mentioned in dispatches four times.

Cpl Prior was awarded the "Medaille Militaire" on 1 April 45, but due to his departure to Canada after the war, he could not be invested at that time.