Marville, France

Historical Narrative 445 Squadron
1 December 1956 to 31 May 1957
National Archives of Canada


Appendix to 1 (F) Wing
Historical Record

Historical Record
445 AW (F) Squadron
1 Dec 56 to 31 May 57

5 Dec 56

Aircraft 18390 crashed with control touble, it appears to be similar to the trouble aircraft 18395 had. The Pilot F/L WJ Pigden and Air/Obs F/O WA Hansen bailed out successfully. Both were taken to the USAF base at Chaumont.

6 Dec 56

F/L Pigden and F/O Hansen returned to Marville by C-45. Aircraft 18386 flown by F/O JL Deakin landed low on fuel, after landing a bolt from scissor leg of port undercarriage broke, aircraft had to be towed in.

7 Dec 56

All aircraft grounded for special inspection of flying controls and undercarriage legs.

9 Dec 56

F/L JE Flannigan departed on TD to Weisbaden for physiotherapy on his right arm, returned Dec 16th.

10 Dec 56

Bad weather prevented any air tests from being carried out.

19 Dec 56

F/L WL Pigden departed on TD to Weisbaden for Xray examinations, returned on the 20th Dec. F/L B Strawbridge and F/O R Macpherson on TD to Weisbaden for ejection and decompression course, returned the 21st.

Monthly flying times 200 hrs, 25 mins, 114 sorties.

1 Jan 57

F/O JE Anderson granted a permament commission, and F/O ES Marlin an extension to his short service commission.

7 Jan 57

Aircraft 18386 flown by F/O RA Cater had compressor failure and loss of fuel from the starboard fuselage tank when auxiliary drive shaft became loose and broke fuel and oil lines.

10 Jan 57

F/O FAS Grant and F/O R Ashmore in aircraft 18392 and F/L W Adair and F/O R Richardson in aircraft 18335 diverted to Laon. F/O AT Burridge and F/O M Marsh in aircraft 18356 and F/O C Steward and F/O CR Higgins in aircraft 18417 diverted to Manston. All returned the following day.

18 Jan 57

5 Hour Alert called. 9 aircraft airborne within 2 hours after alert called. A total of 15 CF-100s and 14 crews were available well within the required 5 hour period.

24 Jan 57

S/L EAH Bacon and F/O HM Lambert on execise after Valiant bombers diverted to Manston, returning the following day.

30 Jan 57

F/L KE Jackson and F/O J Cook on TD to Weisbaden for ejection and decompression course, returned on the 1st Feb.

At month end we are still without the services of 3 pilots - F/Ls Flannigan and Pigden and F/O Strawbridge - all with injured backs.

Monthly flying times: 536 hrs, 35 mins, 301 sorties.

13 Feb 57

F/L LB Pearson and F/O D Hooper on TD to Weisbaden for decompression and ejection course.

14 Feb 57

F/L JW Stants to 4 Wing for Flight Safety Conference.

20 Feb 57

Col de Beuger and Major Crickillie of the Belgium Air Force arrived to get checked out in the CF-100; Major Cabolet is to receive instruction in operation of the AI rear seat equipment.

27 Feb 57

S/L EAH Bacon and F/O HM Lambert on TD to Weisbaden for decompression and ejection course.

Monthly Flying Times: 560 hrs, 25 mins, 305 sorties.

4 Mar 57

LAC Stone from 1 Air Division spent the day making tape recordings of squadron personnel for public information over the Canadian radio.

13 Mar 57

F/O A McGillivray, F/O G Taylor, F/O RA Cater, and F/O JM Urquhart on TD to Weisbaden for ejection and decompression course.

16 Mar 57

AOC Air Division sent congratulatory signal on Squadron serviceability (72%) and utilization.

28 Mar 57

Two aircraft departed for Eindhoven for TV Film were recalled when all aircraft grounded for special inspection of elevator controls.

29 Mar 57

The Squadron held an all ranks dance to celebrate the fourth anniversary of the Squadron on April the first.

Monthly Flying Times: 520 hrs, 15 mins, 293 sorties.

2 Apr 57

The Squadron participated in what was planned to be a 60 plane fly-past at Trier in celebration of the anniversary of the 4th Allied Tactical Air Force. Only the Canadians "made it" - 12 Sabres and 8 CF-100s from 1 Wing plus 4 CF-100s from 423 Sqn at 2 Wing!

An all ranks dining-in night also was held in celebration of the 4th anniversary of the squadron. Ex-squadron member F/L J Kitchen of Air Division, HQ attended. Also present from Air Division HQ were W/C Knowles, and F/L Don Child, who have been flying with the squadron regularly.

Approximately 15 members of the original group which first formed at North Bay in 1953 are still with or have been re-assigned to the Squadron, and were in attendance. F/Os McDonald and Taylor performed an entertaining skit on an all-weather interception from "Marvillovitch Fighter Base - Somewhere in Europe". One of the aircrew old-timers F/O Norm Hull (outdated only by F/O Bob Ashmore) showed 30 minutes of private film depicting 445 Squadron events over the past 2 1/2 years.

3 Apr 57

AOC Air Division sent "congrats" to the Wing on the Trier fly-past.

4 Apr 57

A party of 50 newsmen and TV cameramen visited 1 (F) Wing. 445 Sqn provided aircraft for a mixed Sabre-CF-100 fly past. F/L Stants - F/O Bouius and F/O McGillivary - F/O Taylor did a scramble from the Zulu tents - 3 1/2 minutes to wheels up.

10 Apr 57

A party of 4 French Air Force Officers from the Paris Defence Area visited the squadron to discuss all-weather operations. W/C Lee, COpsO, 3 (F) Wing was checked out in the CF-100 today. Tonight the Squadron won the right to represent 1 (F) Wing at the Air Division volleyball tournament to be played-off at 3 Wing on the 13th and 14th.

11 Apr 57

A four-plane flypast was executed over the "Grande Place" in Brussels for the opening of "Canada Week" in that city. The Wing Pipe Band did their stuff on the ground.

14 Apr 57

The Squadron "did it"!. The team, which flew over to 3 Wing in 4 CF-100s returned today with the Air Division Volleyball Trophy safely nestled on the lap of F/O K Harding, Obs/AI.

16 Apr 57

A/C Lister visited the unit briefly.

17 Apr 57

F/Os Taylor and Richardson went on TD to Paris for a Baseball Umpires Course, returning 20 Apr.

22 Apr 57

F/L Flannigan returned to limited flying duties in the T-33 after his lengthy lay-off following his shoulder injury.

26 Apr 57

This is getting to be routine, but the AOC Air Div again sent congratulations on our over 70% serviceability. To this message the AOC Air Div Material Command added his congratulations and hopes for continued successful logistic support.

Monthly Flying Times: 574 hrs, 50 mins, 333 sorties.

3 May 57

After a full scale rehearsal on 1 May, for a 48 plane fly-past in honour of the CAS, weather forced a cancellation of the real thing today. Wing Operations Officers and Squadron Commanders attend a luncheon in his honour at 4 Wing.

F/L Flannigan is back on full flying duties, checking out in the CF-100 just short of 6 months since his injury.

8 May 57

F/L Jackson and F/Os Richardson and RWR "Tiny" McDonald attended the swimming instructors course at 1 Wing.

14 May 57

S/L Bacon and F/L Insley were detailed to investigate the CF-100 fatality at 2 Wing.

16 May 57

F/Ls Stants and McLean and F/Os McGillivray and Taylor flew to Hahn, AFB on a liaison and "Trophy Return" mission.

18 May 57

Static Display aircraft for the US Armed Forces Day were sent to Hahn, AFB - F/L Pearson, F/O Hooper, F/O Deakin and F/O Harding. To Bitburg AFB - F/L Jackson and F/O Marsh. The aircraft returned the next day.

21 May 57

F/O Bouius proceeded to Holland to investigate a PMC motor accident.

22 May 57

F/Os Hull and Harding went to Weisbaden for ejection and decompression training.

23 May 57

W/C Ireland and F/L McLean ferried CF-100 18356 to Renfrew, Scotland for repair work by Scottish Aviation, Ltd.

26 May 57

F/O Strawbridge was removed from CF-100 flying following repeated spinal discomfort.

26 - 28 May 57

The Squadron flew a total of 15 sorties as "Invader" targets for the RAF Operation Vigilant.

28 May 57

Eight RAF Meteor IIs were intercepted and escorted to 1 Wing. The Meteors will be here for 2 weeks on a deployment exercise.

Monthly Flying Times: 609 hrs, 20 mins, 343 sorties.

Complement of 445 Sqn as of 31 May 1957.

W/C EG Ireland COF/L DE McLeanObs/Ldr
S/L EAH Bacon"A" FlightF/O HM Lambert 
F/L Jackson "A" FlightF/O JR Cook 
F/L WL Pigden(non-effective
-Wing Trng)
F/O AW Hansen 
F/L WB Adair"A" FlightF/O RL Richardson 
F/O ND Hull "F/O KB Harding 
F/O AM Burridge "F/O FM Marsh 
F/O E Greidanus "F/O DF Larock 
F/O FAS Grant "'F/O RA Ashmore 
F/O CM Steward "F/O RM Higgins 
F/L LB Pearson "B" FlightF/O DH Hooper 
F/L JE Flannigan "F/O ES Marlin 
F/L JW Stants "F/O HH Bouius 
F/O RA Cater"F/O JM Urquhart 
F/O JE Anderson "F/O R MacDonald 
F/O JL Deakin "F/O RWR McDonald 
F/O B Strawbridge(non-eff.
Wg Ops)
F/O RJ MacPherson 
F/O LA MacGillivray"B" FlightF/O GJ Taylor 
F/L EF Insley Sqn EOF/O L EvansSqn Arm O
WO1 WS Blackwood Sqn WO  

(EG Ireland) W/C
OC 445 AW (F) SQN.